Best baby carrier; Buyers guide reviews.

The best baby carrier is meant to carry your kid along with ease. Probably you might be wondering, “Isn’t a stroller better suited for this?” I would say not exactly! While strollers come in handy on pavements, you can fit better with your baby in tight spaces using a carrier. I have included a video on the safest way to carry a newborn, make sure you read till the end.

best baby carrier

Aww cute princess!

Another advantage of using the best baby carrier is that you get to bond better with your child. In fact, kids love carriers. They fall asleep pretty fast on them. So you get to go about your daily chores while carrying your tot in addition to bonding with them.




Categories of the Best Baby Carrier

best baby carrier

Mom’s got to go shopping!

Baby carrying has been passed down to several generations. Unfortunately, we are in a more technologically advanced era. While comfort and flexibility are what moms prefer, the best baby carrier now comes in all shapes and sizes.

We shall review the overall best baby carrier per class in this section. However, we’ll get deeper into the best baby carrier available in the next subsections. Let’s have a look.


They come with a “pack” that acts as the carrier. In addition to padded straps, the pack connects with buckles for safety. They are flexible to carry on the chest or your back.


They are made from a long piece of stretching fabric. You wrap it around your shoulders all through to your belly. If wrapped right, they give you the best weightless carrying experience. However, learning takes time and can be easily frustrating during your first use.


Think more of your best backpack diaper bag. This baby carriers resembles such. In addition, they have a metallic structure reinforced for extra comfort when using for longer periods. While they are the best for older kids, they also carry toddlers equally great.


It comes as a single wide piece of fabric which wraps around your shoulder across the torso. As a result, you get a pouch for your baby to sit. It’s flexible to carry on your hips or in front of your belly.


It’s important to mention here that health experts have warned against the use of slings. In addition to suffocating newborns, they claim that you can also get hip dysplasia. Quite the opposite, though, some moms swear by the use of slings. Therefore, I shall review the best baby carrier in this category, and you get to make the decision.

This one seems like a hybrid between a soft-structured carrier and wraps. Probably the most flexible of all classes. It has four straps. These are attached to the body. You tie them in different styles. Consequently, you get to identify your baby’s favorite position. Awesome!

Infantino best baby carrier

A very innovative hybrid. It falls between a soft structured carrier and a sling or wrap type carrier. It feels extra light, yet it’s compact and supportive. In addition, it is versatile and comfortable for you and your kid.

User instructions are clear and easy. Finally, the straps have discrete labels. No need to remember which strap goes where. Perfect for a busy mom! By the way, you can tuck it in your diaper bag in a second.



If outdoors is your kind of personality, the best baby carrier would be a backpack. However, if you are mostly at home, consider a front carrier. It will help with your baby-soothing strategies and enhance bonding. I cannot emphasize enough why you should always bond with your infant while they are young!


When to buy your best baby carrier

I’d advice to buy your best baby carrier before the baby arrives. You’ll find them handy when rushing to get groceries. In addition, you can alternate them with your best baby swing when trying to get your tot to sleep.

As they grow older and become mobile, you will rarely use your best baby carrier indoors. However, it still plays a great role when going outdoors. Have you seen how fussy babies get inside their strollers when packed at a restaurant? The best baby carrier could save you a headache!

In addition to bonding, you get to cuddle and even play with your baby while at a restaurant for example. I have never seen a child throwing tantrums inside their best baby carrier. It seems like kids love them just like we do.

Finally, choose a carrier that works for you and your family. If you are going to leave the baby with their daddy, consider a carrier that he too can use. Now let’s review our best baby carrier according to your child’s stage of growth.

Best baby carrier for newborns: Top five reviews

[table id=5 /]


While they don’t require inserts to accommodate newborns, note that your baby will probably outgrow them at 12 moths. The beauty about this category is that they are meant for newborn babies. You know how delicate newborns are? A simple neck twist and the tots are in danger! You need the best baby carrier to handle their fragility.

In this section, we shall review carriers ranging from 0-4 months and some go up to 9 months. Note that you could also opt for a newborn adapter to use in a toddlers carrier. However, they cost almost the same amount as a newborn carrier. Why not buy the best baby carrier for your newborn?


    1. Original Baby Bjorn

  • Weight limit: 8-25 lbs

best baby carrier


Talk about flexibility; this is the bomb! I take it on and off in a minute. A great plus when am placing my tot in bed to sleep. This carrier allows front position only. Furthermore, you get to choose whether the baby faces you or the world.

Another plus is that it is super light. Tuck it in your diaper bag, and you won’t even feel its weight. What a relief! Doing house chores becomes easier while wearing this best baby carrier.


  • Because it lacks a waistband, this carrier will strain your back as the baby gains weight. For your safety, ditch this carrier after 15 lbs.
  • The straps are not efficiently padded therefore they dig into your shoulders.
  • Ergonomically, this is not your best baby carrier! You might get a little strained. Therefore, don’t use it too much.

However, the manufacturer has given us BabyBjorn Miracle which attempts to solve these problems.


  1. Moby Wrap

  • Weight limit: 8-35 lbs
best baby carrier

Comfort galore!


It comes in one big piece of cotton fabric. Once you wrap your baby, it feels as if they are still in your womb. In addition, you feel so weightless and super comfortable. Consequently, you can wear it for as long as you wish and you won’t strain a bone!

This best baby carrier gives you three carry positions. On the hip, in front and a sling type carry.


  • To wrap it properly, you have to undergo a major learning curve. You have to watch their instructional videos as you practice. Don’t give up though! When and if you get the wrapping right, you’ll be glad you bought the moby wrap!


A cheaper option would be Boba Baby Wrap. It’s less bulky and stretches more.

A more elegant wrap is Ergobaby 4D  because you store all the dangling fabric in the pockets provided.


  1. Baby K’tan

  • Weight limit: 8-35 lbs

best baby carrier

This is a stress-free wrap. It has two pre-attached fabric loops which make the wrapping process manageable. In addition, it comes with a sash fabric that wraps around you and your tot for enhanced security.

The active version has a super absorbent wick that dries sweat quickly in addition to blocking UVB and UVA rays. (As you can see in the photo).

This best baby carrier allows on-the-hip, sling type, and in-front carry positions.



  • You cannot share with a person bigger or smaller than you. The sizes resemble your clothing sizes.
  • It is extremely stretchy. Order a size less than your actual size.


  1. Kangaroobaby for newborns

  • Weight limit: 5-30 lbs
    best baby carrier

This is a unique best baby carrier. Best for tiny newborns as well as preemies. Your tot feels more secure and in touch. And as a mom, you feel more comfortable.

I would recommend it to any mom. You will experience total baby bonding support while wearing it.Finally, it has super stretchy and soft fabric. Made from a combination of cotton and spandex. You also get to wash it in your washing machine and dryer.



  1. BABYBJORN Carrier One

  • Weight limit: 3.5kg – 15kg
    best baby carrier

This is one of the few newborn carriers that allow two carry positions; front and back. You can safely move your baby from the front to the back or vice versa while on the carrier. This is a great feature when placing a sleeping baby to bed.

This best baby carrier is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester. That is 60% and 40% respectively. The lining is made from 100% cotton. Therefore your kid is free from substances that are hazardous.

As the baby grows, carrier one has a wider seat to evenly distribute their weight and make them more comfortable. Of course, this saves you lots of back and shoulder strains.


It costs slightly more. But for such features, it’s worth every dime.



Newborn best baby carriers differ a lot in terms of breathability.

Moby Wrap Original almost feels hot and confining. Boba Baby Wrap and Moby Wrap Modern are made from a breathable fabric. Therefore your tot feels way cooler.


How To Wear A Baby Carrier With A NewBorn


Best baby carrier for older babies: Top five reviews

As they grow older, babies become heavier. You need the best baby carrier to handle this weight without breaking your back. This category will accommodate your baby till they don’t require carriers. That is if you take good care of your best baby carrier. Most of all, note that with some of these carriers, you can use extra inserts to support newborns.

  1. Ergo Baby 360

    • Weight limit: 12-33 lbs. (4 months – 4 years)
    • Carrying positions: 4 (hip, front-inward, front-outward, and back)
best baby carrier

carrier with newborn insert

In addition to giving you all the possible best baby carrier positions, Ergobaby offers you extreme comfort. With a broad yet elastic waistband, your baby feels awesome! More like they are sitting on a sofa.

Another plus for this carrier is its lightweight. You can easily carry it in your best backpack diaper bag. It also comes with a hood to support your baby’s head. Very ideal for those moments when your tot falls asleep.


Finally, Ergobaby can be used with a newborn insert as well for kids between 7-12 lbs. However, the insert makes your baby hot and sweaty in summer. See the insert in the picture above.


  • It doesn’t have a zip pocket which offers convenience for lots of moms.
  • For shorter moms, the carrier doesn’t fit well around your torso.


  1. Thule Elite Carrier

  • Weight limit: 7kg – 22kg. (6 months to 5 years)
  • carrying positions: 1(back)

best baby carrier


Diversifying from the production of automotive carriages and storage products, Thule has given moms the best baby carrier. This is one of a kind; supporting children up to the age of 5 years.

The thing I love most about this carrier is the inclusion of a rear view mirror. Those moments you feel like making faces with your kid! Don’t give me that weird look! Haven’t you done such? You can do so without breaking your neck. In addition, you get an adjustable hip belt with pockets and back panel.

The backpack is removable and has mesh pockets to accommodate your best cloth diapers. In addition, you get a sunshade, hydration reservoir sleeve, removable stirrups, load stabilizer straps, and dual access! Woo! That’s a whole range of features! Seems like transitioning from vehicle carriers wasn’t easy for Thule after all!


  1. Boba 4G Carrier

  • Weight limit: 7-45 lbs.
  • Carrying positions: 2 (Back and front-inward).

Best baby carrier

This best baby carrier comes with the most loved zippered pockets. Now you can leave your purse at home when going out with your tot! It also has a very soft feel.

These straps are quite easily adjustable to fit the shortest and the tallest mom.  You can do these adjustments while carrying your bundle of joy! The waistband is well padded to give you comfort and weight distribution while wearing it.

In addition to an infant insert, Boba comes with foot straps for your kid’s legs support. How cool!


  • The waistband offers little back support, maybe because it is made of softer material.
  • You might probably find it hard to secure the top back strap behind your head.


  1. Je Porte Carrier

best baby carrier

  • Weight limit: 3.5-20 kg.
  • Carrying positions: 3 (Back, hip and front).

Je Porte Mon Bebe has brought moms a soft structured best baby carrier. Your baby gets to ventilate as often as you wish by zipping up or down at the back. How cool?

In addition, it comes with a meshed hood to support your baby’s head as well as offer them head ventilation. Did I mention you can also peep through the hood? Yeah! No more worries. Peep as you go!

Finally, if you wish to use it on your newborn, you can get the extension pack. A stylish seat like insert placed on the bottom of the carrier.


  1. lillebaby Toddler Carrier

  • Weight limit: 20 – 60lbs (12 months to 6 years)
  • Carrying positions: 1(back)

best baby carrier


Because you can pack comfortably when traveling, Bushbaby is one of our best baby carrier for toddlers. In addition, it can accommodate the shortest to the tallest mom.

It’s super comfortable and distributes your kid’s weight evenly. Consequently, it is a number one choice for moms who are always on the go.






Transitional Best baby carrier: Top four reviews

While they do require inserts to accommodate newborns, they will serve you baby till fully grown. Consequently, they are pricier. However, these are the best investment when it comes to your best baby carrier.

  1. Onya Baby Outback

  • Weight limit: 7 – 45 lbs (Newborn – 4yrs)

best baby carrier

Made from an easy to wipe fabric, this best baby carrier is great for outdoor adventures. It is also extremely versatile. You can instantly convert it to a high feeding chair by strapping the carrier on any chair with a back.

How many incidences have you been tempted to strap your baby at a restaurant? No more doubts, you now have the right accessory for that!

For tiny newborns, you need to buy a separate insert to accommodate your tot in this baby carrier. (The inserts are as shown in the picture).


  1. LILLEbaby 4 in 1 

  • Weight limit: 7 – 45 lbs
  • Carrying positions: 4 (Newborn Front, back, hip and front)
best baby carrier

Breathable fabric!

Made from 100% cotton, this best baby carrier offers a soft feel yet very durable.  The straps are adjustable in three ways. Thus ensuring you get your perfect fit in addition to breastfeeding flexibility.

It is light in weight therefore you can easily fold and tuck into your best diaper bag or simply store away. In addition, you get big pockets to keep baby essentials such as the best diaper covers. And a neck support hood that is meshed for proper ventilation.

This baby carrier can be machine washed and dried. Finally, it is compatible with a newborn insert. The insert is sold separately.


  1. Innootech Hipseat

  • Weight limit: 8- 40lb (Birth – 3years)
  • Carrying positions: 4 (Front Outwards, Front Inwards, Back, and Hipseat)

best baby carrier

Definitely our best baby carrier for its three in one functions. While you can use it as a baby carrier, it doubles up as a toddler back pack. In addition, it’s the perfect hipseat carrier.

This baby carrier is made from 100% cotton. Therefore you are guaranteed of an organic product that feels soft to your baby’s skin. It has extra padded straps for shoulder comfort. The back straps are also easily adjustable.

The material is meshed and breathable. Consequently, your baby gets natural ventilation while you are out and about. In addition, you get a hood to protect your baby against wind, direct sun heat and rainfall.

Finally, it has buckles to enhance safety. The buckles are held further by safety buttons. This is one of those carriers you never have to worry about your baby slipping off.

Just in case you  the , a hipseat carrier is a back supporting belt with an inbuilt seat for your baby. Technology has advanced to give us 3D hipseats!


  1. Mountain Buggy Carrier

  • Weight limit: 7.7 – 44lbs (Birth to 4 years)
  • Carrying positions: 4 (hip, front inwards, front backward, and back)
best baby carrier

A set with teething pad!

Made from 100% Oeko-Tex cotton, this is an awesome best baby carrier. It has a meshed shoulder and waistband lining. In addition, it has magnetic sternum straps to allow your baby to transition easily from your body to their crib.


Whenever you see a meshed feature, be assured that your baby gets well ventilated. The more the mesh you get, the better the breathability.

This carrier also offers you two pockets for storage. You can retract the pockets at wish or let them hide inside. You also get a connection pouch. A very stunning feature! This pouch allows you to caress your baby while carrying them.

The hood is included in stow away pocket which leaves room for additional baby essentials. Finally, the seat is also adjustable for ergonomic positioning of your bundle of joy.


  1. Stokke MyCarrier

  • Weight limit: 3.5kg – 15kg (Birth – 3 years)
  • Carrying positions: 3 (2-way front and back)

best baby carrier

This carrier is super comfortable in addition to being ergonomic. You get a newborn head cushioning plus a toddler backpack. Made from Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an organic material, you can’t get greener with this best baby carrier.

It also has a back support, shoulder straps and a waist belt for extra weight support. Finally, your tot gets an additional head support hood. When he is not sleeping, you tuck it in the back pocket.


Factors to consider when choosing the best baby carrier

Below are some important factors to consider before you invest in the best baby carrier.

Baby’s Safety

This is the most important, yet moms rarely think about it. First of all, how you use the carrier determines your baby’s safety. Also, the type of best baby carrier you buy enhances safety. Let’s break the safety indicators down:

  • Ergonomics — how is your child supported? Do they lean back posing a threat to their spinal cord? Finally, are their hips positioned well? Are the baby’s neck and head well supported? Consider all these points before going out while carrying your baby.
  • Security — does the best baby carrier have buckles to harness security? What are the chances that your kid might slip off while carrying them? This will be especially relevant to newborns.
  • Hygiene — does the material of your best baby carrier clean easily? How organic is it? In addition, you need to figure out if it is machine washable. That would allow you to wash it often with other baby laundry.
  • Weight limit — Always check the weight limit of the baby carrier you wish to purchase. Our babies do not weigh the same, so consider this a personal factor. Also, if buying a transitional baby carrier, you need to consider the maximum supported weight. Consequently, make a choice depending on your baby’s growth.


After checking the above factors, you need to learn how to properly wear your baby carrier. The best baby carrier comes with instructional manuals to guide you. Therefore, read and understand the operation first before trying on your kid.

Let me warn you that improper baby carrying may lead to hip dysplasia, suffocation and probably dropping your tot. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone!

Finally, it’s best to get carriers that support baby in a closure. A carrier that has a seat that comes up high towards the back of your kid ensures security. Also sturdy and wide front panels enhance your baby’s safety.


Baby’s Comfort

If your baby is uncomfortable, you are planning a long day ahead. They will get fussy and cry uncontrollably. In addition to feeling secure, let the baby lean on your body. More like when you are cuddling them.

best baby carrier

check list

A carrier that places your tot closer to your body is most recommended. A quick check is by trying to kiss your baby’s forehead. If you easily can do so, then your baby is well placed.

The best baby carrier that achieves this is the soft structured carriers and wrap-carriers.

As the baby grows bigger, wider seats offer them better comfort. This is due to their ability to distribute the baby’s weight.

A carrier made of soft material will also enhance baby’s comfort. In addition, a breathable material also keeps your kid cooler.

Another point of concern is your baby’s age. Newborns up to three months prefer to be cuddled. Consequently, a carrier that keeps them closer to you makes them more comfortable.

As they grow older, kids want to see the world. The best baby carrier at this age would be one that allows them to be in front but facing outwards.

Once they become active and mobile, a back carrier makes them more comfortable. Is your best baby carrier transitional?


Parent’s Comfort

If you are using your best baby carrier for long hours, you need to be comfortable. In addition, to making the weight bearable, you will avoid severe body harm. A good example is hip dysplasia and shoulder dislocation.

From 15 pounds onward, your baby’s weight will start taking a toll on you. Therefore the best baby carrier becomes important. A carrier with well-padded straps that are wide offers great shoulder and neck comfort.

In addition, a wide waistband ensures proper weight distribution voiding you of back strain.

Finally, will you be having other caregivers? If they use your best baby carrier, get an adjustable one. Look for a carrier that will accommodate caregivers of different sizes. Most probably, adjustable carriers also adjust to the baby’s growth. Therefore it’s a win-win situation.


Ease of Use

The last baby carrier you wish to have is one with complex instructions. Unless you are a professional engineer, keep off such. Buckles, straps, pouches, snaps and zippers are great for security. However, too many of them complicate your best baby carrier.

Another feature that complicates baby carriers is additional inserts and special attachments. Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying these features are not important. On the contrary, the more the features it has, the more versatile your best baby carrier becomes. Ease of use gets better with multiple uses.

Simple is better! The best baby carrier should allow you to easily slide your baby, lock and go. You should also be able to change positions without removing your tot. They should also be easy to use with your alternative caregivers as well.

Carry Positions

While your baby grows, positions they prefer to be carried on will change. Keep in mind that majority of the baby carriers offer a few carry positions or holds.

Below are different carry positions;

  1. -Carrier in front of the mom.
  • Baby faces the mom
  • Baby faces away from the mom. (Facing in front).
  1. -Carrier behind the mom
  2. -Carrier on the mom’s hips

The more the carry positions offered by your best baby carrier, the better it is for you. Beco Baby Gemini and Lillebaby All Seasons offer all the above.


Ease of Cleaning

Any baby product your buy should allow you to clean easily. Babies are messy by nature. Your tot will drool on your best baby carrier, spit on it, and more.

If you can throw them in your washer and dryer, the better for you. Consequently, invest in baby products that don’t put a strain on your wash cycles.

Some carriers such as Infantino Swift Classic come with removable bibs. They make quick cleaning easier.


Taking care of your best baby carrier

Below are tips on how you can take care of your best baby carrier. Consequently, the carrier will last you ages.

  • Use it for the right weight. This means you follow the weight limits. Once your baby exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit, discontinue use.
  • Clean your baby carrier as per the given instructions. Do not wash hot if it says you wash cold! Do not wash with colors if it says don’t! Etc. Simple instructions but they can matter a lot in maintaining your best baby carrier.
  • Carry your baby in the positions given. If it doesn’t allow for hip positioning, then don’t carry your baby on the hip!
  • Store your best baby carrier in a cool and dry place. Heat is known to damage fabric. Consequently, wet or damp places will stimulate the growth of mold. This mold will weaken your best baby carrier.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Kids will play with your best baby carrier and turn it into a rug within no time.


Wearing Baby Safely

How you wear your baby carrier matters. This is especially relevant to newborns. Of course, older babies will scream if wrongly positioned! However, a newborn will easily succumb to the danger of suffocation in a wrongly worn best baby carrier.

Be sure to read and conform to T.I.C.K.S. Rule below.

  • Tight
  • In view at all times
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off the chest
  • Supported back


Attached is the rule in detail. Ticks rule

Finally, read the user manual. All baby carriers come with different instructions. Read them first! If in doubt, consult Google and YouTube. You’ll be amazed at how much information you can gather.



When it comes to your best baby carrier, go for what works best for you. Simple gets better with baby products. In addition, get one that is flexible and versatile.

At least have a minimum of two baby carriers for a better experience. I always advise moms to buy a good newborn carrier and an older baby carrier separately.  Baby K’tan and Tula Ergonomic carrier. The experience you get is out of this world.

Finally, take care of your best baby carrier. Your second and third kids will use the same if in good condition. Consequently, you will save lots of money.

As usual happy parenting!

I’d love to hear from you moms. Leave a comment or even ask me any question.


For our international friends, you can purchase your best baby carrier via this link shop for baby carriers in UK/EU!


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