Best Baby Swing: Reliable Expert Reviews

The best baby swing comes in handy right from the time a baby is born until the time he can walk; which is a rather long time. Probably one of the central reason why you should never invest in just any other baby swing.

As a mom, nothing melts your heart down than the sound of a crying baby. For sure children get irritated and grumpy now and then. Furthermore, it’s a very exhausting task swinging a baby back and forth. It’s like they don’t even feel the mother’s sweat.

Why waste your energy while there is equipment designed for that? Treasure those happy laughter moments; babies outgrow them quickly. Get the best baby swing. It can undoubtedly calm down your wailing baby and consequently put them to sleep in no time. I have included a video so make sure you read to the end.

You will agree with me that a favorite gift from moms to baby showers is a baby swing. Because every mom understands how difficult it is to calm down a crying baby without the right accessories. Add a little love and care, and you get the perfect parenting skills.

Today, there are over hundreds of baby swings in the market. Choosing the perfect baby swing for your bundle of joy is not going to be easy. This review will narrow down to only the best baby swing in each category, therefore, making it manageable for you to deliver an informed choice.

As a mother and a practicing pediatrician, I can assure you that at the end of this review, you will have landed the excellent selection of a baby swing. Most of all, your bundle of joy deserves nothing but the best. Why settle for less?


In this section, I shall discuss the best baby swing according to various category.

Best full swing

Fisher Price – Little Lamb

Fisher price has made a name in the baby world by continually producing high-quality products. Our best baby swing in this category comes in a classy yet comfortable design for children. The features included are quite honestly ridiculous.

In addition, Fisher price has a broad range of the cradle and plays swings.

So what’s the difference?

From the picture below, probably from left to right, we describe them as follows;

Best baby swing
  • Snugapuppy – This has a puppy dog themed cover, dog mobile and plastic teething toys. It is the cheapest in the range. That is if you buy from amazon.
  • Snugabunny – This has a bunny themed cover, a bird mobile and bunny stuffed toy.
  • Snugabear – This entails a bear themed cover, a bee mobile and plastic teething toys.
  • Snugakitty – This has a Cat themed cover which comes in pink color,  a pink butterfly mobile and plastic teething toys.
  • My little Lamb – Our best baby swing model of choice. In addition to a lamb themed cover, this baby swing has a lamb mobile, a lamb stuffed toy and a removable tray that has rattles. How cool is that?

From the descriptions above, we can conclude that the model theme is what sets them apart, except of course the other little additions.

While you are trying to put your baby to sleep, some of these additions can be distractions for the infant. You might want to remove them depending on the reason for swinging the baby. We shall discuss these in details right after the reviews below.

Back to My Little Lamb Best Baby Swing review;

Best baby swing

Most noteworthy in the picture below, this swing allows sideways or back and forth movements. It is especially ideal if you either want to play with the baby or you want them to entertain themselves. Furthermore, swinging sideways allows the child to watch the little toys above and see themselves in the mirror globe above their head.

best baby swing features

In addition to the mirror, the lamb mobile produces lovely sounds when pressed and initiates a circular motion of the stuffed little lambs. The baby can’t help but giggle at such a spectacular sight. As a result, that is total self-entertainment.


If you are trying to get the baby to sleep, the swing comes with 16 different songs and sounds inbuilt. Probably, using the provided controls, you can adjust the volume as the kid gradually retires to nap. Amazing!

Furthermore, the model comes with six adjustable speeds;  therefore you can swing them as slow or rapid as you wish by a simple button press. How cool is that? isn’t this the best baby swing?

The mobile is motorized, and the swing itself can use either battery (ideal when you are outdoors) or an AC adapter. Oh, in addition, did I state that you can lean the seat position as well? Just press the button and voila! The magic happens. As a result you get two comfortable recline positions.


Best baby swing control panel

As a result of the controls being readily accessible on top of our best baby swing, you can make you baby more comfortable without distracting or spoiling their fun. Most of all, new models are using buttons in place of the dial in the picture. Hopefully, soon Fisher price will give us remote controls for these swings.

The best part is that the seat cover easily secures the baby in the lamb pockets. It is easy to remove, and it is machine washable. Besides that it comes with a play tray loaded with chew-able rattles, no more teething drama! And the rattles produce sweet sounds when shaken; our best bay swing keeps getting better.

Ideal baby swing entertainment

Numerous features, ergonomic design and baby interests at heart makes this model the best baby swing and the most famous in the market today. You cannot fail to appreciate this one.

The downside

  • Utilizes a lot of battery while the swing is used alongside vibration. However, the AC adapter solves this problem
  • It’s bulky and occupies a little more space.

Best Glider swing

Graco Glider

Best baby glider

Graco is yet another big name in the baby industry. And they also have different models with different themes in this swing category. Glider LX is our choice of best baby swing in this category.

Please note that all the below models fall into this category because of their similarities. Click on the individual product to get their features, reviews and prices.


The Glider LX encompasses a back and forth gliding motion. Totally opposite from its looks; the Glider motion is quite gentle and smooth with 6-speed levels.  You can use either a battery or an AC adapter.

The position of the seat can allow adjustment to two points; lying down or almost seated position. It comes in 5 different themes as shown in the image below with padded seats for extra comfort. The bonus for our best baby swing is that the seat vibrates as well with the help of a battery. Seat covers are removable and machine wash friendly. They also tuck the baby in a tight security position while swinging.

Ultimately the best baby swing!

The cream in the icing is that this model comes with ten inbuilt classical songs and five different sounds of nature.

In addition to all the above positives, this glider is relatively cheaper and will be easy to integrate into any nursery theme.

The cons

  • The seat only vibrates with a battery even when the AC adapter is plugged in.
  • It can only glide (back and forth motion).
  • A child will only use it up to a certain age.

Video On How To Choose You Best Baby Swing

Best portable baby swing

Comfort & Harmony

Best portable baby swing

Comfort & Harmony designed this best baby swing for the traveling mom. The fewer features on this swing improve its versatility and at the same time keep it budget friendly.

Best portable baby swing

In addition, this swing comes with only one toy bar and a neck support pillow which are all easily removable.

The control is most noteworthy a single dial for the moving speed and two buttons to operate the timer as well as the six musical melodies. I wonder who needs a timer as long as the baby is comfortable and happy!

Functionality of our best baby swing

Best portable baby swing

Most of all, since this is intended for safaris, it is exclusively battery powered. However, don’t underestimate that swing. It is super-fast with up to six swing speeds. The reason it is our best baby swing choice in this category is that this swing folds up nicely and is incredibly compact. It also fits well in a regular suitcase. The things that mothers have to carry in place of the beautiful bikini sets! Ahem.

Theme colors

The cozy kingdom comes in two colors only; brown and pink. It reminds me of the obvious baby shower question, is it pink or brown (a girl or a boy)?

Best portable baby swing

Oh boy, don’t you fall in love with those awesome smiles.

Another plus for the cozy kingdom swing is that the motor runs quietly and it has a safety harness to secure the baby while swinging. And to wrap it up, it is extremely budget friendly.

Cozy Kingdom is a more advanced version hence slightly pricier.

For an on-the-go swing and a future store away model, this is in conclusion the best baby swing.

Best premium baby swing


Best baby swing

An excellent product by 4moms, this is the ultimate buy for your bundle of joy. The best baby swing of the year! Your baby will be the envy of everyone I kid you not. This swing incorporates the latest in technology trends; it is for the digital baby. No more dull classical music, this swing comes with MP3 compatibility. You now get to select the music your kid and yourself enjoy.

Furthermore, as if that’s not enough, it comes with blue tooth connectivity. I guess this justifies why it is the most prized swing in the market. Sit down first before you peep at the price. Did you get shocked? You shouldn’t. I selected it as the best baby swing in this category for the following reasons;


  1. It is unique. There is no baby swing designed like it. Am sure this won’t be for long but for now it is our choice of best baby swing in this category.
  2. It has the latest in technology. No more bilateral swings, mamaRoo goes to five swing directions. Let me illustrate this for you below.
Best baby swing motion

Controls and functionality features

Best baby swing controlled by phone

3. Wait for it… You can control Mamaroo from an iPhone or Android app! Like seriously, what was the developer thinking? Thank you for that because, now probably mothers will become even more distant. If the baby is crying; I click my app to change the music, motion or even speed. Awesome is an understatement.

The same controls are located on the swing as well in case your phone is not within reach.

Mamaroo baby swing

4. I did mention that it comes with MP3 compatibility? Well, to play your music through its inbuilt speakers simply plug your phone and play your iTunes library. Our best baby swing also supports other platforms such as Pandora, spotify and the likes; keeps getting better!

State of the art seat

Mamaroo recliner seat

5. The seat is an auto recliner. Most of all, you can stop at whichever angle you like. This feature is opposite most swings which only support two recline positions. Such a seat offers the ultimate versatility.

Need I say more? Grab our best baby swing today and enjoy the digital motherhood era!

The cons

  • Obviously, the mamaRoo has to use an AC adapter to manage to power your baby swing. Consequently, you can only use it with electricity plugged and switched on.
  • It requires an extra insert for newborn children. You can buy the insert too.
  • MamaRoo is quite bulky and therefore not an easily portable baby swing.

Best newborn swing

Auto Rock ‘n Play

Best newborn swing

This swing has so much finesse and comfort-ability that you will probably never have to worry about the baby’s delicate neck.  While it is a makeshift swing, up to until three months, it’s worth the investment.

It eases the mothers healing period by giving the baby longer naps and smooth entertainment while awake. With two speeds and 12 music melodies, the newborn will fall in love with this best baby swing.

budget-friendly best baby swing

The two models that I would recommend are either:

Itsy Bitsy

budget friendly best baby swings

This model incorporates a lot of the features without breaking your bank account. It is powered up to 6 speeds and has six inbuilt musical melodies as well as two reclining positions.

Take Along Swing

Another budget friendly model that takes into account speed and seat reclining adjustments.

The ultimate buyers guide to choosing the Best Baby Swing

Here we shall get a bit technical with the intimate baby swing details to enable Y’all select the right one for your bundle of joy. Below is a list of determinants to consider:

  1. Safety

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have you baby safely secured in the swing while swinging. Some of the safety elements to look for are;

  • Seat restraint –

look for a five-point harness, especially with young babies. It secures the lower body and the upper body ensuring you baby doesn’t fly in the air. That would be a shocking experience, right? At an older age, a three point harness would work because holding the hips and crouch in position is enough for a bigger baby.

The best baby swing harness must be comfortable to the infant. It’s like buckling up a seat belt that doesn’t fit your body or with protruding metallic elements. That would be horrendous, right? Especially relevant, make sure that the swing strap is sturdy and it secures the baby all the way. You don’t want to see hanging arms. Oh, and of course it must be durable, right?

  • Recline-

The best baby swing should allow at least a two point incline. This factor is important because your baby’s neck is not strong enough to support itself initially. As a result, they need full support to avoid breaking bones.

  • Weight limit –

It’s essential to check the supported load capacity in every swing. Some start with minimum weight: mostly these would not be suitable for newborn babies. When it comes to maximum weight, be sure to discontinue the swings use once the baby reaches that weight limit. The best baby swing should allow a maximum weight limit of at least 20lbs: anything below that will outgrow your junior quickly.

  • Canopy –

A canopy is an umbrella-like feature that protects your baby from harsh weather conditions such as extreme wind or the sun. Consider this factor if you shall be using your best baby swing outdoors.

  • Stability-

It goes without saying that you cannot afford to buy a swing that poses a danger to your little one. Get a stable swing. Period! First of all, nothing defines the best baby swing like guaranteed optimum security for the baby.

2. Ease of use

A good swing should be user-friendly in the following areas;

  • Positioning the baby in the swing- Why would you buy a swing if you cannot get your bundle of joy to sit on it? Look out for simple seat structure that allows the baby to slide in a position easily. Consequently, get a seat that allows room for expansion. Your baby continues to grow and will require a swing that can accommodate them.
  • Initial swing assembly- Much as all the baby swings don’t come assembled, if engineering is not your cup of tea, look for swings that are easy to assemble. They should come with well written and illustrated manuals. At this point, I advise you to avoid Chinese manuals; Unless you have ever spoken a single Chinese word in your life.

3.    Frame structure design

  • Material quality- The frame being the full support for your baby’s swing needs to be made of robust material. Always go with a metallic frame and most of all, avoid plastic frames at all costs.
  • The support base- Choose a swing with a broad base. The base provides stability when in a swinging motion. At the same time not too extensive to cause accidents in the house for your occupants. It would be hilarious to hear someone curse in the middle of the night. Just because the baby swing tipped them over while sneaking in darkness.
  • Ability to fold– This has to be a major factor if choosing a transportable best baby swing.

4. The seat

  • Material quality- For hygiene purposes, the seat material cover needs to be removable and machine wash friendly. It also needs to be of excellent quality and durable. Otherwise, you might never want to show off your baby swing in public after a few weeks of use. Some come with an added waterproof layer to take care of those messy spills. Hence, you just wipe clean, and the swing looks as good as new.
  • Comfort- Always look out for well-padded seats that are thick enough. You don’t want to torture your baby’s delicate bum with a bottom that feels rough and stiff.
  • Ability to recline – As discussed under the safety analysis, always ensure that the seat can recline. This feature will ensure your baby is comfortable throughout his stages of growth.
  • Other added bonuses – Some seats can be safely tucked away when not in use allowing your child to have a traditional chair without the swing motion. Others come with a fully detachable seat. Such a fitting allows transformation of the swing to a standard chair. That would be an excellent idea when the baby outgrows the swing.

5. Source of power

  • AC – These come with an AC adapter. This innovation is ideal because you don’t have to worry about battery restock. Maybe check the power consumption. Utility bills are high on their own; you don’t need additional power expenses.
  • Battery – Battery can be either rechargeable; which is what we highly recommend or replaceable batteries. If replaceable, it would be especially relevant they are easily available, and you always have a spare battery.

The current market trend is that most of the best baby swings allow you to use both AC and battery. This versatility comes as a plus for you as a mom.

Some baby swings accommodate both batteries and a power cord; giving you multiple choices on how to use your infant swing. You don’t want to turn on your best baby swing only to realize that the battery is dead.

6. Motion direction and speed

  • Swing direction- a swing that rocks in at least two directions would be the best alternative. However, let the baby decide on which direction they prefer to be swayed.
  • Swing speed – It is important to have a baby swing that allows you to control the intensity of swinging. For newborns, you need to operate at the slowest speed. As the kid grows, you can gradually increase the velocity for a better baby experience.

7.  Entertaining features

  • Toys-

There is an extensive range of these to choose. Mirrors, rattles, stuffed animals, motorized mobile phones, and disco lights. While too many of them could be a distraction for the baby, get a swing with most of these features. Get them all if the swing allows them to be removed and attached as you desire. It will give your baby an incredible experience and sharpen their cognitive abilities. These are the outstanding features that define the best baby swing.

  • Music-

Most swings come with classical music melodies and a few sounds of nature. The more you have, the better. They are a great aid to the baby’s brain development.

  • Theme –

Choose a theme that goes along with the gender of your baby and consequently, matches your nursery décor. I find that they integrate easily in your home.

  • Vibration – This is a plus for you. Think of it more like the baby getting a little massage every day. Which tot wouldn’t love that?

Best Baby Swing 101

These are the questions I receive at the clinic frequently from moms.

Define a baby swing.

I would say it is a more civilized accessory for handling infants when they get fussy: Relieving you of the fatigue of trying to sway a wailing baby back and forth using your hands.

What constitutes a baby swing?

Only three major elements;

  1. a) The Motor – When powered by battery or AC adapter, this part initiates and supports the motion.
  2. B) The Seat– This is where your baby rests.
  3. C) The Frame – This is a support structure to hold elements in place.
Differentiate between swings, bouncers and jumpers?
  1. Swings – automatically move back and forth or sideways when powered.
  2. Bouncers – Respond to your baby’s movements in a bouncing manner.
  3. Jumpers – Initiated by the baby’s kick on the ground, these propel the baby up and down.
Why buy a baby swing?

Unless you want to get into post-partum depression, this is one of the best equipment for managing parenting stress. Accompanied by the fact that it can be used from birth to an advanced age makes it even more versatile. Being able to get “me time” without shutting the door to your bedroom would be a great relief. A better experience is to sit back and watch your bundle of joy smiling and giggling on their best baby swing.

What is the average weight limit of a baby swing?

ideal baby swings would range between 20-35 lbs. This weight is reasonable because the child will grow with the swing. Swings with weight limits below 20lbs are most noteworthy for newborns up to the age of 3 months.

Is it safe for babies to sleep in a swing?

Absolutely! However, remember swings cannot replace baby cribs. Cribs consider safety by including rails in their structure. Therefore ensure your kid sleeps in a crib so that they don’t make a big turn and fall off the swing.

How long should a baby stay in a swing?

There are no rules for this; however, common sense would be essential here. In the world of doctors, we recommend a baby stays in a swing for a maximum of an hour per day. Reason being, some habits can quickly turn into addictions. And also, we don’t want the swing to replace mom’s bond.

Therefore, ensure you rock your baby mostly when they get grumpy and when you are trying to put them to sleep. Most of their playtime, use a Baby Play Mat and entertain your tot. You consequently get to bond more with them, and I cannot emphasize enough how important that is.

Classify baby swings
  • Full-size baby swing
Best baby swing structure

These incorporate the motor, seat, and frame in a holistically manner.  They are massive and would rather have a permanent location in the baby’s nursery. The ergonomic design allows longer swing strokes hence a smoother and enjoyable swing. Most noteworthy, it is only in this model that we can swing both front to back as well as sideways.

Due to their increased heights, they are capable of growing with your baby. Most children outgrow at the age of 8 months which is about the age a toddler starts being locomotive.  Their extensive base structure also enhances stability. However, some poorly constructed brands will tend to be unstable (watch out for those).

Due to their compact and sturdy structure, full-size swings retail at a slightly more expensive.

A quick summary;


  • Large swing circumference.
  • The baby grows with them.
  • Relatively stable.
  • Have the best swing experience.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Non-flexible.
  • Bulky.
  • Portable baby swing
portable baby swing featurers

These are best known for traveling or for smaller spaces (Can be easily tucked away when not in use). They come with minimal features hence their cost is relatively cheap. These swings don’t provide the best swing experience because the arc circumference is shorter.

Due to their flexible design, the location of the motor is on the side of the swing to ensure a compact fold when storing the swing.  However, due to the swing’s low height, the baby outgrows them fast when they grow taller.

A quick summary;


  • Very Light.
  • Minimal space occupancy.
  • Relatively Cheaper.


  • Minimal features.
  • Less enjoyable swing due to a small arc.
  • Only battery powered therefore if frequently used, the battery consumption is high.
  • Baby Glider

We can define a glider as a swinger that doesn’t swing. Sounds funny, right? Well, these glide while rocking the baby. Just like your Nona’s sewing chair. They provide super smooth motion hence more ideal for putting a baby to sleep. The best part is that mom can sit on them too while rocking the baby.

Safety precautions when using a Baby Swing

Please adhere to the following precautions in additions to the manufacturer’s precautions when using a baby swing. They can be fun but dangerous at the same time.

A) Set your swing in a safe environment.

Professionals rarely emphasize this factor, but it is the most important precaution. While you are required to attend to your baby while on the swing, the doorbell might distract you for a minute or two. Did I say 2 minutes? I guess that depends on who is at the door, right?

Never set your baby swing near the door or window. It should sit on a flat ground away from possible obstructions. Finally, as a safety precaution, place a soft mat under the swing; I know you know what I am thinking. What if the baby flies while swinging? A little shock absorber could come in handy.

B) Always attend to your baby while on the swing

I am not asking you to sit next to the swing, no! On the contrary, carry on with the house chores, but please keep an eye on the baby. Especially if the baby can roll, you never know when you need to act like superman!

Accidents happen so fast, and unless you notice an irregularity early, you might not get the chance to save the situation. Please don’t get scared. In my several years of practice, I haven’t handled a case of baby swing accident. But you never know, probably you might be the first one.

C) Discontinue using a baby swing when it is time to stop

When your infant commences motion, either crawling or walking, it’s time to stop! A baby could seriously get injured if they try to escape from a swing on the move. Keep the swing safely awaiting the next baby or give it out if you are done; you know what I mean?

D) Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

Best baby swings get tested after production to what limit of stress they can handle. Furthermore, if the manufacturer recommends a certain age, weight and height limits, please adhere to them. Although they allow for a small factor of safety, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Best baby swing investment; is it worth it?

Absolutely! Yes! Probably one of the best inventions of humanity, or should I say motherhood? I will recommend them again and again because I have dealt with post-partum depression. One of the most recommended solutions to stress-free parenting is to have a helping hand when the wailing and nagging begins. What better companion than the best baby swing?

I hope this article has helped you clear some doubts and answer some questions. If you still have some inquiries, talk to me in the comments section, and I will respond to you ASAP! Also, if you like my article, comment on your favorite segment.

Happy best baby swing shopping and as usual, happy parenting!

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