Best Cloth Diapers For the Money

best cloth diaperThe best cloth diapers vs. the best Disposal diapers

Before we go further in this article, let’s have a look at the comparison to help you make up your mind. Best cloth diapers vs. the Best disposable diapers.

My advice

Unless you are investing in a hybrid cloth diaper, mix both disposable diapers and the best cloth diapers. Disposable ones are good while traveling or away from home.  Consequently, use cloth diapers while at home.

Either way, you need to invest in good quality diapers. Now let’s take a look at the best cloth diapers on the market today


Best cloth diapers review

  1. Comfortable best cloth diapers –

    Best cloth diapers

Cloth diapers have many benefits. With Charlie Banana, you can use the diaper as a normal cloth diaper which feels extremely comfortable for the baby. Also, it comes with a disposable pad for you to tuck at the smart front panel. In other words, it is a hybrid cloth diaper.

Why our choice of best cloth diapers?

Consequently, you don’t need a disposable diaper for those special occasions. The flap at the front is smart enough for you to adjust the disposable inserts easily. In addition, you can adjust the straps for optimum baby comfort.


It is especially relevant to note that with Charlie banana, you can use two inserts. Inside the pocket, you can place one reusable insert. Also, on the top layer fleece, you get to place a disposable insert.  Hence you can quickly change your tot. As a result, Charlie banana beats them in the best cloth diapers with regards to comfortability.

Weight limit;

6-35 lbs


It is slightly expensive.

  1. Premium best cloth diapers –

    Best cloth diapers

This is a pocket type diaper. We shall discuss more on the types of best cloth diapers below. Rumparooz allows you to adjust the absorbency level. You can either use one insert or two. In addition, you can determine where to place these inserts.

Why our choice of best cloth diapers?

First of all, Rumparooz has taken care of leakage by providing elastic barriers. These are both outside and inside of the diaper around the legs openings.  Secondly, it has a super absorbency capability. Finally, you can dry it in your dryer.


For a neat look using your best cloth diaper, use a thin insert during the day. At night, add more hemp inserts.

Weight limit;

6-35 lbs


You need to wash the entire best cloth diaper including the cover outside.

  1. Bedtime best cloth diapers –

    best cloth diapers

Best cloth diapers for overnight use need to be super absorbent. Thirsties are made from micro fleece which is super soft yet entirely absorbent. Consequently, the baby stays dry even at the waist and leg areas.

Why our choice of best cloth diapers?

Much as they are leak proof, they are easy to wash. Consequently, Thirsties are very easy to maintain.


For thirsties, you need to buy a bigger size after 18 lbs. These best cloth diapers come in two sizes as detailed below. Also, use a waterproof cover while on Thirsties.

Weight limit;

Size 1 – 6-18 lbs

Size 2 – 18-40 lbs


You have to buy two different sizes for your baby.

  1. Transitional best cloth diapers-

    Best cloth diapers

Simply put, a hybrid diaper uses both a washable and a disposable insert. Grovia does a fantastic job as a hybrid diaper.

Why our choice of best cloth diapers?

As long as there is no mess, you can trash the disposable insert and embed a fresh one. Finally, they come in super cute prints and are very durable.


These are the best cloth diapers for daycare or outings with your tot. They are the perfect balance between going green and convenience.  Most of all, they are easy to wash.

Weight limit;

8-30 lbs


You need to buy the liners and covers separately. Get the best cloth diapers cover reviews here!

Video On How To Change Your Best Cloth Diaper

  1. Simple best cloth diapers-

best cloth diapers

All in one means you don’t need liners/ inserts. With BumGenius you pull up the cloth diaper, and your baby is good to go.

Why our choice of best cloth diapers?

While you don’t need to mess around with inserts, BumGenious is also super easy to clean. In addition, the diaper dries quickly. Finally, the diaper is adjustable. Hence it grows with your baby. Who doesn’t love saving a few bucks?


They come in very attractive colors and can be used quite easily by any mom.

Weight limit;

8-35 lbs


BumGenious tend to be bulky because of the sew on absorption flaps.

Categories of the best cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are also categorized into four major types. The type you end up with depends on whether you are looking for the cost, convenience or other attributes as discussed further in this article.

  1. All-in-Ones best cloth diapers

These include the individual diaper elements (absorbent layer, the diaper, and diaper cover) in a single piece.

Our all in one’s best cloth diapers choice



There is no folding, stuffing or juggling with pockets. You almost feel like you are using disposable diapers. The only distinction is that BumGenius ends up in the laundry basket instead of a trash bin.

The downside

All in ones are the most expensive options of best cloth diapers.

You also have to wash the whole diaper and, you need several for your baby to use.

Finally, you cannot adjust the level of absorption.

  1. Prefolds/Flats and Covers

As the name suggests, this category consists of a waterproof cover and a pre-fold or a flat absorbent inner layer. A flat is a large cotton cloth piece while a pre-fold is a sewn in thicker cotton cloth.

Our pre-folds best cloth diapers choice

OsoCozy cloth diaper set


It is the least expensive. This probably is because you can reuse them while changing the absorbent layer whenever the baby wets. Therefore, a maximum of six covers along with several flats or pre-folds is adequate. Most of all, your old towels and t-shirts double up as absorbents.

The downside

They can be tactical trying to use pre-folds or flats.

  1. Pockets

This category of best cloth diapers has a waterproof layer and an inner wicking layer. Between these two layers is a pocket opening.  In addition, they have an absorbent insert.

Our pockets best cloth diapers choice

Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper


You only need to insert a liner into the pocket and then diaper your baby. This means you can easily trim the look by either using a thin insert or a thicker insert. Consequently, you manage the level of absorbency.

The downside

Quite the opposite of pre-folds, pockets demand you wash the entire diaper at every change.

  1. Fitted Contours and Covers

While fitted have a diaper like absorbent material with closures, contours don’t have any closures. Read more about the choice of closure in this article below.

Our fitted contours best cloth diapers choice

Kissaluvs Fitted Diaper


They are similar yet simpler to use than pre-folds; hence extremely convenient.

The downside

They can get bulky.

  1. Hybrids:

These are quite similar to all-in-ones. They have a waterproof shell and a liner that snaps. Hence, you can pull out the soiled insert and snap a clean one.

Our hybrid best cloth diapers choice

EcoAble cloth diaper


As long as the covers are not soiled, you can re-use them. As a result, you only need to buy several liners and a few covers.

Choosing the best cloth diapers for you

Before you invest in a single cloth diaper brand, consider trying a few different types. Consequently, you will identify your best cloth diapers for bedtime, daytime, and vacations.

Below are probably some of the major factors to consider when choosing your best cloth diapers.


Inner Layer

This layer can be absorbent or wicking. If you want more comfort for your baby, choose a wicking material. A good example is a micro fleece. Also, wicking achieves an almost dry feel for your baby.

Potty training stage

If you are potty training, consider absorbents which make your baby wet. These include bamboo and cotton.


If your baby has some allergies, consider investing in organic material. These include hemp and organic cotton. While these are slightly more expensive, your child is assured of an allergy-free experience with their best cloth diapers.

Outer Layer

The three major materials for your best cloth diapers outer layer are wool, PUL, and fleece.


Wool is an all-natural fiber that enhances breathability. In addition it is very Eco-friendly. It is, therefore, a favorite for overnight use. To enhance its absorbent features, you could treat with lanolin. Lanolin adds a waterproof layer.

Finally, you can re-use it more than other materials because wool is antibacterial and odor resistant. Due to that, it is more expensive and requires special cleaning care.


After washing, you need to re-lanolize and lay the wool flat to dry. As a result, you will improve its longevity.

PUL (polyurethane laminate)

This gives your baby a trim look due to its thin and breathable structure. It’s made of cotton with a plastic reinforcement. You can machine wash them and also dry in your dryer.


Most noteworthy, If you are looking for an all-natural material, this not your choice of best cloth diapers. This is because the manufacture involves chemical processes.

Polyester fleece

While it is less expensive, polyester is more breathable compared to PUL. You can similarly wash them using your washing machine and dryer.


These are better than pull in preventing rashes for your baby.


The types of closures available for you to choose are;

 Front snaps

These would pair with you best cloth diapers if you are looking for longevity. They are also very secure. However, they are less flexible in size.


A common type is Velcro. Very easy to adjust therefore, bigger kids can pull them up.

 Side snap

These offer security and a great trim look for your baby.


As you compare different types of materials and diapers, think about your budget. Don’t push yourself beyond so as to invest in the best cloth diapers. There are more important responsibilities in your family.


If you prefer to wash in a washing machine, buy cloth diapers that are machine wash friendly. Finally if you have an environmental concern, by all means, go green.


Buy your best cloth diapers before the bundle of joy arrives. Allow for practice when it comes to folding inserts and other diapering techniques. However, I guarantee you it will not exempt you from a few mishaps. They occur here and there along the diaper change journey.


Now that you’ve settled on your best cloth diapers, here are some items you need for a smooth experience:

  • Enough diapers.

Think of how often you want to be doing laundry. Also, your best cloth diapers choice will dictate how many you require. We have discussed this in details under the best cloth diapers review.

Obviously used for wiping your baby’s bum during the diaper change.

However, you can choose either cloth wipes or disposable wipes. Cloth wipes are the best. Remember to pre-moisten them with wipes solution. Cloth wipes are cotton, flannel, velour or hemp fabrics. Below are a few great choices for you.

If you baby wets massively, additional hemp inserts would be ideal for you. They will keep your baby dry overnight giving you more sleep time. Hence minimizing those night trips you always make to check on the baby’s diaper.

You will get them as thin disposable sheets, raw silk or fleece. They make it easier for you to deal with poop change. Silk and fleece make your baby bum drier when using natural fiber diapers.

With best cloth diapers, rashes rarely occur. However, depending on the type of diaper choice, a diaper cream would come in handy. In addition to managing rashes, they moisten your baby’s bum at all times. But don’t go for regular diaper cream. Those will clog your cloth diapers and make them leak. Below is a selection of creams meant for your best cloth diapers.

You’ll find them handy during traveling. These are waterproof therefore no more leak mess. Also, you can machine wash them with your cloth diapers when you get back home.

Essential to store your dirty best cloth diapers at home. Choose those that come with a lid to lock away the odor. As a substitute, you can buy a large wet bag. It will serve the same purpose in addition to washing the diapers in the machine together with the bag.

These are especially relevant when using flat or pre-fold diapers. Pins tuck and hold them in position.

More of a luxury, a sprayer easily sprays the poop directly to a toilet. Which you then flush away. Therefore you don’t need to mess up with poop.

  • Diapers for swimming.

These are not your ordinary best cloth diapers. While they may look alike, they come without absorbent material. They ensure your child feels light while in the pool. Yet at the same time, they contain any solids in the diaper without leaks. Probably invest in just one or two, unless you go out swimming daily.


I know most of us dread the washing part. But it is not that ugly. With these tips, you’ll be more equipped and comfortable to wash your best cloth diapers.


  1. Take off the dirty diaper

With technology, it’s now easier to take care of a messy diaper.  If using liners (we’ve discussed them in details above) all you need is to remove and trash them. If not, use a diaper spray.

Baby poop
best cloth diapers

For babies on formula and solid foods, it’s important to flush the poop down a toilet first. Particularly advisable even when using disposable diapers. Didn’t you know that? Well, now you are more informed to take care of your environment.

On the contrary, breastfed babies’ poop easily dissolves in water. Therefore after you remove the soiled diaper, just deposit in the wet diaper bag. And proceed with washing.

Useful baby poop accessories

Diaper sprayers come in handy at this stage. You attach them on the toilet. And with a simple spray, poop is directed into the toilet and flushed away. How cool?

  1. Washing

If using a wet diaper bag, all you need is to load the bag into the machine. Remember to include lovely scented laundry detergent. Most of all start with a cold cycle to loosen up the dirt. Once done, run a warm to hot cycle and add an extra rinse.


Check your best cloth diapers recommendation from the manufacturer. It is especially relevant to increase your diapers shelf life and keep them functional.

  1. Drying

While some cloth diapers such as hybrid type allow the use of dryers, some don’t. Be sure to read the labels on this one. Most noteworthy, all-in-one cloth diapers take the longest to dry.

As a pediatrician, I always recommend hanging your best cloth diapers out in the sun to dry. In addition to being Eco-friendly,  the sun naturally kills harmful microorganisms such as yeast.


You should not use laundry additives and fabric softeners. They can cause build up on your best cloth diapers.

Probably wash your diapers as often as they build up.


Several companies wash your diapers for a little fee. Think of it more like a dry cleaner. Such services are also offered online, in case you live in the suburbs. They will pick and drop back your diapers once cleaned. Therefore you no longer need to worry about the cleaning logistics.

Best cloth diapers 101

Below are also reasons why we love our best cloth diapers.

  • Easier to use–

Forget about the old days when safety pins were the order of the day. Today’s cloth diapers are a complete opposite. With snaps and buttons in addition to inserts, and liners that are easy to wash.

  • Convenience-

They are as convenient and easy to use as disposable diapers. When you’re out and about, hybrid diapers come in handy. Washing them is also as easy as washing pants. Especially relevant if you have a washer and dryer.

  • Healthier–

With the tons of chemicals loaded in disposable diapers, seems like you cannot ignore this one. From the adhesives and glue to the bleaching agents, and the absorbent itself. Boy, that’s a whole lot of chemicals! The best cloth diapers are chemical free. Consequently, they are the best option for your baby’s delicate skin.

  • Cheaper–

With disposable diapers, you’ll budget over 2,000 bucks. This amount can be more if you potty train your child late. With the best cloth diapers, 500 dollars are the maximum you go. That is if you are a shopping addict! 24-36 best cloth diapers are all you require for the entire period. Most of all, the time you choose to potty train won’t affect your best cloth diapers budget. Finally, the next sibling can inherit these cloth diapers! How affordable?

  • Reusable and re-sellable–

If you plan to have another baby, be assured that you won’t need more best cloth diapers. Along with the toys and clothes, cloth diapers are the greatest hand me downs. If you get done, resell them! Online platforms, garage sales, and second-hand shops will give you the best-selling avenues.

  • Adorable–

The best cloth diapers come in a selection of colors and patterns. You can match them with your baby’s outfit for any occasion. You also get a choice of the materials as discussed above.

  • More absorbent–

The beauty about the best cloth diapers is that you can increase or reduce absorbency. You can achieve this by either using best quality inserts or adding more hemp inserts. How cool is that? During the night, you can always double up on the liners and inserts inside the diaper.

  • More leak-proof-

Cloth diapers come with a leakproof elastic band around the waist and legs opening. Much as this band offers comfort for your tot, it also ensures no leak. Also, the baby feels dry around these areas.

  • Rather easy to wash–

as we have discussed in details above, washing your best cloth diapers is not as gross as people think. Furthermore, diaper sprays have made washing easier.

  • Versatility–

You can use other fancy cloth diaper covers for your kid. No more ugly diaper looks. Check out our complete best cloth diapers covers review here!


Now you have all the right information to make the best choice. Remember the best cloth diapers will give you a better motherhood experience.

Share with us your stories, ask questions or just say hi in the comments section. Cheers!

As usual happy parenting!

Hello, there international friends. Check out these best cloth diapers from Amazon in EU. Thanks for visiting.

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