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best diaper coversThe best diaper covers give your diapering experience flexibility. While they make your baby look awesome, they also allow you to match with other outfits. Who doesn’t need a little bling for those special occasions? On that note, check out my diaper cover collection in the video below. Also let me know if you need tutorials on how to crotchet yours just like mine. Wink*

In addition, best diaper covers give a waterproof layer to your cloth diapers.

Diaper covers come in a whole lot of varieties. Whether you are using pre-folds, fitted or flats, you’ll get a diaper cover for your tot. Finally, you can use the best diaper covers with your best cloth diapers or even with the best disposable diapers.


Some best cloth diapers are designed with sewn in diaper covers. A good example is the all in one’s best cloth diapers.

For the best experience, invest in 7 diaper covers for your newborn, five diaper covers as they grow older and finally three diaper covers as a toddler.

Types of best diaper covers

Natural fibers:  A great example is woolen best diaper covers. In addition to being super comfortable for your baby, they are leak proof. Due to this, they are excellent for night time.

Double gusset: These best diaper covers have more elastic in the legs area. As a result no more leaks through the legs.

Pull-on diaper cover: Excellent for use when the cloth diaper has closures. If not, you will need to have extra pins or buy a hook and loop diaper cover for a pull on effect.

Frills diaper covers:  They have cute ruffles.

Simple wipe and rinse covers: They are the most ideal for an active child.

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Best Diaper Covers collection

Diaper covers manufacturers have gone out of control. They have produced themes ranging from your favorite memes to emoticons, and also games. Another collection comprises of quotes, media, and literature in addition to political slogans.  Oh boy! I wonder if the little tot understands political affiliations. What were the manufacturers thinking?

Our best diaper covers reviews

  1. Floral Ruffle Bloomers

best cloth diaper covers

  • Luckyauction is made from Satin therefore naturally smooth.
  • The floral patterns seriously bling up your tot. I would recommend for the perfect photo shoot.
  • They have a very comfortable and soft mesh.


  1. Cotton Basic Diaper Covers

best diaper covers

  • City threads are made from 100% Cotton that is slightly stretchy and incredibly soft.
  • Quality and durable.
  • Unisex best diaper covers.
  • Sewn-in elastic inside the diaper cover located around the legs which are perfect against leaks.


  1. Chiffon Diaper Cover

best diaper covers

  • Chalk Ivory are our best diaper covers because of their matching headband. You can even say that these are just baby shorts! How cool!
  • These best diaper covers are super soft and hence fit for a newborn.
  • The band is crocheted from mohair, amazing! Consequently, it does not stretch.
  • You can adjust the headband since it has an open back.


  1. Woolen diaper cover

best diaper covers

  • Disana are made form 100% organic merino wool.
  • They are double knitted; they come in two woolen layers.
  • The softness of these best diaper covers is out of this world.
  • They are super fit for babies with sensitive skin. Consequently, your newborn will love them.


  1. Boys best diaper cover

best diaper coversDisney set are made of 100% Cotton

  • Boys and sports! You can never go wrong with these.
  • They come in a set of two. Diapers cover with a t-shirt. How cool?
  • Now baby daddy has got no excuse when it comes to going out with his son.



Video On My Crochet Diaper Covers Collection.

Best Diaper Covers summarized

  • You can utilize them with both disposable and cloth diapers.
  • They merge well with either fitted or pre-fold diapers.
  • They provide an excellent waterproof cover.
  • With the hook and loop types, you can quickly pull them up without using pins.
  • You can recycle your best diaper covers if you air dry them between uses.
  • You get to wash most diaper covers alongside your best cloth diapers.

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As usual, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

happy parenting!


For our international friends, the link below has a selection of cool diaper covers for you to shop!
Best covers for your babys diaper!

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