The True Benefits of All Natural Stress Relief Remedies

Most natural stress relief remedies are often not proven scientifically to have any effect on the ailment for which they are taken. However, psychologists believe the placebo effect can have a positive impact on the treatment of a stress sufferer.

One of the problems with drug based stress relief is the plethora of associated side effects that a course of treatment can entail. In a number of cases the negative impact which the side effects of drugs can have on a patient outweigh the positive effects of the reduction in stress. Indeed, these side effects can enhance the stress that a patient suffers.

For some, drug based stress relief simply isn’t an option due to their intolerance to the medications which are available on prescription from their doctor.

So where does this leave this group of stress sufferers? In increasing numbers they are turning to all-natural stress relief remedies. These products can come in a number of forms.

The most common are herb-based remedies which are taken orally, but also popular are aromatherapy based remedies which are inhaled by a patient.There are a growing number of all natural stress relief remedies, some of the most popular of which are listed below.

1. Aromatherapy

Best natural therapy for stressThis contains a variety of all natural stress relief remedies where essential oils are burned to release odors that affect an individual’s mood.

Two popular stress treatments are Bergamot and Lemon Oil.

  • Bergamot helps to alleviate skin conditions that stress is responsible for causing. Bergamot can also be ingested in tea based drinks.
  • Lemon Oil is used to enhance the mood of an individual who is stressed and depressed.
  • Kava. Generally this is ingested in drink based form containing extract of the kava herb. The all natural stress relief products containing Kava are used as a muscle relaxant and as a sleep promoter.
  • Valerian. This herb is used to sustain calmness in a stressed individual. It is a promoter of sleep and is used to treat cramping of the muscles around the neck which is a common form of tension associated with stress.
  • Passion Flower. All natural stress relief products with the Passion Flower are used as a tranquilliser which acts to stabilize the level of anxiety held by a person. It is also a promoter of sleep which is often hard to achieve when stressed.
  • Catnip. This herb is thought to enhance the ability of an individual to remain clam. It is also known to treat IBS, a major trigger of which is stress.

2. Hypnosis

hypnosis for stressStress relief hypnosis techniques have helps you get relaxed and feel out of stress. Hypnosis has also successfully been experimented on people who want to quit drinking, drugs or smoking. It has helped the people in managing their worries, mental or physical tasks.

The primary objective of stress relief hypnosis techniques is to provide deep relaxation for sometime. All of us should try stress relief hypnosis technique at least once. You’ll get deep relaxation. And it’s also not that hard to imagine or practice. You just have to follow some simple pre-defined steps.

Stress relief hypnosis techniques are not that hard. But you should have at least 5 to thirty minutes for hypnosis. Following are the steps that you can follow for hypnosis technique:

1- First of all, try to find a very quite and pleasant place. The place should be free from any distraction like it should not be in a crowdy area or in a place that is near to airport, railway station or bus stand etc.

2- Get yourself into a relaxed position. People try different thing that is suitable for them. Some like to have a relaxed chair. Some like recline. Some people even like cross-legged position. So it depends on you on what to choose for the free stress relief hypnosis techniques.

3- Decide the main goal for this session. Convert it into a positive statement.

4- Now take a deep breath. Try to expand your abdomen rather than raising your shoulders while taking a deep breath. Just think that you have no stress in life and be calm. Try to feel the oxygen as you inhale in your chest.

5- Virtually, try to find an environment that is very much relaxing for you if you want the free stress relief hypnosis techniques to work properly. Just like a garden where you are having a morning walk etc. Forget about your current surroundings and go wherever you like to go virtually.

6- You may not feel that you are really there at once. Just try to focus on your visualization. Try to get yourself into daydreaming. Expect anything that you want to expect. TIPS:

There are many tips that you can use in order to make most of the free stress relief hypnosis techniques. Some of the important tips are:

  • You can have some really soft music in the background. This will help you in getting relaxed
  • If you feel distracted by the music, don’t use it. But experiment it at least once.
  • If you think that it’s hard to relax because you want to keep quiet. Then try to make a copy of your own voice that will direct you into deep state of relaxation.


There are many way of getting relaxed and getting rid of your stress. Depending upon the time and other constraints, you can decide which free stress relief hypnosis techniques are better for you. If you really want to go for a free stress relief hypnosis technique then its better you ensure few things like:

1- You have sufficient time.

2- You can arrange a very quite place.

3- You have proper comfortable cloths that you?ll be wearing during hypnosis.

4- You can go with an open mind.

5- And most important thing, that you have a clear picture about what you exactly want.

3. Exercise

exercise for stressPhysical exercise is one of the most popular choices when it comes to relieving stress naturally. You can train your body regularly and thus start managing stress or get better at coping with it.

By getting your body in shape you also manage to improve your emotional health. Relieving stress by exercise is based on the release of chemical substances in the body (endorphins) during intense workouts. All those natural substances produced by the body have the role of inducing a sense of good and wellness.

Stress management and the process of relieving stress by exercise don’t require a stringent fitness routine. Remember that every minute of exercise counts, even light exercises. Take it step by step and get used to release the tension in your body and mind through physical exercise. It will become a part of your life, a stress-free life.

Relieving stress by exercise can lead to a series of benefits for our mind and body. Here are the hottest five:

  1. Relieving stress by exercise will help you get rid of your frustrations, accumulated by daily stressful situations. If the frustrations build up in time, you might experience an inner anger, that eats up your body and mind energy.
  2. You can choose kickboxing, martial arts or weight training; reliving stress by exercise will help you shake off the negative emotions and build motivation that will increase your well-being.
  3. Feel good about yourself:¬†As exercises contribute in lowering the amount of hormones that cause stress, such as cortisol. The ‘good’ hormones released during exercise will surely boost your mood.
  4. Forget about your problems through physical activity! First of all, you will benefit from a change of scenery, as relieving stress by exercises involves different scenery (the gym, the pool, the park or a sidewalk). Those are low-stress locations and you will have the chance to work on stress management without being surrounded by stress causing elements.
  5. Great body – This might be a superficial advantage of relieving stress by exercise, but who can say it’s not a great one? Get in shape, lose weight and maintain a satisfied smile on your face. Consequently, you will soon project an aura of increased confidence and strength. This is an advantage in stress management especially for people stressed by their appearance and that worry they don’t look as healthy as they could.
  6. Social support is another wonderful advantage related to relieving stress by exercise. Physical activity can involve other people as well, and you can have fun with your friends while removing stress. Group exercising, such as softball or just a simple hike can make you feel better and give you a better motivation in your struggle to escape stress and living a healthy life.

This is why relieving stress by exercise should be your priority. Exercise can help you in relieving depression and anxiety, while making you feel better about yourself.

4. Mind-Body Dialogue (Self-talk)

self talk for stress managementWe all have inner-talks with our self. Dialogue for stress relief is a good habit if the talk we are having is positive. In the contrary, it can bring bad results if inner-talk is in the negative direction.

Self-talks or inner-talks affects our personality in various ways. It can add stress in our life. On the other hand, it can develop our personality too. So if you come across any negative self-talk, here are some of the ways to stop it and to force your mind to have some productive and positive:

Journal Writing

It is sometimes very important to examine your inner thoughts. You need to have an idea of what your inner thoughts are. The best way to remember it is to write it down on a paper. Or in other words, always carry a small journal with you in order to practice dialogue for stress relief.

Whenever you catch yourself having any negative self-talk, just write it down so that at the end of the day, you can analyse it and work on it.

Rubber Band Snap

This is another exciting and a bit painful trick that you can use. What you have to do is to use a rubber band around your wrist. As soon as you come across any negative talk, just pull it and release it at once. It will hurt you.

So next time, you inner self would be much careful before saying anything negative to you. – The purpose of this trick is only to stop the flow of negative thoughts at the cost of a little pain.

Replace Negative Statements

One of the best ways to get rid of a bad habit is to find an alternate or an equivalent. Try to find something better and state it in your dialogue for stress relief. As soon as you know what your inner heart is saying to you, then there are some ways to change that habit.

It usually starts with a complaint. You start complaining about any bad habit to yourself. You need to rethink about your calculations. Ask yourself; are you assuming something to be negative which might not be in real?

For example, you have the habit of forfeiting your plans at the last moment; you think of it as a negative point. But if you try to find a neutral or positive point in it, you can surely find it. Resuming, whenever you come across a negative point, try to replace it with a neutral of positive point.

Thought Stopping

Dialogue for stress relief is also a very good practice to avoid any negative thoughts. What you have to do is to say the word ‘STOP’ or ‘STOP IT’ when you notice your inner self continuously saying something negative.

Change Self-Limiting Statements to Questions

These statements are the most damaging statement. It kills your confidence. It limits your personality. Examples of such statements are: ‘I can’t do this project’, ‘This is not possible’, ‘I won’t pass in the exams’, and I won’t make it etc.

Self-limiting statements get you under more stress than ever. So the next time, if you come across any such statement, replace them with questions like ‘Ok, How am I gonna do it?’ etc. This will increase your confidence and you’ll be able to perform better. You’ll start exploring things to find the answers of your questions. In short, you’ll be more constructive, innovative. You’ll always then search for possibilities.

Dialogue for stress relief is crucial in developing your personality. But for that, you should talk positively. If you are continuously having negative dialogue with yourself, it is most likely that you’ll suffer from inferiority complex. So be optimistic while talking to your own. You will surely get relief from stress.

All natural stress relief remedies should be met with both an open mind and a level of skepticism. For some people these products work, for others there will be no noticeable effect. If you are unsure about any alternative medicine be sure to consult a medical professional before any undertaking of a course treatment.

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