Juicing for Weight Loss: The best juice combos for weight loss

At first you may be attracted to this type of program due to the weight loss benefits but once you try it; you’d realize that there’s more to it than losing weight as it will change your life completely.

Juicing for weight loss won’t only shed those unwanted fats off your body, it turns your life around by making you more healthy and beautiful inside-out, turning you into a more revitalized and youthful YOU! A complete make over, if I may say.

After a few weeks of juicing for weight loss, you’ll notice that aside from losing weight, you’ll have more energy and a more vibrant skin. This is because you’re becoming healthier than ever before.

Just imagine all the live fibers and nutrients that go straight into your system! They go fill up and at the same time detox your body safely.

They say that it’s hard to lose weight but simply changing what you put in will make a huge difference. You are what you eat!

I know that there are many weight loss programs and you can find most of them simply by turning on your TV. Most does work like the Right Size Smoothies Weight Loss program but isn’t for reasons that the manufacturers claim but simply due to the decrease of  calories in your body.

The trick is in curbing or controlling your appetite to minimize the calories in your daily diet, so instead of using these artificial weight loss programs to curb your appetite, why not fill your body w/ healthy and natural vegetable juice that are rich in chlorophyll, live enzymes, and fiber?

Vegetables are low in fat and calories and replacing the usual foods that you eat which are usually high in fat and calories is a very effective weight loss regimen.

Juicing For Weight Loss Curbs Your Appetite

juicing for weight lossThere’s such a lot of noise that you’d encounter when it comes to losing weight and curbing your appetite is certainly one of those.

Talk to any nutritionist and they’ll say that they’re against curbing your appetite, why? Curbing appetite means starving yourself and it isn’t good for your health, in effect you’re losing weight from hunger and deprivation which of course lowers down your calorie intake.

But the only reason why your calories go down is because you’re not taking in food, which means that no nutrients are being consumed by your body as well.

You skip meals, one to two times daily, determined by the idea that you’re on a “diet to lose weight”.

You go  with the same routine for one to two weeks perhaps…

Then suddenly, you can no longer control your cravings and forget all those diet crap, who cares? you’re hungry! And you’re back to your uncontrollable eating habit packing up pounds and pounds of fats from foods that you’ve long craved for!

Needless to say; your size doubles, thanks to diet pills.

There’s a proven method of curbing your appetite without pills or wiccan spells. Are you ready to discover this well guarded weight loss secret?

Well, it’s not a secret really, you just don’t know it yet!

It’s called juicing for weight loss! I know, I know, you’ve already read that above; it’s the title of the article! What am I thinking?

Well, I just thought it best for you to know that juicing for weight loss the best way of curbing appetite without actually depriving yourself with food and nutrients, since while it curbs your appetite, it packs your body with a whole bunch of fresh nutrients and enzymes which can only be brought to you by nothing more than mother Nature.

Society sucks! Really, and so is reality. They dictate how one should look, and this goes a little more than extra to women. Society frown at women when they’re not fit; there’s something in people’s minds that equates beauty with fitness and being sexy.

Now, how can one be sexy with all the bulges up, down, and all over???

They don’t call it sexy! Ouch… but that’s reality, they call it fat, not PHAT (Pretty, hot, and tempting). Plain old fat; teased, isolated, and margined. This happens all the time, no matter at what age. People are children; most grow only in numbers so they’d always look the same way at you and that’s how society dictates.

Can you stop this? Going on a bunker perhaps would! But there’s a better alternative. It’s simple, just lose weight and be healthy!

Easier said than done!

It coudl be difficult and it may take sometime, but not impossible! Nothing ever is…

You, yes, YOU! can lose weight and become healthy.

Forget all those slimming programs and lyposuctions; they’re so expensive and unhealthy.

The aim here isn’t only to lose weight, but become healthier, more energetic and full of life!

The best advice in losing weight that we can impart perhaps is to turn to mother Nature for a health rescue. Juice fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to lose weight – Yes, start from within! It’s the healthiest way of losing weight.

Why Am I Fat? You Ask

best juice for weight lossMake an inventory of what kind of food you’re consuming daily, start with what food you keep in your fridge and you’ve found your answer! The food you keep in your home are the very reason why you’re fat but don’t worry, you can turn yourself into PHAT; yes a Pretty, hot, and tempting individual (even if you’re a male). Well, you can be a pretty boy, can’t you? Yes you can!

Want to discover more reasons? You’re a highly corporate successful individual who’s always on a rush (okay, maybe not) and barely have the time to prepare healthy foods specially during weekdays. Lunch is an hour break and you’re not the one who would bring food to work. Now, where do you usually eat? Fastfood! not the healthy fastfood, of course…

Fried chicken, burgers, steak and more cholesterol on your average days…

Then you ask, “damn, why am I getting fat?”

Only you can answer that question my friend.

Why Do You Lose Weight with Juicing For Weight Loss?

lose weight with juicingFor one thing, fresh fruits and vegetables are free from toxins and bad fats; most fruits does have natural sugar but the leafy greens DON’T. So if you’re diabetic, you may want to avoid sugary fruits when juicing.

Most fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and antioxidants which are great in cleaning off one’s system of fats and toxins.

With regular juicing for weight loss, fiber and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables free your body from years and years of stagnated toxins and fats; making it naturally “green”. Thus, even promote better motility to your intestines that results to regular and normal bowel movement.

Without these toxins and fats, your body becomes not only healthy and fit but also free from the life threatening cholesterol and other toxic substances which may trigger other degenerative diseases.

Green veggies and specially wheatgrass are the best in juicing for weight loss; they are rich in other nutrients as well as chlorophyll which you can’t find in most fruits and solid vegetables.

When you juice fruits and vegetables your body gets filled with live enzymes and nutrients that you’ll no longer need to take manufactured vitamins and minerals as you get them straight from the source considering that you consume enough fruits and vegetables per day.

Eating raw won’t do it; what would you feel after literally chewing a bunch of fruits and vegetables? Exhausted!

Well, I think you won’t even have the time to grab such a challenge even just for the sake of experiencing it – uhm… who would?! Me? I’d rather grab a juicer and juice my way to fitness! Choose from one of our recommended juicers, they’re all handy and worth the buck.

Another reason why you’d lose weight with juicing for weight loss is that they are low in calories so even if you consume as much as you can; you maintain your caloric intake in such a low level. So, haven’t we mentioned that low calories equals weightloss?

So when you encounter a natural weight loss regimen like juicing for weight loss that lowers down your calorie intake while increasing the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, fiber, and antioxidants in your body, would you give it a try? Do you think it will work?

Well, I would suggest you SERIOUSLY try it yourself and report back your story to us! Other readers would love to hear your juicing for weight loss success story.

Notice that the word “SERIOUSLY” above was written in CAPs, that’s because you must be darn serious in any weight loss programs. Sticking to a weight loss regimen requires a lot of self-discipline and determination; it’s so easy to just give up after a week or two and convince yourself that it will not work for you.

You are beaten, if you think you are!

Of course, you may find the taste of pure fruits and vegetables a bit awkward if it’s your first time juicing; your system may need a little time adjusting with it as well so don’t do it drastically, start slowly drinking a glass a day experimenting with some of our juicer recipes; if you’re interested to try a juice fast, we’ve got some juice fasting recipes that you may start with.

Again, do it slowly and try not to shock your body with drastic changes. Remember, it’s been used to consuming a ton of bad foods over the years, it may react if you try to go 100% raw immediately in the hopes of losing weight fast.

You can lose weight with juicing for weight loss!

Prediet Plan Editorial

Prediet Plan Editorial

Patrick Kihara is a weight loss enthusiast and fitness blogger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and several health and fitness certifications.

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