10 Healthy Juice Recipes to take when you are juice fasting

There are many reasons why people juice fast, some for detox and weightloss, some for spiritual healing, and others to skyrocket their health and vitality.

More and more people have discovered the wonders of juice fasting. It helps people lose weight, releave constipation, achieve acne free and clearer skins, eliminate skin infections, and achieve better vitality and overall holistic health.

Today is the era of food supplements and detoxification, people suddenly discovered that all throughout their lives, they’ve been eating bad foods for nourishment and they’ve been breathing toxins as a source of oxygen.

There’s NOT much that we can do in terms of changing the air we breathe aside from buying oxygen filters to protect our homes but every person has the power of changing what they eat to nourish their body.

This fact leads us back to the basics, where people ate raw unprocessed good foods, where life expectancy was long, and where illnesses didn’t seem to exist.

It would be great to get back to those good ol’ days’ ways of eating unprocessed fruits and vegetables but the fact that everyone seems to lead the busiest of lifestyles; it’s far better to drop by Mcdonalds and grab a burger instead everyday for a real quick breakfast, right?

That would be cool and fast but it’s also not good! This is one of the reasons why you should fast.

Others choose supplements and water to detoxify their bodies but we believe and we know that you’d agree that nothing could beat the health benefits that you’ll get from fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bite them off piece by piece, thank God, juicer extractors were invented!

If you’re just beginning to juice fast, we recommend to take it slow as it’s an extreme type of detox you know and not everyone feels great during or after a juice fast. Try it for just a day and nothing more at first!

Depending on your health condition (and toxic content), you may feel some strange things while engaged on a juice fast or as a result thereof (headaches, bad breath, undesireable tast on your tongue, etc.) but continued juice fasting on frequent basis coupled with healthier diet and lifestyle will increase you overall health and energy.

Just for precautions, juice fasting isn’t for everyone; fresh fruit juice is high in sugar so if you’re a diabetic, it would be wise to get a go signal first from your doctor. It’s also not advisable to be engaged by people who are already sick, are pregnant, lactating (you’ll be flushing out toxins!), have or will undergo surgery, etc.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best go get the opinion of your family doctor first, remember, you will only be on a purely liquid diet and part of the purpose is to reduce the function of your digestive system to the minimum level.

Okay, now that you’re ready to juice fast; what do you juice and how much should you drink during your fasting?

Well, ideally, you should be drinking around 250-350 ml of fresh fruits and vegetables juice during meal times (that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and that’s about 8-12 ounces of fresh juice. That should cover your meal — Ouch!

Continue drinking fresh distilled water either hot or at room temp (NOT ice cold!) and juices alternately throughout the day in between meals.

It’s best to prepare various fasting juice recipes to get the most nutrients out of your juice fasting. Mixtures of different kinds of fruits and vegetables but consciously add in more green leafy vegetables than fruits into your recipes for juicing. We don’t advise going purely on either fruits or vegetables, we recommend mixing them up!

Drink alot of distilled drinking water so as to rehydrate your body while on juice fast. Yes, this will make you go back and forth the toilet but it’s fine as it’s a way of eliminating the toxic wastes from your body. When your urine is already as clear as the water that you’re drinking, you’ll know that you have enough supply of water.

You can also drink herbal teas after every main meal since it’s one of the best sources of anti-oxidant.

You can also prepare very simple vegetable soups mixing vegetables of your choice with NO seasoning, just add water and bring it to boil. Only drink the soup.

Also, this goes without saying – Juice fasting is about drinking fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure to only drink fresh juice from fruits and vegetalbes during the fast and NOT canned or bottled juices, no matter what their makers claim; these are processed juices that contains preservatives and artificial sugars. They have no way of meeting your expected results.

In order to get the most out of your yield, you may consider a gear juicer when extracting vegetable juice for your fasting juice recipes as it retains the live enzymes and nutrients of the produce. It also gives higher yield compared to centifugal juicers.

You can explore your creativity in mixing up fruits and vegetables from these selections in preparing your own fasting juice recipes but of course, we’re open to giving you some helping hand.

For starters, you may try the following fasting juice recipes:

  1. Apple Celery Swiss Chard/Kale

    Handful of kale or Swiss chard
    2 celery stalks
    2 apples

  2. Apple Orange with Spirulina

    2 apples
    2 cups of raspberries
    1 orange
    1 teaspoon spirulina

    *Process all fruits in a juicer. Pour in juice yield in a glass with lid, add spirulina, cover and shake very well.

  3. Carrot Apple Detox

    2-3 Green Apples
    1 carrot
    Fresh basil leaves

  4. Carrot Spinach Parsley Celery

    4-6 Carrots
    3 handfuls fresh Spinach leaves
    Handful of Flat Leaf Parsley
    2-3 Sticks of Celery

  5. Carrot Vegetable Juice

    A handful of dandelion leaves
    1 kale leaf
    4 carrots
    Fresh mint, basil or coriander leaves

  6. Carrot Radish Apple Beet Lemon

    1 carrot (large)
    10 radishes
    1 apple
    1 beet
    2 lemons

    *Grate lemon zest and set aside. Juice carrot, radish, apple, and beet.  Squeeze-in the lemon juice and sprinkle the zest.

  7. Celery Carrot Parsley

    3 celery sticks
    3 carrots
    1 bunch parsley

    **Amazing detoxifier and Immune System Booster

  8. Greens and Oranges

    6 leaves green leafy lettuce or kale or a big handful of spinach
    2 oranges

  9. Peach Juice

    2-3 Peaches

  10. Vegetable Combo

    2 Swiss chard leaves
    1/2 beetroot
    2 or 3 sprigs of watercress
    3 carrots
    1 celery stalk

Prediet Plan Editorial

Prediet Plan Editorial

Patrick Kihara is a weight loss enthusiast and fitness blogger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and several health and fitness certifications.

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