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Do you rely on dumbbells to build your muscle mass? If you do, you need an adjustable weight bench and I would highly recommend the Universal Five Position Weight Bench.

The Universal Five Position weight bench is a multi-position weight bench from Universal Equipment.

Like with other home exercise equipment, the Five Position weight bench is more tailored towards beginner weight lifters but this does not mean that accustomed weight lifters should give it a berth.

A passing glance at the Universal Five Position Weight Bench will reveal one thing to you. The bench is simple. Its design is among the simplest you will see on a multi-position weight bench. For the simple design, the bench is priced inexpensively and is therefore ideal if you are looking for a starter weight bench set to gauge whether weight bench sets are the thing for you.

I recently had the rare opportunity to take the adjustable weight bench on a pilot test and I can’t wait to share the review of the bench with you. Happy reading. Or click here to buy this weight bench right now.

Where to Buy the Universal Five Position Weight Bench

Different vendors have different price tags for the universal five position weight bench. The one I was testing comes from Amazon and goes for $99. You also receive free shipping when you make your purchase at Amazon.

If you are in the spirit of throwing away money, you can choose to buy yours from Sears.com and spend a staggering $214 on it minus shipping. The weight bench is sold at Walmart at $99.


Features of the Universal Five Position Weight Bench

  1. Adjustable bench

The Universal Five Position Weight Bench is an adjustable weight bench with a maximum of five reclining angles. The reclining angles are -10, 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees. Adjustable weight benches offer the weight lifter the ability to perform more exercises compared to a fixed position bench.

If you want to try your hand at free weight workouts, the Universal Five Position Weight Bench is what I would recommend for you.


  1. Padding

With a padding of 4.5 inches and a contoured shape, you can finally forget what an uncomfortable weight bench ever felt like.

  1. Leg brace

Here is a bench that finally lets you rest easy regardless of your incline angle. The Universal Five Position Weight Bench comes with two leg braces that have a padding of 8 inches each.

  1. Maximum weight support

The Universal Five Position Weight bench can support up to 250 lbs.

  1. Warranty

The warranty on the bench is 30 days on the upholstery and 2 years on the frame.

Pros and Cons of the Universal Five Position Weight Bench




  1. Easy to assemble- This adjustable weight bench is almost ready to use when you unpack it from the box. Ask anyone who has ever bought a weight bench that was so complicated that they had to call a technician. The easy assembly on the Universal Five Position Weight Bench is a big plus.
  2. Affordable- There are very few quality weight benches you can buy with a price tag of less than $100. Take advantage of the great discount offered by the Universal Five Position Weight Bench.
  3. Lightweight but sturdy




  1. This adjustable weight bench does not offer a 90 degree incline angle, which is ideal for shoulder exercises.
  2. On top of the leg brace on this ‘adjustable weight bench’ being fixed, it is also in a weird position that really makes it hard to do some body workouts.




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