The prudent homemaker; single moms tips.

The Prudent Homemaker Tips.

The Prudent HomemakerMotherhood is hard enough. Being the prudent homemaker becomes even more challenging when you are the sole breadwinner. Juggling between parenting, work, and having a personal life can be quite daunting for most moms. In this article, our psychologist gives us tips on how to be the super mom.

Be in charge of your personal growth.

Have you met with those classmates who now drive the latest Jeep, got PhDs and masters to flaunt and still have their family intact? Ever wondered how they did it while you are still stuck at the same spot? Well, truth be told, it doesn’t come easy. You have to make a lot of sacrifices. Is it worth it? Absolutely, yes!
First things first, don’t settle for your first degree. Keep on upgrading. In today’s life, unfortunately, you can’t go far in your career with your first degree. We are not talking about PhDs; you’ll get there one day. But at least have a supplementary certificate if not a master’s degree. For example, if you studied Software Engineering in undergraduate, get a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Certificate.

The Prudent HomemakerGo back to college.

I know most single moms give a load of excuses when it comes to going back to school. Take a look and see how many single moms have been there and done that. It takes a leap of faith and of course a couple of useful tips to begin. And before you realize, voila, it’s your graduation! If you are still stuck at going back to college, here are a couple of college tips for you as a single mom.
Finally, get that car you’ve always wanted, make that investment you’ve always dreamed of. Take baby steps at a time. Start saving monthly, no matter how small that amount is. Remember you are the sole breadwinner. You need to start taking charge of your future as well as your children’s future.

Organize your parenting.

Parenting is challenging. Being the prudent homemaker takes effort. Everyone gets caught in the ops moment. As a single mom, it doesn’t get any easier. Remember that as a human being. You need help along the way. The best approach to get help is by joining relevant social circles. It may be a group of friends, relatives, a mom and kid yoga group, etc. In addition to getting social, you benefit from loads of advice and testimonies of how to be successful.
Finally, ask for help. Don’t be afraid! You’ll be amazed at how people are always willing to help. Remember help, and advice comes with criticism. Take it positively and grow from it. Within your social circle, come up with a babysitting plan. Find a loving mom to take care of your kids when you have errands to run. Be open to exchange the same favor with her as well.

Organize your career.

Never shy away from job promotions. Getting bigger roles essentially come with a better salary package.

The Prudent HomemakerAlthough the responsibilities broaden, the efforts are always rewarding. Get a couple of books on career management and grab the bull by its horns. Remember in everything you do, there are limits. Don’t strain your body. Also get plenty of rest after work. It is the only way you can become a productive mom.
At this point, it’s important to note that as long as your baby daddy is alive and capable, the law requires him to provide equally for your kids. Don’t carry the financial burden alone; sue him for child support when he tries to dodge.

Enjoy life.

What makes your life complete? Is it going out with your kids? The Prudent HomemakerOr making that tantalizing meal? Whatever it is, by all means, indulge. This is the point where you may consider dating once again.
Letting go of the past plays a great role in being able to enjoy life. Not having grudges helps you have an open mind when dating. Always remember that no man is perfect. Choose your soul mate based on the qualities you love and the negatives in him that you can live with. Bear in mind that you are also getting into that relationship with several imperfections.
Finally, be The Prudent Homemaker by taking charge of the above areas in your life. But most importantly, never compare your growth with someone else. We all get there at some point in life. If others beat us to it, it doesn’t mean we are doomed. We will get there when we get there. As long as you are healthy and satisfied, and your kids are happy, live life at the moment.
As usual happy parenting!

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