The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer.

If you ever wanted a chance to get into shape now is the time to do it. This is will be your salvation away from the gym and it will help you lose weight healthily and gradually and get you toned to perfection. The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer is a state of the art multipurpose weight lifting bench that you can set up even at home.

If you go to your local gym, you will find many of these kinds of benches around there and so there is no reason why you cannot have it in your house. This masterpiece weighs 84.2 pounds and has dimensions of 78 by 44.1 by 69 inches.

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As you can see it does not take up a lot of space and it can be the first of your fitness machinery in your house. Do not worry too much about the weight because it involves self-assembly and so it will be easy to carry it around until you put it all together.

How it works

Okay, let us get into the particulars of this amazing apparatus. You can do so many bench exercises on them such as military lifts, chest presses, and because of the leg developer you can also do leg lifts with no problem. The bench itself has some real good features; for example, it is adjustable in that it can be adjusted to different levels; that is it can decline and incline for different purposes and different workout activities. Here are some of the advantages of this change of level feature on the bench

  • If you are to incline it just a few degrees, then this will allow you to do some serious work on the muscle fibres of your upper chest region and so it will strengthen your pectoralis muscles to give you a muscular looking chest. There is a catch however; you should be careful not to incline it to a very high level because at such an angle, if you are doing lifts, you put your shoulder joints in danger of injury from the pressure that will be exerted on it; so you must be careful when setting that height.
  • If you chose to decline the bench, then you will be able to work on your lower chest region between your ribcage and your abdomen. This will allow you to improve on your developing abs in your abdomen.

These two methods will give you a look that will have the ladies looking at you if you are a man and it will give you that toned look you have been looking for if you are a woman.

Apart from these types of exercises you can also do overhead lifts and bicep curls. This is made possible if you adjust the bench so that it is almost like a seat on which you can lean your back against. This action will help you to protect your back from any possible injury as well as keep you honest; it will prevent you from cheating on your exercise by preventing your body from rocking back and forth in a bid to build momentum to lift the dumbbell; if you do this you may get injured and doles work which would beat the purpose of you getting the machine. It also helps you to keep your legs firmly planted on the ground so that you do not drop or misbalance any of the weights while you are lifting.


The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer has very many features which include

  • A dual action leg developer which has a heavy duty robust mainframe tubing which means that it will last longer because it is durable.
  • It has an adjustable back rest which you can put in many positions; inclined, flat, declined and military positions.
  • Apart from that it has a non-pinch grip as well as a locking safety hook which is there to increase safety because you can never be too careful.
  • It has free standing uprights which will enable you to do walk-in squats as an added exercise.
  • There is a locking leg lift pin on it which will allow you to do sit ups.
  • It also comes with deluxe cushions and foam rollers.

An added advantage of the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer is that the bench is separate. You can actually pull it away and work with it separately on its own to do skull crushers and squats if you are up to it. If you are very keen, you will notice that the spacing between the inner parts of the upright is 37 inches which is idea for a medium wide grip and so it makes your workout more productive.

This machine goes for 84.2 pounds; not on the expensive side but that does not mean that it is a give-away; it is very effective and you will see it when you try it.


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Prediet Plan Editorial

Patrick Kihara is a weight loss enthusiast and fitness blogger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and several health and fitness certifications.

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