11 Safety Tips For Baby High Chairs

Feeding baby safely doesn’t just mean introducing new foods gradually and being scrupulous about avoiding contamination from spoilage.

In fact, feeding baby safely begins even before the first spoon is filled, when baby’s placed in a high chair. To help make sure every mealtime passes safely, some rule to be followed. In this guide, I am going to tell you these rules.

  1. Never leave a young baby unattended in a high chair; have the food, bib, napkins, utensils, and anything else necessary for the meal ready so that you don’t have to leave your child alone while you fetch them.
  2. Always secure the safety or restraining straps, even if your baby seems too young to climb out. Be sure to fasten the strap at the groin to prevent him from slipping out the bottom.
  3. Keep all chair eating surfaces clean; babies have no compunctions about picking up a decaying morsel from a previous meal and munching on it.
  4. If you are using high chairs and low feeding tables then always be certain slide-off trays are safely snapped into place; an unsecured one could allow a lunging and unbelted baby to go flying out headfirst.
  5. Check to be sure that a folding type chair is safely locked into the open position and won’t suddenly fold up with baby in it.
  6. Place the high chair away from any tables, counters walls or other surfaces that baby could possibly kick off from, causing the chair to tumble.
  7. To protect baby’s finger, check their whereabouts before attaching or detaching the tray.
  8. If you are using hook-on seats, use the seat only on a stable wooden or metal table, table with the support in center, card tables or on a table leaf.
  9. Avoid using placemats or tablecloths, which can interfere with the gripping power of the seat.
  10. Be certain any locks, clamps or snap together parts are securely fastened before putting your baby in the seat; always take your baby out of the seat before releasing them.
  11. Don’t put a chair or other object under the seat as a safeguard should baby fall, or position the seat opposite a table brace or leg; a baby can push off against such surfaces, dislodging the seat.
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Prediet Plan Editorial

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