Rembrandt teeth whitening review

Rembrandt Tooth Whitening Review

If you’re keen on dental health, you’ve surely heard about the name Rembrandt. They’ve been providing people with high-quality dental products for a long time now, and recently they’ve also started producing a teeth whitening system. And because the market nowadays is so rough and you never know when you’re stepping on a mine, we decided to review Rembrandt’s newest product, hoping that we’ll be able to guide you in your choice of teeth whitening solutions better.

The basics

Rembrandt’s system is pretty standard in its basics, nothing special to discuss. It comes with its own set of trays, and of course the bleaching gel itself.

You need to chemically activate it by mixing the two chemicals together. This has the advantage of not requiring a light to work properly, so you can get the kit much cheaper than most competitors’ products, as you’re not paying extra for the light itself.

After you’ve found the appropriate tray and mixed the chemicals, it’s time to apply the gel. This procedure can be tricky if you’ve not done it before, but luckily Rembrandt have written a perfectly easy to understand user manual which will guide you through the process.

Rembrandt’s teeth whitening system costs around $200, and is easily found in most drugstores. They use a gel system, which is pretty much the standard in the industry nowadays.

The kit comes packed with a set of trays, designed to easily fit most mouth types. While this may sound like an exaggeration, Rembrandt have really outdid themselves with the design of these trays, which seem to adjust their shape to even the most troublesome pairs of teeth.

The gel uses a Hydrogen Peroxide solution, standard 5%. It’s not very strong, which may make you wonder why the system works so well. The truth is that the other ingredients help stimulate the effect of the Hydrogen Peroxide, and enhance the bleaching procedure even further.

When you look at the actual working times of Rembrandt’s system, you can’t help but notice how remarkably close they are to the two-hour mark. Rembrandt promised results in two hours, and they’re easily achievable thanks to the ingredients in the system.


The whitening process worked out flawlessly, and gave the test subject a shiny new smile. We have to say we were impressed by the quality of the effects – we didn’t expect such great action, to be honest. Delivery time was shorter compared to other products, and we were able to see the bleaching results in just a matter of hours. For the price this product comes in, it’s an absolute steal when you think about it.


Rembrandt have gone a long way to develop this product. It’s obvious in every one of its aspects, as you’ll notice instantly after trying it. You may be mislead by the low price – even though the product costs so little, it really does a great job for this money. Especially when you compare it to other products on the market today, you can’t help but wonder why others are pricing their stuff so highly – giving you all sorts of useless gimmicks, such as lights, etc, while leaving the actual bleaching behind. Where other products make promises and fail to deliver them, Rembrandt are being humble about their product, but it works really well compared to the competition. Two thumbs up!

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