Nordictrack CX 938 Elliptical Review

The Nordic Track range of elliptical equipment is produced by one of the largest health and fitness equipment manufacturers in the world, Icon Health and Fitness. Being one of the largest equipment producers, you can reasonably expect there to be a large variety of elliptical trainers on the market from Nordic Track. In fact there is a lot of equipment from this brand, including the nordictrack CTX910, CX990, CX1050, CC998, C2450, Nordictrack e500 strength trainer, and many others.

The Nordic Track CX938 elliptical trainer is the entry level machine from the company, similar to the budget Reebok 525 elliptical machine. Despite the cheap price (around $600), the CX 938 elliptical trainer includes a number of nice features, including 18″ stride, pulse sensors, iFit compatibility, and 10 built-in programs. Furthermore, this machine has a one year warranty on labor, motor, and parts.

However, when elliptical trainers are priced low it is often for a reason. Typical to other machines in this price range, the NordicTrack CX 938 elliptical machine has the Silent Magnetic Resistance as opposed to the smoother Eddy Current. However, it does include a bit more than the similar Reebok 525, such as a carb counter and training zone indicator.

The elliptical machine equipment market is huge, and there are plenty of brands of trainers available at different prices. For those on a budget, the Nordic Track CX938 is a worthy consideration, but there are plenty of other machines that should also be reviewed before buying. The ProForm 1280 elliptical trainer for example is one of the best in this price bracket, and offers a lot for the money.

When considering the purchase of a new elliptical trainer you should the frequency and intensity of use. Cheap elliptical machines (below $1000) may not offer the durability and reliability you need, especially if you are planning on using the machine often. For most home users though this machine will be suitable.

The Nordic Track CX938 elliptical machine has a weight limit restriction of 250 pounds. This maybe indicates the structural strength of this machine

However, the 18 inch stride will fit most small and medium sized adults. On the plus side, the fan system is pretty good at keeping you cool during the workout, and the display console provides some good interesting readings like distance covered, speed, calorie burn, pulse rate and resistance level.

For an entry level machine the CX 938 is worth considering. Buying this machine online will help you find the best deal at the cheapest price, and also highlight some other machines worth looking at in this price range.

NordicTrack Elliptical Machines in General

NordicTrack are well known in the fitness industry of producing high-quality indoor fitness equipment and as being marketed by one of the largest producers of equipment throughout the world, Icon Health and Fitness.

Nordic Track is known too for providing its customers with great value for money with their products, and this is no different with the elliptical trainers that they have available.

The NordicTrack equipment is also backed with what is often referred to as the 3-2-1 warranty (1 year labor coverage, 2 years for parts, and 3 years for the motor).

NordicTrack equipment has been around for some time, initially becoming popular over 20 years ago with ski fitness equipment. The range of equipment available is impressive and is well worth checking out whether you specifically want a NordicTrack elliptical machine or any other type of fitness equipment.

Many NordicTrack elliptical machines have an interplay music port which allows the user to listen to their favorite music whilst working on with built-in speakers. In addition, in the NordicTrack price range of sub $1400 some of the features and innovations of the machines are some of the best value for money.

By changing the incline setting of an elliptical trainer it’s possible to workout a large range of muscle groups.

Elliptical trainer machines are becoming increasingly popular for the home user and are ever present in top gyms.

They offer a beneficial alternative to treadmills and other equipment that often place strain on joints; especially ankles, knees, and hips. Elliptical fitness machines are excellent at improving cardiovascular fitness and offer a low-impact and enjoyable fitness workout.

NordicTrack offer their entry level machine, the CX 938, but also offer many more models with more advanced features. One of the most highly recommended is the NordicTrack CXT1400 elliptical trainer which is a great machine at a decent price.

In addition to NordicTrack elliptical machines you may find yourself investing in more high-quality equipment made by the company. These include treadmills, exercise bikes, yoga and pilates equipment, fitness apparel, and strength training products.

Whichever NordicTrack equipment you are looking to buy I highly recommend searching online.

There is a wide range of suppliers of NordicTrack elliptical machines online and you will more than likely find yourself making a significant saving by comparing prices at online retailers.

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