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Blenders are small and versatile appliances, available in a variety of sizes and power output.  They have been an integral part of kitchens for many years, able to break down fruits and vegetables into puree, crush ice, make salsa, gravy, and even smoothies.

Ninja blendersThe Ninja Blender is actually a series of blenders ranging from a stick immersion blender to a small blender/food processor, up to a countertop blender system.

Made by Euro-Pro and first seen on late night infomercials this is a range of durable blenders that really do work as described.

The Ninja blender series is unique in several ways.  All models have powerful motors, ranging from 400W to 1100W.  Some are more traditional countertop models, others stick blenders, and there are even models with a motor that sits on top of the blending container.  All the containers and blades are dishwasher safe and are made from safe materials that do not contain bisphenol-A (BPA)

The problem many people have with traditional blenders is that they have one blade at the bottom of the blender which often results in fruit or vegetables at the bottom being pureed and those at the top being barely shredded.  This is where the Ninja Blender comes into its own.

All blending containers have blade systems that have either 2 or three sets of blades set at different heights on the blade spindle.  This gives a perfect even result no matter if you are shredding, chopping or pureeing.

There are a number of blender models to fit any budget or kitchen need.  These include:

The Ninja Warrior

Today, science and technology has revolutionized life. Things that seemed unimaginable decades ago have suddenly become real objects.  All these things have helped making daily chores easier, and helped raise the standard of life.  The Ninja Warrior Blender is one such kitchen device that makes kitchen work faster and easier.

The Ninja Blender Series boasts of numerous blenders that give amazing results. These blenders produced by Ninja are of a high quality and used for cooking by most of the master chefs in the world. These are not just very useful for a number of kitchen activities, but they are also very affordable and hence they can be used by people of all income groups.

The Ninja Blender Series has both, fixed and handheld blender. Both these blenders have their specific advantages and depending on what a person need’s, he can use either one of them. Ninja Professional Blender is a fixed blender that has a very sleek design.

Along with the outer body of the blender, the customer also gets the blades made specifically for the blender and a compact lid. This blender produces up to 1000 watts of power thus blending each and everything that goes into it.

The Ninja Warrior Blender comes under the handheld type.  It can be called a multipurpose tool as along with the function of blending, it also does the functions of crushing ice and chopping whatever you need.  The Ninja Warrior Blender comes with a power head as well as a blending shaft.

Along with this a 40 oz. bowl that comes with a gear box and a set of blades and a mixing bowl that has an air tight lid and splash guard, is also given to the customer. For each function, a different blade set is provided. So depending on whether one wants to chop, blend or crush ice, one must use its respective blade set.

Also, the user has two speed options.  If the materials are easy to blend, the user should operate on the ‘on’ speed otherwise, for materials that take more power to blend, you need the ‘turbo’ speed. This blender should be cleaned only by a wet or soapy sponge and must never be washed in the dishwasher. If maintained properly, this blender will last for years.

These professional level blenders can be bought online as well as in certain stores.  Buying these products online saves the customer both time and money as the products are delivered directly to the mentioned address.  The mode of payment is also easy and it takes a few minutes to finalize the order by a credit card.

The Ninja Professional blender costs a hundred dollars, while the Ninja Warrior Blender is available in the market for only eighty dollars.  Both these products come with a warranty period of two years.

The Ninja Master Prep Pro

Ninja Master Prep Pro is a food and drink blender like no other in the market today.  I have tried other food and drink makers before and they have never failed to disappoint.  If the handle or lid is not broken after a few days of usage, then it will be something to do with the blades.  Sometimes they simply refuse to work or are too slow.

I searched for years for a reliable blender until one day I came across what I think is the best blender, the Ninja Master Prep Pro.

Here are some of the features of Ninja Prep Master Pro I like.  First and foremost, it comes in a professional black, stainless steel design. This means that unlike other blenders, your safety is guaranteed as your food will not be contaminated with rust.

It works in minutes!  Just insert your ice cubes and any other foods and they will be transformed into creamy and frozen desserts and drinks while you are watching.  This saves you both time and energy of running around trying to find alternatives in the case of ordinary blenders that are prone to breakdowns.

Ninja Master Prep Pro comes with a 450-watt motor head.  Added to this is its one-touch pulsing capability. These two features have one big advantage over all blenders-achievement of consistent results as well as maximum control.  Consistency is the most important result desirable of all blenders and drink makers.  Who would like half done food to eat or half made drink?

It comes with another feature which is not common with the others: a splash guard and a non-slip base. If the base is not strong enough or slippery then a blander would be of no use.  This is especially true in a household with children or elderly persons.

The non-slippery feature makes it safe to use and to move from one place to another without the possibility of breakage in the case of an accident.

Here is the last feature that makes Ninja Master Prep Pro a must-have. It comes with a warranty.  Most blenders come with warranties yes but the manufacturers are not sincere.  You may be asked for a service fee in case you go ahead to claim your warranty.  This is not so with Ninja Master. You get a full year of warranty as you enjoy using it.

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