L-Theanine and Sleep

Maybe you have wondered before why it is possible to drink tea and then feel calmer and more relaxed, despite the fact that it contains caffeine. The reason for this because tea leaves (especially green tea) contain a substance known as L-Theanine. This is actually an amino acid, but it has some very important calming effects on the brain.

The first thing to note is that it neutralizes the stimulant effects of caffeine without altering the mind energizing and fat burning benefits. What it does is to actually smooth out brain waves. This leads to the mind being calmed and the body relaxed. This is actually quite similar to what sleep experts try to induce when individuals come in complaining of sleep issues.

There is solid research and studies to back up the claim that L-Theanine not only helps people fall asleep faster, but it also makes for higher quality and more restful sleep. This could be a great supplement for those who are interested in making the best use of their time, sleeping less and being able to do more (or those who simply feel like they could use some more sleep).

Phenibut and Sleep

As a crystallized, powdery-like GABA derivative, Phenibut is easily able to cross the blood-brain barrier and act as a GABA receptor agonist. As it goes to work it also helps to improve the effects of a number of brain chemicals that help the mind to relax. This reduces stress and tension and makes conditions just right for inducing sleep and relaxation.

Phenibut is a powerful Nootropic like supplement that actually modulates many of the same receptor sites that are known for controlling anxiety levels. While it is helpful at inducing a state of relaxation and for promoting sleep in a natural fashion, it does not cause drowsiness. Interestingly enough, this is originally a Russian invention and it is still included in the cosmonaut kit for stress and anxiety.

Phenibut has also been shown to enhance the levels of dopamine within the brain. This powerful brain neurotransmitter is critical to daily function and also controls movement, reward response, some emotions, and the brain’s pleasure center. This is possibly why one of the main effects of this supplement is to blunt the effects and impacts of stress. It is also quite effective at inducing sleep in the evening, enhancing normal circadian rhythms.

Other Nootropics for Sleep

L-Theanine for Sleep with Other Nootropics

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is another fantastic supplement that has and can be used to help increase the ability to relax both body and mind. It is also used to help one fall asleep and then to sleep more soundly and restfully. There is even evidence suggesting that this substance is capable of increasing REM by as much as 30 percent.

Huperzine A works very similarly to the classic Nootropics, by slowing the break down of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. This also plays a role in the usually Nootropic cognitive benefits such as increased memory, learning capacity, attention span, mental energy, concentration, and focus.

The best way to use this supplement is by taking a single capsule or two about 30 minutes before bed. While it is generally well-tolerated and effective, it is also possible to build up tolerance. Therefore, this is not something to use on an every day basis; at least one week off each month is recommended.


Bacopa is a natural healing herb that has been used in Indian culture since at least the sixth century. It does have a number of Nootropic like effects, being noted for increasing memory, improving comprehension, and providing anti-oxidant support to the brain. However, recent studies have shown that it also has the ability to promote restful and dependable sleep in the long run. It also does not have any immediate sedating effects; rather, it helps with resting and calming the senses and mind. You will not notice any drowsiness and will see stress and anxiety improved tremendously. This is also something which can be used on an ongoing basis since it is all-natural.

How is all of this produced? The current theory is that the active components of this supplement (bacosides) are believed to help synthesize neurons and at the same time strengthen old and worn out neurons in the hippocampus area of the brain. This may also lead to an anti-oxidant effect that counters stress due to oxidation.


Pramiracetam is one of the more potent members of the Racetam family of Nootropics. It also has an extremely high bioavailability, so almost all that is taken will end up being absorbed into the bloodstream. As with all the other Nootropic supplements, Pramiracetam produces a number of excellent cognitive benefits. For our purposes, it also helps to potentiate many of the other Nootropics.

Despite the fact that there may not be many actual effects on sleep directly, Pramiracetam is a great supplement to use in a sleep stack. It may be combined with Aniracetam or one of the other Nootropics to create a synergistic effect. One should also remember that the half-life of this supplement is fairly short, so it is probably best used as a method for helping someone fall asleep quickly.


Aniracetam benefits its user by helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress. This, in turn, makes it such that it becomes easier to relax. As it becomes easier to relax, it will also be easier to fall asleep. In point of fact, for most people this supplement will be a very pleasing experience. Many users have described it as equivalent to having a nice warm blanket placed over them.

How does Aniracetam produce all of these apparently amazing benefits? The first way is that it actually speeds up the utilization of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These powerful brain chemicals are both associated with improving mood and overall level of relaxation. The dopamine and serotonin also help to reduce the level of anxiety and possibly mild mood issues. This in turn also makes it much easier to simply be still, relax, and fall asleep.

Choosing Your Nootropics by Function

Falling Asleep Quickly

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    • Phenibut
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  • Induce More Restful Sleep
    • L-Theanine
    • Huperzine A
  • Staying Asleep
    • Aniracetam
    • Phenibut

Falling asleep quickly is something that can help those who currently struggle with the ability to relax. Many people end up spending half the night (or more) seeming to toss and turn in an effort to get comfortable, relax and then fall asleep. Many of the Nootropics that help with sleep in one fashion or another are able to induce such a feeling of being able to relax.

Pramiracetam is the one major exception to this. In fact, one would probably never attempt to take this on its own as a sleep aid. The major benefit is that it can help to enhance the effects of the other Nootropics. So, maybe someone has tried Phenibut and it seems to work all right, but just a little bit more force would make it work perfectly. This is the time to use Pramiracetam.

Helping to Induce More Restful Sleep

Helping to induce more restful sleep is another key area in which certain Nootropic supplements can be helpful. At the top of this list is L-Theanine. There is no doubt about its effectiveness in helping not only the body but also the mind to completely relax. This has even been proven by studies which examined EEG tests of their subjects, showing the production of restful alpha brain waves and the smoothing out of other brain waves associated with stress and anxiety.

Huperzine A is another supplement that will lead to more restful sleep. It has been demonstarted by research to increase the amount of REM (rapid eye movement) while asleep by as much as 30 percent. REM is the stage in which it is believed the most restful type of sleep occurs (as well as a number of dreams).

Staying Asleep

Staying asleep is a nice benefit offered by Aniracetam and Phenibut, in particular. Aniracetam just seems to lead to an all over highly pleasurable feeling. While taking this, many people have reported that they simply did not want to wake up (although it does not actually become any more difficult to do so). Phenibut is believed to exert its effects on relaxation by modulating the neurotransmitters GABA and dopamine. These are powerful brain chemicals that help to induce a state of deep relaxation and promote a full night’s sleep quite easily.

Summing Up

Anyone who is having sleep issues should really consider looking into a number of Nootropic supplements. Some of the most effective types are listed here, along with their benefits and general mechanisms of action. Just bear in mind that science still really is in the early stage of understanding the human brain, so some of these may react slightly differently with your own body chemistry or other supplements being taken. Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning such a program.

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