Top 9 Home Remedies To Cure Baby Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are very uncomfortable and irritating condition for a delicate baby. It becomes more difficult for you to understand the baby’s discomfort as they baby has not yet learned to speak.

So it is advisable to prevent baby rashes and cure them at an initial stage only.

Given below are few home remedies for curing the rashes as soon as you see them

  1. Apply sesame oil to ease the baby. Once done, apply slight moisturizer on baby skin to prevent rashes.
  2. Mix small quantity of olive oil with half teaspoon of clean water and massage the baby skin to prevent rashes.
  3. Massaging with fresh milk can also be a good option for soft and delicate baby skin.
  4. Prepare vinegar and water solution. Use this solution for final rising of baby’s nappies. Vinegar acts as a disinfectant and reduces the chances of bacterial infection.
  5. Apply a mixture of butter milk and kid’s powder on baby’s skin to sooth the diaper rashes and ease the baby.
  6. Applying baked flour on the baby’s skin will reduce irritation and itching of rashes.
  7. Natural herb calendula is very useful and effective in reducing baby’s rashes.
  8. Rashes due to moist and wet diapers can be reduced by corn starch.
  9. Prepare baby bath water by mixing oatmeal and warm water. This reduces rashes and makes the skin germ free.
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