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Not sure whether to get a treadmill or elliptical trainer? Check out my article Treadmill vs Elliptical: What’s the Best Exercise Equipment for You?

At the end of the day, getting any exercise equipment for your home, if you use it, is an excellent investment. The way I see it is even if you use the treadmill or elliptical half the year, and only one or two times per week, the cost is well worth the results.

elliptical-machinesIt’s clear that even slight to moderate exercise two to three times each week for 20 minutes per session provides tremendous health benefits. You don’t need to become a marathon runner to gain many health benefits from a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

The key to exercise equipment being a worthwhile investment is it must be used. Not everyday, but consistently. The key to health is consistently working out – whether it’s consistently walking for 30 minutes 3 times each week or for competitive runners – running 4 – 1 hour stints each week. It is far more important to consistently work out at a slight or moderate level than workout intensely sporadically. This cannot be overstated.

And so it goes with owning a treadmill or elliptical trainer. You’re here to read treadmill reviews or to check out Elliptical Reviews HQ – but before you purchase any piece of exercise equipment (especially since they are expensive), be sure you are committed to using it.

What I like so much about treadmills and elliptical trainers is they make it easier to maintain a consistent workout regimen – especially for those of us who live where it gets cold. What this presents is a little bit of the unknown. Perhaps you don’t consistently workout now but expect to with a treadmill or elliptical in your home. Fair enough – if that’s the case then getting a treadmill and/or elliptical trainer in your home will be a great investment.

Notice I said and/or an elliptical trainer. My favorite cardio exercise equipment items are treadmills and ellipticals because of the crosstraining benefits using both give me. I really like the fact elliptical trainers offer a resistance workout to my upper body – something most treadmills don’t offer. I say ‘most treadmills’ because the ProForm 780 CrossWalk Treadmill is a treadmill with moveable handles with resistance levels offering both an upper and lower body workout much like elliptical trainers.

Why Elliptical Reviews?

elliptical-machinesI’ve been into fitness for over 19 years. I started working out in gyms when I was 15 years old. I’ve enjoyed the progression of both aerobic and weight lifting equipment made availabe in top notch gyms for nearly two decades. I’ve always been into all-around fitness – meaning I’ve done both aerobic excercise, resistance training, and flexibility training.

Since elliptical trainers came onto the market, I’ve been using them. I like working out on an elliptical because it offers a full body aerobic workout. It’s an excellent cross training exercise emulating in some fashion cross country skiing.

I’ve used a large variety of elliptical trainers; some are good and some are bad. The fact is there are many elliptical trainers for sale these days to gyms and for use in a home. Agains, some ellipticals are good and some are bad.

Elliptical Reviews presents the latest elliptical trainer information in an easy-to-digest manner – elliptical reviews presented in a grid format so you can quickly scan any elliptical review and determine whether it’s the elliptical trainer for you.

Check out our elliptical reviews and see for yourself how user friendly and informative they are.

An Elliptical Trainer is all you Need

I like working out on a variety of equipment. I’m into cross training. My cardio regimen includes using elliptical trainers, running outside and on treadmills, and using stationary bikes. That said, an elliptical is the only cardio fitness equipment I use that offers a full body workout that is essentially no impact. You can do low intensity or extremely high intensity workouts on an elliptical – all depending on the speed and resistance levels you set.

Whether you like to cross train, are a competitive endurance athlete, want cross country skiing training in the off season, wish to lose weight, or just desire to stay in good shape, an elliptical trainer is an excellent exercise option for your home or office.

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