Body Solid GDIB46L Weight Bench Review

Commonly referred to as The PowerCenter Combo Bench, Body Solid’s GDIB46L is an Olympic weight bench that has been designed with the garage gym owners in mind.

The bench has five adjustable positions including:

  1. Flat bench
  2. Incline bench
  3. 90 degrees shoulder press
  4. Decline bench,
  5. And a very handy leg developer extension

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Although it is not the most stellar piece of gym equipment that we have tested in the recent past, the Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic still deserves a mention in our review of the best weight benches in the market.

The reason we had to mention it is very simple- if you are considering buying an Olympic weight bench on a tight budget, the Body Solid GDIB46L would be your perfect pick. The bench also has a few strengths (though not comparable to strengths of commercial weight benches such as the Ironmaster) that are worth considering:

 Major Strengths of the Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Bench

For its price, the Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Weight Bench has quite a few strengths and features that we love:

Below are some of the 5 outstanding features that you will love:

 Comes in 5 Adjustable Positions

I am not sure if anyone still uses the classical flat workout benches. (If you do, please let us know for what purpose you use you’re the bench for in the comments section.)

The Body Solid GDIB46L Workout Bench comes 5 adjustable positions. While there are some adjustable benches that offer more than 5 positions, you would agree with me that for its price, this bench has all the workout positions that you will ever need.

The 5 positions will let you exercise on the flat position, incline position, decline position, do some pretty intensive shoulder presses and cap it up some leg extensions.

Saves Your Time, Money and Space

If you are like me, and several other people that I know, you probably want a weight bench that does not take the whole space in your garage gym.

You also want a workout bench that lets you exercise several parts of your body without needing to buy additional benches. If this describes you, grab your Credit Card and head over to Amazon for the Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Weight Bench.

The Body Solid GDIB46L Olympic Weight Bench measures 46x43x77 (WxHxD). This is almost 10% size reduction compared to common adjustable benches.

What about time?

Have you ever had an adjustable weight bench that required you to read the manual every time you needed to change its configurations? Maybe the manual reading bit is exaggerated, but the fact remains. Many weight benches out there are too good for our own good. This is not so with the Body Solid GDIB46L. The adjustments are easily made by pin pop, and you will spend so much little time adjusting the bench from one position to the other.

 The Weight Bench has enough stability for a casual workout enthusiast

A stable and safe workout bench equates to more intensive and enjoyable workouts.

If you are not working out to qualify for the next Olympic weight lifting competitions, the Body Solid GDIB46L has all the stability you will ever need. The first thing that I would want to point out is the sturdy steel frame, which means not only more stability but also more durability.

The Body Solid GDIB46L weight bench comes with telescopic uprights that hold the bar in different positions when you are doing your drills.

Enough Padding

I have seen weight benches with better padding. The Ironmaster is a good example. However, remember what I said at the beginning of this review. The Body Solid GDIB46L is an ideal bench if you have budget restrictions.

It is ideal for your daily home use and the padding won’t wear out fast if you do not overburden it. However, if you considering the weight bench for heavyweight use, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Bench is Ideal Leg Workouts

If I was to buy the Body Solid GDIB46 Olympic Weight Bench, this is one of the other factors that would influence my buying decision. Most benches do not provide an option to exercise your legs.

I only have one beef with the guys over at Body Solid. In their product description, they say the leg developer extension is of Olympic quality. What is saw however is a 1” leg extension and not the standard Olympic 2” extension. Let us try to stick to the facts in our product descriptions, shall we?

 Would we recommend the Body Solid Powercenter Combo Box?

Definitely yes! If you are in search of a weight bench that gives you a lot of a functionality without denting your wallet, the Body Solid GDIB46L could never come highly recommended.



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Prediet Plan Editorial

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