Best umbrella stroller 2019 brand review

In today’s hustle and bustle, you require the perfect equipment to be the super mom. Because parenting is hard enough! So you’ve made it to baby number one. First of all, congratulations! Now it’s time to find the best umbrella stroller.

Or better still, the best double stroller to make it to baby number two and three. If not, a hand-me-down to your BFF. Do you get me? Durability is key in all my reviews.

My garage is already full. I don’t plan to stuff more garbage. That is why I have dedicated this blog to review only the best baby products in the market.

The Best Umbrella Stroller 2019 Reviews – Introduction

That said let’s get back to business. This article will essentially concentrate on the best umbrella strollers with double seats.

This is because as a mom, you will get to baby number two sooner than later. Unless of course, you don’t plan on adding more kids! Therefore, buy a double stroller to accommodate the future expansion.

I have a few unique universal picks. One of them works as a single stroller and you can still transform it into a double stroller in minutes. How cool? I have also incorporated a few videos in this review. Be sure to check them out as you enjoy reading the best umbrella stroller reviews.

In case you are the lazy mom. Sorry, the busy mom! Scroll on to the table of contents to get to your preferred product. Warning! Brace yourself. This is going to be a long read. I saved the best for last therefore ensure you get to the last detail. I mean look at how much we’ve evolved. From the ages of carrying babies with cotton sheets, until now we have trendy umbrella strollers. I had to get an all-inclusive review.

What type of best double stroller do you require for your needs? Be it for daily use, morning jogs, traveling or even for use with siblings of different ages. Every mom is unique, and so are the kids. I understand that. And Because of that, I promise to cover every single aspect of the best umbrella strollers.

Categories Of The Best Strollers

Umbrella Strollers

This is my focus for today. Most of the strollers in this category easily fold up. Just like an umbrella. Consequently, I find them more manageable. Furthermore, they only require a small storage or trunk space. In this review, you will find the following categories;

Double Jogging Strollers

To sum these up, they are strollers ideal for morning jogs. Double means they have two seats. Consequently, you can sit two kids; whether twins or just siblings of different ages.

The most ideal for this category are 3 wheel strollers with a fixed front wheel. As we shall come to realize in my detailed best umbrella stroller review, they offer better stability.

In addition, you can easily negotiate tight spaces with fixed wheels. But they also have shortcomings. Read on to the product reviews to find out more. Finally, it doesn’t mean that this category of best double strollers is meant for the athlete moms.


Any mom who rides a stroller like they are always late for something needs the best double jogging stroller! Least you veer off the road with your bundles of joy.

Side-By-Side Double Strollers

Quite popular I must say. The seats are located sideways. Positioned adjacent to each other! I mostly recommend this type for twins. It helps them bond better. Therefore, you reduce the chances of sibling rivalry. However, if your kids have a reasonable age gap, consider a different type. The elder kid needs a little privacy. I am not kidding. It has been psychologically proven.

While most of these double strollers tend to be wide in nature, my review covers several sleek designs. I promised you to review only the best, didn’t I? Well, expect several options that won’t embarrass you in public doors. I’ve had enough door-stroller jams myself. Therefore I can tell a disastrous umbrella stroller from a distance.

Tandem Double Strollers

Not my favorite. The best umbrella strollers in this category look like buses from the 16th century. Had they discovered buses in that century? No idea! Moving on, these have more streamlined seats.

Tandem double strollers seem like they follow a single file arrangement. They are great for jogging by the way. But your kid in the back seat will feel a little clamped. In other words, their space is limited. If you have a tall kid, this is a no-no!

All-Terrain Strollers

I call them the SUV of strollers. They can withstand rough terrains and still deliver smooth rides. You need these if you live in an area where people have embraced the go-green campaign. The “We plant grass instead of cement” kind of environment.

I have found the best all-terrain strollers to have suspended wheel systems. As you shall come to notice in my review, they offer smoother rides. Additional features would include rubber tires, bigger in size and with ball bearings. The ability to lock the front wheel would be a bonus for me.

Sit & Stand Strollers

We all know how restless toddlers become once they learn how to walk. I feel that this category was meant for this group of babies. The seats allow you to ride your best umbrella stroller while the kids are standing. Of course, they can seat when they get tired.

Do babies at this stage of growth get tired? I haven’t experienced that in mine. Unless they want to sleep! This is rare whenever we are outdoors. Nevertheless, the best Sit & Stand Strollers give my kids ultimate freedom.

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Umbrella Strollers.

In this review I shall focus on the following subcategories;

  • Best double jogging stroller 2017 reviews.
  • The best umbrella stroller for daily use.
  • Best double stroller for siblings of different ages.
  • The best umbrella stroller for travel.

Let’s get started, shall we?

[table id=1 /]

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2017 Reviews

  1. Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller

I am sure you’ve heard this name mentioned in the strollers market. You’ve probably seen this particular model as well. One of the reasons why I love Summit X3 is its sturdy design. The stroller is built to withstand any terrain. Because I am the type of mom who goes jogging with my baby, Summit X3 comes in handy.

In addition to a hand operated brake, this best double jogging stroller comes with a universal mounting bracket. No more panic on a hilly terrain. This stroller gives you the confidence to work on those Abs.  Did I mention you can quickly fold it away? Oh yes! In a minute your stroller will be perfectly tucked away.

Another excellent feature is the padded seat top. This seat comes with a weather cover that enhances airflow while giving support to your kid. While at the same time, the cover makes cleaning spills meticulous. While at baby’s comfort, Baby Jogger Summit has an adjustable sun canopy. The canopy offers additional ventilation via the peek-a-boo windows as well as on the side ventilation panels.

Finally, Summit X3 has ample storage for both mom and child. No more worries on where to keep your smoothies and baby essentials. Our best double stroller has got you covered.

best double jogging stroller


  • A wipe-clean handle bar that is made from rubber to enhance comfortable grip.
  • Front wheels swivel lock.
  • A 5-point safety harness enhanced with shoulder pads.
  • Pneumatic wheels; 12-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels.
  • It comes in color green and black.
  • Adjustable sun canopies.
  • Peek a boo windows.
  • Side vents.


  • Seats Are More Supportive:

Due to the central support bar, Summit X3 has more supportive seats. It’s one of the few strollers whose seats don’t sag in the middle. Furthermore, the seats recline independently to a nearly flat position. By the way reclining Summit X3 seats is a very simple lesson. The mechanism used is also user-friendly.

  • The Canopy Is Taller, More Sturdy And Smooth:

Summit X3 has much better canopies. In addition to being strong, they allow proper ventilation. As a result, your baby feels cool. Isn’t that what a mom wants for their bundles of joy? Finally, the canopies can easily accommodate a tall baby. Among the best umbrella strollers, this has the tallest head room.

  • Enhanced Security:

Summit X3 provides a handlebar brake in addition to a parking brake. As if this is not enough, Summit X3 has a strap secured to its bottom to prevent stroller run-away. In other words, your stroller will not wander away if you accidentally fall or let go. Much as nobody wishes for them, accidents do happen.

  • Easily Accessible Storage.

With Summit X3, you can quickly reach your luggage from the sides. It has easy-to-pull elastic. However, the size of your luggage may be limited. This is due to the support bar running across the center. You might need to have two individual smaller bags.

Finally, I love the fact that you can store smaller essentials in the mesh pockets behind each seat. Stuff like baby wipes and tissues. You can also buy other extras separately to use with the mesh pockets. These may be items such as a parent organizer console or a cup holder.

Note: It does not come with a cup holder or a parent organizer. But those items can be purchased separately.

  • Flexible Wheel Suspension:

Summit X3 comes with all-wheel suspension. Furthermore, it has a switch located on the handlebar. Consequently, you can switch the front wheels from fixed to swivel mode while standing. I hate bending over to switch the wheels!

  • Folds Away Easily And Neatly:

You can fold your Summit X3 easily and achieve the perfect fold like a pro. You only need to pull the bottom handle, and your best double stroller folds into two. Just like that! And you are ready to go!


  • Bulky:

The Summit X3 is not your everyday stroller. Much as it fits through a regular 36” door frame, you need to squeeze it a bit. Again, while it folds quickly and neatly, Summit X3 requires a larger trunk space. If you roll in a spacious SUV, like a Ford Explorer, you should have no worries. However, a smaller car would be tactical. Consider the other brands below.

  • Unevenly Distributed Weight:

Summit X3 tends to have its weight fall on the back wheels. Consequently, it feels back heavy. As a mom trying to exercise, this can be frustrating on an uphill jog. Therefore, you should avoid reclining both seats while running uphill.

  • Car Seat Incompatibility:

There are no car seat adapters on the Summit X3. If you must have one, consider purchasing a compact pram. These are sold separately. You can buy Compact prams here!

  • The Handlebar Height Is Not Adjustable:

This best umbrella stroller will be uncomfortable for moms shorter than 5’2″ or taller than 6’1”.

Bottom Line.

I love my Summit X3. It’s my best double stroller of all time. Hence the lengthy review! The manufacturer had a clear thought about the little details that matter. Seats that don’t sag, good brakes and a wheel switch in addition to better canopies.

Finally, if you require a stroller that does well on all terrains, this would be your best choice. However, the best stroller primarily meant for running would need a fixed wheel for enhanced stability.  Schwinn stroller or Bob Revolution (reviewed below) would be my alternative best recommendations.

  1. Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

For the mom who wants a stroller primarily for running, this would be ideal. With a fixed front wheel, Schwinn Arrow offers great stability. The manufacturer is well renowned for making several double jogging strollers which are relatively cheaper. I wouldn’t recommend the others though for their quality issues.

best double jogging stroller


So what makes this one of my best umbrella strollers?

  • 5-point harnesses.
  • Removable seat pads
  • A dual cup holder.
  • An adjustable handlebar.
  • Rubberized and slip resistant grip.
  • A parking brake.
  • A bicycle-style hand brake.
  • Retractable canopy.
  • Canopy mounted speakers (compatible with an MP3 player).
  • An average size storage basket.
  • Fixed front wheel.
  • 16” air-filled tires.

Folding & Carrying

You get to fold your Schwinn Arrow best double stroller by pressing the two triggers on the sides. For a neater fold, you can remove all the three wheels. Therefore, you end up with a relatively compact luggage. I am amazed at how comfortably I can squeeze it in a small trunk.


  • One Of The Lightest:

Weighing at only 30.2 lbs, things couldn’t get any lighter, could they? Yay! In addition, this best umbrella stroller measures 32.5” wide.

  • Secure And Comfy Seats:

Both seats are well padded in addition to having a five point harness. Also, both seats recline independently. Don’t expect them to go flat, though.

  • Easy To Clean:

I love the fact that I can easily remove the seat pads and throw them in the washing machine. Hassle free, right? Furthermore, the surfaces wipe clean easily. It seems like they are naturally stain proof. We can’t say much of that with babies, can we? Because of that, Schwinn Arrow ticks the right boxes for me.

  • Comes With A Cup Holder:

Finally! No more spills when jogging. That’s great, right?

  • Entertainment Packed:

This made me happy. I get to listen to music when jogging via the canopy speakers. How cool is this best umbrella stroller? And not just me, even my babies!

  • It Does NOT Steer:

Common with a front wheel fixed best umbrella stroller. Therefore you can enjoy your exercises without hovering to rescue your bundles of joy.


  • Relatively Short Seats:

If your kids are tall, their heads will most probably hit the canopy by 3 years of age. Yet, the weight limit remains 100 lbs.

  • Not Compatible With Infant Car Seats:

I wouldn’t mind about this too much. Because as a medic, we discourage the use of strollers with car seats until they are fully able to support their neck.

  • It Rusts Quickly:

Therefore avoid leaving it outside in the evening. Also do not over expose it to moisture such as excess cleaning water.

Bottom Line

For a smooth ride without steering off course, I would recommend this stroller. The tires have shock absorbers in addition to being 16”. No more bumpy rides! It seems like the design was meant for jogging moms. The MP3 feature backs up my thought. Overall, if you are on a tight budget, Schwinn Arrow Double Jogger has many similar features to a high-dollar stroller. Consequently, you have to compromise on its performance and durability.

  1. SE Duallie Double Stroller

The SE Duallie Stroller is made for a sporty mom. It combines several innovative features. These features are ideal for an outdoor adventure. The evolutionary swiveling wheels will help you get through tightly congested areas. So what more makes this the best umbrella stroller for jogging?

Best umbrella stroller


  • Ultra-padded seats that recline independently.
  • 5-point harness that is also padded.
  • Adjustable multi-position canopies.
  • Adjustable padded handlebar (offers up to 9 positions).
  • Swiveling-locking front wheel.
  • Rear wheel brakes.
  • Adjustable suspension system.
  • Two-step fold.

The option of having your wheels suspended or locked is great. Because of that, you can lock them when running or suspend them on a rough terrain. Worry not. Your baby will not feel any bumps. The seats are extra padded.

For newborn kids or tiny premiers, you can purchase an adapter seat. BOB has a dedicated adapter for this job. You could also include the snack tray for the toddlers. It is almost like they are in a movie theater.

After your stroll, you quickly fold this best umbrella stroller in two steps. And because it is light, you can pack it comfortably. Let’s just say this stroller perfectly manages your errands with the kids.


  • Easier Navigation:

This best double jogging stroller has three swiveling wheels. They completely rotate without much ado. That is the reason you can easily negotiate tight corners and uneven terrain. To get additional stability, simply lock the front wheel.

  • Evenly Distributed Weight:

Unlike our previous Summit X3, Bob has its weight evenly distributed on both wheels.

  • Smoother Ride:

You will experience smoother rides because of the adjustable suspension. In addition, you can quickly adjust the wheels.

  • Relatively Taller Canopies:

Bob is a longer stroller.  Therefore you can fit taller kids comfortably. However, you should bear in mind that at times the canopy bunches. Consequently, the head room is reduced. Summit X3 does the best job with taller kids.

  • Allows The Use Of Other Accessories:

I did mention earlier that you can use the Bob seat adapter. In addition, this best double stroller accepts most of the other brands of baby car seat adapters.


  • The Canopy Is Fixed:

If you are a mom with taller kids, you will find this a bother. Their heads will touch the canopy at some point.

  • Fixed Handlebar:

No idea why BOB loves to fix their parts. An adjustable handlebar would easily accommodate shorter or taller moms.

Bottom Line

You will find the BOB Revolution Stroller pretty easy to fold. It has a 2-step folding frame. You can quickly collapse this frame. With an aluminum and chrome alloy, this best umbrella stroller is relatively light in weight. Therefore, you will not have issues transporting it.

Storage is also well taken care of. You can store mommy things in the backseat pocket. While you store baby stuff in the hanging basket, there are four more inner pockets. Isn’t that good enough?

Finally, you can recline the seats up to 70 degrees. This is especially relevant when taking a nap. I get to watch them via the large viewing windows. Oh, and the canopy is also moveable. Awesome!

Best Umbrella Stroller Video.

Best Umbrella Stroller For Daily Use

[table id=2 /]

  1. JOOVY Scooter

I love this stroller. It is my best double stroller for daily use. You get almost everything you would require in a double stroller. I love the fact that it is among the lightest double strollers. Because of that, you don’t get exhausted from using it daily. Furthermore, you get all rounded features of your best umbrella stroller. Let’s have a look at these features.

best umbrella double stroller

Features At A Glance

  • 30″ width.
  • Independently adjustable seat as well as the footrest.
  • Seat mesh pocket.
  • Two zipped pockets.
  • 5-point harness that is adjustable.
  • Two cup holders.
  • Bearings on the wheels.


  • It Is Light And Easily Fits Through A Standard Door:

JOOVY Scooter has a width of 30′. Because of that, it will fit comfortably through any door. A standard door width is 33′.

  • Wheels Are Easy To Push:

This is largely due to the bearings on all four wheels. As a result, I push this best double stroller effortlessly.

  • More Stable:

Obviously because it has double front wheels. Your kids will climb in and out of the stroller without posing a safety threat.

  • Large Basket Capacity:

You can comfortably fit huge luggage.

  • Biggest Canopy In The Market:

Yap! Space at last! The advantage is that you can adequately cover your kids from rain and the sun in addition to strong winds.

  • Easy To Assemble:

After receiving my JOOVY stroller, assembling it was the easiest; of all strollers I’ve ever received.


  • The 5-Point Harness Does Not Adjust:

I gave up on this. Maybe the manufacturer can tell us the secret.

  • Fixed Handlebar:

As a result, you will knock the brake quite often with your legs as you stride.

  • Bumpy Rides On Gravel:

It gives nothing near being smooth despite the additional bearings on the wheels.

Bottom Line

The reason I love the JOOVY Scooter is that as a mom, I am well thought of. As much as strollers are meant for kids, moms need to use them when out and about. You get ample storage with JOOVY Scooter. First of all, you can store your wallet and tiny essentials in the zipped pockets. In addition, you get two cup holders for your smoothies. Moms need to re-energize now and then, right?

Also, you can adjust each seat independently. This means I don’t have to disturb one kid when the second falls asleep. The 5-point harness is also adjustable. Finally, to fold the stroller, you use a single step folding method. Super easy if you ask me.

  1. Britax Double Stroller

Did I surprise you? I promised to give you only the best double stroller models in the market. While this is not one of the famous brands, let me shock you that it is a hidden gem. The seats are side by side, recommended for twins. The arrangement helps them to bond more. Therefore you reduce the risk of sibling rivalry from a tender age. But what makes this model tick?

best umbrella stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Lockable front swivel wheels.
  • Height Adjustable Handlebar.
  • Adjustable headrests.
  • 5-point harness.
  • All-wheel suspension system.
  • Frame lock.
  • Click & Go System.
  • Easy-fold design.


  • Easily Fits Through A Standard Door:

At 30.5 inches wide, this is not one of those double strollers you squeeze through doors. In addition, the lockable front swivel wheels make maneuvering through tight spots a walk in the park.

  • Light:

This best double stroller is made from a lightweight aluminum frame. Because of this, the stroller is very light. And this is what you need for an everyday use double stroller.

  • Comfortable For Your Baby:

The seats are well padded. In addition, the headrests are adjustable. You can, therefore, adjust to your tots preferred comfort.

  • Smooth Rides:

All the wheels are suspended. Because of this, the rides are smoother and less bumpy.

  • Ample Storage:

You get zipped pockets strategically located on the back of each seat. In addition, you can easily access the main storage under the double stroller from all directions.

  • Large Canopies With Adequate Ventilation:

This ensures your kids are well covered in addition to keeping cool. Furthermore, you can monitor the kids via the mesh windows.

  • Adjustable Handle:

As a mom, this helps you get the perfect angle and length depending on your size.


  • Compatibility With Other Brands Of Car Seats Is Limited:

At the moment, you can only use the Britax car seats with this stroller.

  • When Collapsing The Handle Might Slam On The Ground:

Not a big deal for me, though. As long as you are aware, you should be OK.

  • Limited Storage:

If you tend to carry your entire wardrobe when strolling, the storage on this best double stroller might be insufficient. However, you can always buy the Britax organizer here!

Bottom Line

Storage, check! Safety, check! Functionality, check! Usability, Click and Go! Cost, Peanuts! I mean what else would you want? This is a brilliant best double stroller. In addition, you can attach a Britax car seat. If using the Britax baby car seat, you simply attach using their Click and Go Adapter mechanism. Technology at its best! Finally, you will easily transport this best double stroller due to the receivers installed.

Another plus is that you can use this stroller with Britax organizer. This has 2 drink holders, and a large container for more storage. The organizer is attached to the stroller’s handle. And the best part; you don’t have to remove it when you collapse the Britax B-Agile. It remains compact for you to store away. While at it, get the snack tray as well.

  1. City Mini Double Stroller

This is one of the tiniest best double strollers. At 75 cm wide, you will easily get through just half of a standard side door. It has a sporty yet stylish design. Other features I love are detailed below.

best umbrella stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Six color combinations: Stone/gray, black/black, crimson/gray, orange/grey, purple/gray, and green/gray.
  • Quick-fold technology.
  • Weighs 11.2 kilograms (32 pounds).
  • 5″ tires.
  • Shivering wheels.
  • Front wheel suspension.
  • Padded seat.
  • Adjustable handlebar.
  • Adjustable sun canopy.
  • Peek a boo windows.


  • Light In Weight And Smaller Width:

This is one of the few best double strollers that you can fit through most tiny spaces comfortably. Because of this, you can fold and carry this double stroller effortlessly.

  • Compact When Folded:

In addition to the above, Baby Jogger City Mini GT has a folding strap. You use it to secure the stroller further when transporting or storing.

  • Sturdy And Durable:

Because of that, it will be your best buy if you are a sporty and an outdoor kind of mom.

  • Smoother Rides:

You can never go wrong with shivering wheels on rough terrains. Furthermore, you get better maneuverability.

  • Both Seats Can Fully Recline:

This is an excellent umbrella stroller for newborns.

  • Abundant Storage:

I comfortably fit my best backpack diaper bag in the bottom compartment. Behind the seats, you get additional pockets.


  • You Cannot Adjust The Headrest:

That means it is not as comfy as you would wish it to be, right?

Bottom Line

Are you an active mom? Are you almost due? This is your best double stroller. I haven’t seen a stroller that is so light yet sturdy. The fact that it can accommodate newborns means you have a reduced budget. Because it is strong, your tots will grow with it.

You will enjoy smooth rides and be able to stack your entire luggage on our best umbrella stroller. Finally, the canopies are big and allow multi-positioning. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about the sun or the wind. Clear view windows help keep your eyes on your bundles of joy at all times.

  1. City Select Double Stroller

I should have called it the best versatile double stroller. I mean at first, you don’t realize there is a second seat. Until you unbox and voila, a second seat kit! This is a great thing if your babies are not twins. When the elder one outgrows a stroller, you can safely pack the second seat and proceed with a single seat stroller. Amazing, right?

best double stroller

Features At A Glance

  • UPF 50+ canopy.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Weighs 43 pounds.
  • Multiple seat recline options.
  • 1-step fold.
  • Swivel or Locking Wheels.
  • Telescoping Handlebar.
  • Hand operated parking brake.


  • Incredibly Easy To Click In Car Seats:

Unlike other best double strollers, you can use it with most car seats.

  • Elegant And Classy Looking:

Yeah, this is one of those baby strollers that will place your status quo at its highest.

  • Easy To Recline The Seats:

Am telling you the things we get with advanced technology! This best umbrella stroller reclines at the touch of a button. Folding it will also be a walk in the park.

  • Super Comfortable:

The seats are well padded. You can also adjust the foot for extra comfort and to reduce those bumpy rides.


  • Expensive:

But hey, for the features you get should I complain?

  • Folding It Compact Will Also Take Time:

This one doesn’t have shortcuts. A real labor of love.

Bottom Line

If you are a digital parent looking for versatility, this is your best double stroller. In addition to the use of very advanced technology, this model folds easily and super-fast. Did I mention that the second seat offers 16 different combinations? Yap!

Finally, no more sunscreen lotions, yay! The canopy offers UPF 50+ sunscreen rating. You also get large viewing windows to check you kids throughout the ride. The stroller is ideal from 6 months until your baby attains 45 pounds. That’s a long way. Strength and durability will not be an issue with this best double stroller.

  1. Delta LX Umbrella Stroller

Delta LX is ideal for you if you use rough terrains quite often. Furthermore, the shoulder pads are well padded. Your kids will be comfortable while sleeping. Finally, this best double stroller comes with shock absorbers on the 360 Degree swivel. This reduces the bumps making your ride smooth and therefore enjoyable. Let’s have a look at more features.

best daily use double stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Side by Side Umbrella Stroller.
  • 5 point harness.
  • Soft shoulder pads.
  • European style canopy.
  • Shock absorbing front wheels.


  • European Style Canopies That Are Large In Nature:

Because of that your kids are well shaded.

  • Light:

Weighing just 22.6 pounds, you’ll find that Delta LX is one of the lightest best double strollers.

  • Easy To Fold:

Because of being light, you can fold it down compact and store away or transport easily.

  • Extremely Mobile:

You will not stress passing through narrow passages. This best umbrella stroller fits effortlessly.

  • Safe For Your Kids:

In addition to having a 5-point harness system, you will experience multi-position recline.


  • The Front Wheels Can Get Stuck:

I find that incase I forget to lock the wheels; they get trapped in small galleys. I live in a suburb where the pavements have cracks. Thanks to some mid-1930s design. I think you know where I live now, huh? Moving on.

  • The Stroller Might Not Accommodate Tall Moms:

Whoever invented fixed handle levers! It’s time these strollers take up adjustable handles to accommodate all heights.

  • Not Meant For Extra Load:

In other words, this is not your best double stroller if your kids tend to be on the upper weight curve. You know what I mean?

Bottom Line

Like most of my best umbrella strollers, Delta LX accommodates additional accessories. These include two cup holders.  In addition, the storage is great. Because you have two side storage bags sufficient for baby and mom essentials.

Best Umbrella Stroller For Siblings Of Different Ages

[table id=3 /]

  1. Baby Trend Double Stroller

Just like the name (Trend Sit N Stand) suggests, kids can ride seated or while standing at your own risk.  Just kidding! This best double stroller takes up to a combined weight of 100 pounds (For both kids). Most of all, the stroller weighs approximately 30 pounds.

best umbrella stroller

Features At A Glance

  • 5-point safety harness.
  • Rotating Canopies.
  • Removable rear seat.
  • Stroller weighs 33 pounds.


  • Secure And Smooth Ride:

Because of the 5-point safety harness, you kids can ride safely. Also, you can minimize accident via the rear brake, which you control with your foot. In addition, the well-padded seats offer comfort, therefore, contributing to a smooth and less bumpy ride.

  • Adequate Storage:

You have an impressively large storage basket. In addition, I find the snap shut compartment ideal for storing moms little essentials such as my phone.

  • Adequate Shade:

Due to rotating Canopies you can offer enough shading from sun, wind or rain whenever necessary.

  • You Get Additional Features:

There is an awesome looking feed tray for each child. In addition, you get a cup holder.

  • Universal Car Seat Compatibility:

Unlike other double strollers, Baby Trend is compatible with most car seat brands. Furthermore, you can use the infant car seat on both the front and the rear facing seat.


  • You Can’t Have It All With The Storage Baskets:

First of all your stuff will slip out because the baskets are more open. Secondly, you can’t access the storage from all directions because of one of the footrest passing by. Finally, I have trouble turning the basket when I have folded the latch.

  • The Seats Don’t Have Back Rests:

In addition, I find them relatively heavier when compared with other best double strollers.

Bottom Line

I feel that this best umbrella stroller offers value for money. I find it exceedingly well built. You will use this double stroller with several generations if you take good care of it. Furthermore, it is very easy to fold down compact. You, therefore, shouldn’t have problems transporting or storing it away.

Finally, if your kid has just learned how to stand, this will be a good buy for you. My Jason would literally refuse to sit down after he learned the beauty of standing. I think it comes with the excitement of wanting to see the surroundings and tranquil scenery. You can ride your kids while standing with this best double stroller.

  1. City Select Double Stroller with Second Seat

You can never go wrong with a double stroller that has versatile wheels. Baby Jogger City Select allows you to lock or turn your wheels into a swiveling mode. The latter is best on a rough terrain while the former offers more stability. Another plus is that you can use a car seat adapter with this best umbrella stroller.

best umbrella stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Reclining seats.
  • Quick-Fold technology
  • Fully adjustable canopy.
  • 35 pounds in weight.


  • Comfortable:

With Reclining Seats and great padding, your kids will love this best double stroller. Probably even better when they nap.

  • Easy To Fold:

I fold mine with a single hand. Thanks to the Quick-Fold technology.

  • Multiple Seating Arrangements:

You will be spoilt for choice. Not one, not two, but a total of 16 seating combinations. That is so convenient because kids get bored easily.

  • Super Smooth Ride:

Because you can be able to suspend the front wheels, you can achieve smooth rides even with extremely rough terrains. You also experience the action of sealed ball bearings.


  • It Is Relatively Heavy:

Baby Jogger City Select is relatively more massive. As a result, you might not achieve a compact fold. It is also bulky, therefore harder to transport in small cars.

Bottom Line

You have a perfect travel solution with the Baby Jogger City Select. In addition to being a double stroller, it is a perfect pram. Talk about versatility. The brake system is hand operated. This is great if you have troubles with the leg operated ones. You can recline the seats in several positions, in addition to offering you multiple seat positions.

Ultimately, your kids will enjoy the ride. You also get to observe them via peek-a-boo window. Finally, an adjustable canopy is all you need for tall kids. Even if yours are tiny, you know they grow very fast, right? Get the best double stroller that will grow with them.

Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel

[table id=4 /]

  1. Chicco Cortina 

Chicco Cortina is for the trendy mom who loves style. You will love the sleek and stylish look. Furthermore, it is super light in weight. That makes it ideal for safaris.

best umbrella stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Fully-reclining rear seat.
  • Forward-fold front seat.
  • Automatic storage latch.
  • One-hand fold.
  • 40 pounds per kid weight limit.


  • Advanced Features:

A great example is the automatic storage latch. Chicko thought about moms with this one.

  • Sturdy And Well Built:

You can accommodate kids of up to 50 pounds each. It offers comfort and will last you long if well taken care of.


  • Relatively Expensive:

For its class, you might find it slightly expensive.

Bottom Line

Our best umbrella stroller offers versatility. In addition to reclining your seats fully, you can now use with two infant car seats. The stroller is also relatively light and easy to stroll along. Finally, being able to multitask can come in handy on these safaris. This best umbrella stroller offers you a single-hand-activated folding mechanism.

  1. Graco DuoGlide Stroller

If you are extremely on a tight budget, but you need a functional and durable stroller, then this is a great purchase. The rear seat is raised slightly higher than the front seat. Consequently, both kids get to enjoy the view. Just like in a football stadium. What other features make it tick?

best double stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Lockable front swivel wheels.
  • Suspension technology.
  • Completely flat reclining rear seat.
  • Drop-down storage basket.
  • Sun shades and footrests.


  • Comfortable:

The seats are well padded. Furthermore, the baby on the rear seat enjoys sleep because of the fully reclining seat.

  • No Bending While You Fold:

You fold your best double stroller while standing and you also use only one hand. This is due to the standing fold mechanism.


  • The Sun Shade Is Not Sufficient:

You might need additional protection in summer.

Bottom Line

Graco is a fantastic company. They’ve built an excellent reputation with baby essentials. This is one of their products that won’t disappoint. The cushions are washable to keep hygiene standards in place. You don’t have to worry on how to carry it around. Weighing less than 30 pounds, this stroller is quite manageable. Finally, the stroller comes with sufficient storage for the average mom.

  1. JOOVY Caboose Stroller

I love how light this stroller feels. Navigating tight pathways is never a problem. The canopies also stand out with eye-catching colors. But there is black if you prefer being conservative. And they protect well against the sun. Finally, because they are not fixed, you can adjust them to get the perfect shade.

best umbrella stroller

Features At A Glance

  • Colors available: Green, blueberry, black, orange, and brown.
  • Four wheels suspension.
  • Linked back brakes.
  • Reclining front seat (up to 3 positions).
  • Mobile footrest.
  • Larger sun canopy.
  • Stroller weighs 32 pounds.


  • Smooth Ride:

First of all because of the big ball bearing wheels, shock absorption is in check. Secondly, the four wheels suspension is dope. Rides are very smooth and also very manageable on rough terrains.

  • Versatile:

This is one of few little strollers that give your kids three carrying positions. That is, standing, sitting, and walking. While, of course, they can’t walk far, a few locomotive moves are allowed with our best double stroller.

  • Reasonable Dimensions:

I know you must have gazed on moms steering the oversized tandem stroller. Nothing wrong with that! Really? You are kidding yourself if you haven’t been in their shoes. I have! Maybe they never came across the JOOVY. The stroller is so small; you’ll wonder how your kids are going to fit standing.  Consequently, after one of the kids outgrows your best umbrella stroller, You can ride the JOOVY confidently without getting strange looks. The kind of looks that ask you, “Are you mad riding a double umbrella stroller with only one child?” You feel me! So ultimately, the second seat becomes additional storage or whatever you wish for it.

  • More Security:

The linked back brakes offer better safety during parking. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about your stroller running bizarre!

  • Extremely Fairly Priced:

If I compare JOOVY to other similar double strollers, the price tag does stand out. For this reason, I feel I got value for my money back. Furthermore, I got savings enough to purchase the stroller extras that are missing on this double stroller. Like my all-time favorite parent organizer console. That’s a win-win, right?

  • Additional Accessories Included:

Every purchase of the JOOVY double umbrella stroller comes with extras. These include; a removable child tray (It has a cup holder! Yey!) And a car seat converter. Excellent!

  • Removable Sunshade:

That’s great when storing this double umbrella stroller. And also when the weather is rather calm, you get extra head space for your kids.


  • A Little Technical To Fold Down:

In addition to this, you will realize that you can’t fold it to a small luggage. Not a problem for moms who’ve got plenty of trunk space for it. I would be worried though for small saloon cars.

  • Inadequate Storage:

I speak for moms with two kids. This means you need proper storage for both babies! JOOVY might not be ideal when carrying lots of stuff. Finally, the storage underneath might be obstructed by the rear seat. But the seat does move a little to open it. Just not enough for those moments you need to rush!

Bottom Line

I begin by appreciating the lovely rubber tires design. I’ve had enough of the plastic types. You’ll never experience a flat tire. Furthermore, you can lock the wheels to a swivel or a fixed position. This enhances your steering experience. Once you receive the package, assembling doesn’t take long. You have simple and easy to follow instructions. In addition, to unfold it after storing away, you just lift the handle until you hear it click into place. And also shut the lock.

Best Umbrella Stroller Buying Guide

Now that you appreciate you need the best umbrella stroller to accommodate all your children, here are some determinants that you need to consider before making your purchase.

Your Budget

It is funny how I put this as my top priority, huh? The reason is simple. If you can’t afford the over $700 best umbrella stroller, stick to your lane. You baby will only miss out on a few special additions. You still have plenty of double jogging strollers under $50, right?

Furthermore, there are several double strollers highly priced but are pieces of crap. I won’t mention brands her but am certain you’ve heard a few. My point is, find the best double strollers that offer you value for your money. From my review above, I am sure you’ve gotten a few pointers.


In my line of practice, I have seen it all. Bizarre accidents that happen solely because a stroller decided to veer off course in the process of a morning jog. These misfortunes are more frequent than you think. Please avoid them by all means.

First of all, ensure that your best umbrella stroller has a hand brake and a parking brake. These two are the most critical when it comes to the safety of double strollers. Next, look at how your best double stroller is built to accommodate your kids. A 5-point harness is what I recommend. However, if you are tight in the budget, a 3-point harness will work.

Buckles and strong shoulder and waist straps enhance safety further. Finally, peek-a-boo windows ensure you continuously monitor your kids as you ride. If you notice anything weird, you can quickly correct that. This is especially relevant to newborn children. Older survivors will always cry or be restless whenever they are uncomfortable.

Best Double Strollers Safety Video.

Size And Weight

If you live in LA, this should not bother you. The castles (I mean homes) and streets offer enough space for the bulkiest double strollers. However, if you live in New York and similar suburbs, you need to reconsider the size and weight of your best umbrella stroller. How will you get it up your condo on the fifth floor?

Finally, if you are a mom that travels a lot, the weight and size of your luggage are surely going to be an issue. I hate to be bugged down by heavy stuff when I should be enjoying my vacations. Remember the standard door size is 33′. A stroller below 31′ will easily go through.

Therefore, consider this size as a priority. The other alternative to wider double strollers is folding them down every time you need to pass through a single door. This is a business you do not wish to get into.

Purpose Of The Stroller

Are you a sporty mom? How often will you be jogging with your best umbrella stroller? Are you a traveling mom or do you just work from home? All these questions should help you make the best decision when selecting your best double stroller.

Furthermore, if you need a stroller meant for shopping centers, then lightweight and easy to fold best umbrella strollers would be your ultimate buy. This is because they will mostly be kept in your car. The easier and compact it folds, the better for you.

Furthermore, consider the size of your family. You don’t need to buy a single stroller if you have two toddlers. Alternatively, you might have just one child but expecting another one soon. Whichever the case, a great choice of your best umbrella stroller will save your budget.

Lastly, where you live should influence the type of stroller to invest in. Buy an umbrella stroller meant for rough terrains if you walk a lot on grass. Otherwise, any other choice will give you navigation nightmares. Avoid them like a plague.  Did I say that the age of your kids should also influence your choice? For example, not all strollers are meant for newborns. I’m sure after reading my best umbrella stroller reviews you now have a better understanding.

Stroller Wheels

I hate to say this, but plastic stroller tires are a no-go zone for me. The inflated rubber type is my best choice. I have enough worries over my car tires that a stroller should never weigh me down with a stupid flat tire. That said, ball bearings come in handy for rough terrains. Not always the case but the bigger the tires, the better your ride.

Storage Space

Steering your best umbrella stroller is hard enough. Let the stroller take care of your luggage. I find additional handbags a burden for me. Unless we are planning to be away for a couple of days, I don’t need to create extra storage for primary luggage.

Some storage spaces are not easily accessible. If you barely have time to organize your luggage, please avoid these types of double jogging strollers. They will frustrate you. I consider cup holders and parent organizer console a bonus for my best umbrella stroller. This is because they don’t add value if I am going out for a few hours. For example, when picking groceries!

Seats And Weight Limit

As a rule of the thumb, any material you use with babies should be easy to clean. Hygiene is of the essence. Therefore, a stroller with leather seats is perfect. Removable seat covers? Even better! Padding should also be sufficient for your babies comfort and smoother rides.

All strollers come with the manufacturers recommended weight limit. In case you are going to use your stroller with toddlers, consider the warning. You not only minimize the risk of failure but you also protect your best umbrella stroller form unnecessary wear and tear.


A double jogging stroller with an adjustable handle bar, Check! A double stroller with adjustable wheels, Check! An umbrella stroller with lockable wheels, Check! I mean the list is endless. Ensure you can confidently steer your best umbrella stroller.

You need not keep knocking the legs on your stroller. If you are tall get your perfect match. Similarly, if you often venture into tight spaces, consider a fixed wheel for easier navigation.


Finally! I hope the above-detailed reviews have given you proper insights on what to buy. Consequently, find the best umbrella stroller tailor made to suit your needs. No need to take a gamble. Ultimately my best double stroller reviews above should tick a box or two in your preference list. Don’t be afraid to go bold. The choices are unlimited. Make parenting moments enjoyable. Kids outgrow them very fast.

As usual, happy parenting!

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