Best teeth whitening products

teeth whitening Best teeth whitening products

Teeth whitening has become a common everyday procedure. Everyone wants to have a more pleasant looking “Hollywood smile”.

And the methods to whiten teeth keep growing from day to day- from whitening pens to whitening strips...

But what does the process to whiten teeth involve, and just how safe is it?

There are many, many questions that a DIY teeth whitener will have, and in this monster piece, I seek to answer most, if not all of them.

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Whitening teeth is, at the basics, washing the surface of the teeth with a reagent or a cleaning chemical often hydrogen peroxide. This frees up oxygen and reacts with the colored compounds of the teeth to neutralize them and remove discoloration.

The degree of whitening from the best teeth whitening products varies greatly on the type of bleaching agent used.

Another popular method is the mixing of a bleaching agent with a gel so it stays long in contact to achieve greater effect.

How White Can Your Teeth get?

how whiteThe first primary step in undergoing teeth whitening procedure is the determination of the shade of your teeth.

Teeth coloration comes from age.

People were born to have white teeth, but as one ages, the teeth come in contact with compounds (such as those in tea) that give them an unpleasant color.

How white you want?

Also, denser compound develops in the middle (pulp) of the teeth giving it less translucent and so, a darker hue.

A dentist will use a calibrated color chart to match the discoloration of the teeth and determine the exact value. It is important to note too that the teeth are not dead white. They are fairly almost perfect white, but never dead white.

Whitest teeth get a B1, but a more common shade are grayer teeth with a rating of C2 or C3.

After the procedure and definitely the usage of the best whitening teeth products, the teeth color might whitenup to 5 shades up. But this dramatic change only stays for not so long because as they are returned to daily use, with smoking and eating, they can end up at a still descent 2-3 shades whiter.
There are more dramatic treatments that can cause extreme whitening but the rebound effect will definitely take place right after. Extreme whitening with power treatments that often involve strong bleach agents and laser additionally may cause dehydration, although these side effects are easily treatable and are not dangerous. However, there are gentler procedures available such as Zero Peroxide. It is in the class of the best teeth whitening products for people who would prefer milder procedures. However, someone with a kit that contains a reagent, a shade guide that shows a lightening of 5 shades should be very pleased with the treatment.

Peroxide or Non-Peroxide Whitening?

There is no denying the fact that carbamide peroxide is a very effective bleaching agent and therefore an active ingredient in several of the best teeth whitening products. However, EU has put a ban on home kits with peroxide concentration of over 6% and any use of bleaching products over that limit would need dentist supervision. As it is effective, the side effects of overspill to gums or swallowing can cause chemical burns. That is why some dentists who use carbamide peroxide at daring concentrations of 44% do it with utmost care and with intense monitoring. High concentrations can cause damage and dehydration to the teeth pulp or nerve, and can cause irritation or pain. Dehydration of the teeth can also cause severe sensitivity, which disables a patient from handling cold drinks or hot coffee!

Whitening products such as Zero Peroxide use alternatives such as the safer sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and other natural extracts to ensure comfort and safetyto the user. Non-peroxide kits are definitely safer for home users.

Why are dentist fees so expensive?

Why Dentist So Expensive

Dentists can charge a huge premium – but of course, going to a dentist has its benefits. The best teeth whitening products though can save you from huge dentist fees with similar effective results. However, with a dentist:

You get more attention from a professional. Dentists are experts when it comes to teeth and it is always better to have an expert guide you and do the procedure for you. They will know how much benefit and what proper methods to use for your unique set of teeth.
The dentist will know how to appropriate your dental history with the treatment and make sure you react well with the treatment.
A dentist will be able to control the unwanted side-effects of treatments especially those with carbamide peroxide and therefore guarantee your safety.
A dentist will have more advanced and more expensive equipment which they can use to improve the results. Also because of this, their fees can be very expensive.

It is also key to remember that dentists are professional and are specialized in dental care thus they require fees which can be exceptionally expensive. The best teeth whitening products however, those which can be done at home like with the best teeth whitening strips available, guarantee their efficacy and safety.

Are there safety issues with home teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening Issues

It is very natural to worry about the safety of home teeth whitening especially in the absence of a dentist. In the past, home kits often used carbamide peroxide of up to 22% in concentration, lower than the 45% dentists sometimes use. The gel is spread into a strip and applied to the teeth. However, because of the previously discussed safety issues with regards to the method lead the European Union to decide to disallow home kits to have such high content of carbamide peroxide. The adverse side effects are definitely more threatening now that the procedure is done without professional supervision. This was answered by manufacturers through research and looking for other much more safer ways of whitening teeth.

Now, sodium bicarbonate is used as it gives the same bleaching efficacy with none of the adverse side effects of carbamide peroxide. The best teeth whitening products nowadays contain carbamide peroxide. However, there is still a list of things to keep in mind when using home teeth whitening kits as to avoid running unnecessary risks:

Read and understand instructions because they will keep you from using the products wrong and can bring forth the best possible outcome.
Do not keep on using whitening products for a month without consulting a dentist. A dentist will advice regarding the efficacy of the treatment and the suitability of it for your teeth. It is very wise to stop the treatment for two or three days at a time to allow teeth to settle.
Use recommended amounts of gel or other agents. Putting more will not speed up or intensify the process. This is to avoid waste and overspill.
Avoid using the kits if under 16, pregnant or have teeth conditions that may contradict the effects of the kit. It is preferable to see a dentist if you have possible conditions that may react with the treatment. Better safe than sorry.

Can I keep my teeth white?

To have that Hollywood smile, whitening is just the very first step! Maintaining white teeth can be a very daunting task because we are given a set of teeth to last a lifetime and all the things our teeth go through can lead to discoloration. The main cause of discoloration is the aging. The natural process of hardening of the middle part (the pulp) and leaving the tooth less translucent, hence darker.

Also, the things we eat and our lifestyles affect the discoloration of our teeth. For those who enjoy eating food that contain a lot of discoloring compound definitely suffer more as the compounds can seep into the enamel and lodged unto the tooth. Smoking also promotes the build-up of tar that apart from giving a yellowish hue, decreases the general health of the tooth leading to a bigger probability of abrasion.

Hygienic practices such as proper brushing and flossing of the mouth cavity twice a day is very important in keeping the teeth healthy and white. The teeth are very vulnerable to detrimental compounds from the food we eat like sugary sweets and drinks and thus, the brushing and flossing controls build-up of unwanted material.

Also, treatments such as that offered Zero Peroxideassures that our teeth remain in a preferable shade of white that is a very viable asset and can definitely alter the way people look at us.

Zero Peroxide – The Fastest and Safest Way to a Naturally Whiter Smile?

Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening

There are a lot of products available out there for home teeth whitening but Zero Peroxide way is definitely the best choice. Being carbamide peroxide-free, it is impossible to cause irritation with the same efficacy and can be easily done at home at the fraction of the price of going to a dentist!
No Side Effects

Other products can cause chemical burns in the mouth due to their more aggressive bleaching agents but this product use the harmless sodium bicarbonate to achieve the same results with none of the painful side effects!

Best choice for the most important reasons:

Zero Irritation
Better Mouth Trays
Teeth Whitening Pen Included
Easy 3-step 20 Minute Process

The bleaching compound contains only sodium bicarbonate as its active ingredient, a harmless material similar to baking soda and all the other extracts mixed in are natural. There is no irritation or sensitivity guaranteed!

Does Zero Peroxide Work?

Looking for the best teeth whitening products? Or the best teeth whitening strips? Well, there is no need to look further because Zero Peroxide is guaranteed to work! It is the best kit around with a very effective and incredibly safe bleaching agent compliant to strict EU standards!

The whitening experience brought by the kit is unparalleled and is the best alternative to more dangerous peroxide-based treatments. Because the product is guaranteed to work, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Rest assured that with this kit, the Hollywood smile will be between your lips for as quick as 20 minutes. Great product you can use safely at the comforts of our own home!
Zero Peroxide – Summary

As the costs of whitening with dentist spiral up, home teeth whitening kits are selling like hotcakes. As more brands come out, it is harder and harder to choose which products work and which don’t. The Zero Peroxide is guaranteed to work and is very, very safe for home use. Definitely the best teeth whitening product available out there for use at home, it will allow you to get that perfect white, Hollywood smile worthy set of teeth in less than 20 minutes.

With a great deal available, it will give only the most effective results in 20 minutes or your money back with the 30-day money back guarantee! This product, with it’s efficacy and price, is such a great steal.

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