Breville Fountain Juicer Compact BJE200XL Review

Extracting fresh juice from fruit and vegetable produce can be time consuming and messy task.

And drinking commercially processed juice which has been pasteurized and given additives, will likely not give you the same benefits as you would get from freshly extracted fruit juice.

Fortunately, the  Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain provides a solution to these problems.

This juicer has a number of unique features that allow juice enthusiasts to extract fresh fruit and vegetable juice in mere minutes, replete with all the vitamins and nutritious health benefits.

If you are looking for a well-built, compact juicer that packs a punch, don’t overlook this model. Breville is an Australian based company well-known for its line of quality built, high-performance kitchen appliances, and this juice machine keeps with that tradition.

In this review, we will show you how the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain can get you started on the path toward a healthy juicing lifestyle.

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Breville Fountain Juicer Compact Quick View Of Features

  • breville compact fountain juicer reviewHeavy-duty compact juice fountain with centered knife blade assembly
  • 700-watt motor that operates at 13,000 RPM for maximum extraction
  • Extra-large 3-inch centered feed tube; stainless-steel micro-mesh filter
  • Dishwasher-safe parts; custom cleaning brush included
  • Measures 9-1/2 by 8-3/4 by 16 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  • 1 L juice jug with froth separator

Product Overview

breville compact fountain juicer reviewThe Breville Fountain Juicer Compact or Breville BJE200XL is a heavy duty compact juicer with centered stabilizing dual knife assembly that centers veggies and fruits on its cutter and filter thereby easily mincing them into small grains and forces them into the stainless-steel micro-mesh filter.

This juicer has an increased yield of 30% and juices 10 times faster than other juicers.

Its patented extra-large 3-inch centered feed-tube also plays a vital part on the machine’s juicing process since fruits and vegetables drop straight into its center cutter.

It’s specially designed to allow juicing whole fruits and vegetables without the need for cutting, making the juicing process a breeze.

The pulp-container is internalized within its compact design, a real space-saver but you can juice as much as 1 ½ quarts of apple juice before it gets filled up.

This Breville Fountain Juicer is a compact juicer as its name implies but it’s a very powerful juicer, it’s so powerful that you don’t even have to push down fruits and vegetables when juicing but be sure to cover the tube opening/food shoot immediately right after you put in a fruit or vegetable as there’s a tendency for stuffs to shoot straight up that they end up on your ceiling.

Its compact design is meant to save kitchen counter space while maintaining the power that you’d expect from a Breville Juicer, especially if it’s equipped with a 700 HP juicing motor which makes an 8 oz or 250 ml glass of juice in only 5 seconds.

Though powerful, this compact juicer isn’t loud at all. It’s actually quiet while it hums through fruits and vegetables in seconds.

Satisfied consumers would refer to the Breville Fountain Juicer Compact as the BMW or the Mercedes of juicers. It’s smooth, compact, powerful and classy.

It is the perfect little juicer if you DON’T have a huge kitchen counter space or the time to devote in cleaning a juicer since it’s so easy to clean.

Most juicers take too much time to clean than to actually process your delicious juicer recipes. This juicing fountain on the other hand only takes from 2-5 minutes to clean and to reassemble even if you don’t have a dishwasher.

All removable parts are cleaned up easily and quickly whether you use a dishwasher or you wash them up manually.

Compact Design With Small Footprint

This juicer is not some humongous beast that takes up half of your kitchen counter space and needs to be stored out of sight when you’re done using it.

The Compact Juice Fountain leaves a small enough footprint on your countertop that you can leave it all the time if you want to.  With its stainless steel finish and sleek design you won’t feel bad about having it out on display for all to see.

More Juice in a Less Time

The Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain can create up to 8 oz or 250 mL of juice in as little as 5 seconds with the following features:

  • It has a large centrally located feed tube that is 3.3 inches (84 mm) wide. This saves the time of users from slicing and cutting by accommodating whole fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, tomatoes, and carrots for more and faster juice extraction. The included food pusher tool aids in pushing whole fruits and vegetables down the tube for a faster extraction process.
  • Its centered dual knife assembly located at the center of the micro mesh filter basket effectively minces and turns whole fruits and vegetable into small particles for faster and effective juicing extraction. This feature saves you time because the knife cutter is powerful enough to cut even tough fruit skins hence no fruit or vegetable peeling is required.
  • The high performance 700 watt motor operates up to 14,000 RPM which help extract juice from fruits and vegetable in mere seconds.

The combination of these features allows users to have extracted fruit and vegetable juices in a short period of time.

The wide feed chute and center dual knife assemble together with the food pusher and 700 watt motor are definitely good technical arrangements that promote the passing down of whole fruits and vegetables towards the mesh filter for maximum and faster juicing process.

Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Filter Basket

The Compact Juice Fountain has a dishwasher safe stainless steel micro mesh basket that acts as a pulp, fiber, seed, and skin filter of extracted fruits and vegetables.

This is where juice sources, like fruits and vegetables, are forcefully pressed to get up to 30 percent of the maximum amount of extracted juice that is 10 times faster compared to ordinary juice extractor machines.

Safety Locking Arm

To prevent accidents or any untoward problems, the Breville BJE200XL has a vertically positioned safety locking arm feature that will not allow the juicer to operate when the juicer cover is not in place.

The juicer cover, which is also a part of the machine that is dishwasher safe, is important in keeping the user away from the machine’s knife cuter and powerful motor.

Easy ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ button

The easy ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ button of the Compact Juice Fountain allows users to have an easy but full control over the machine when it comes to starting and stopping the juice extraction process.Unlike some of the more expensive juicers, this model only has one speed of 14,000 rpms. Despite not having slower speeds however, it seems to get the job done quite sufficiently.

Large Juice Jug with Lid

The 25 ounce (800 ml) dishwasher safe juice jug fits the side of the machine and collects the juice as the fruits and vegetables are run through the Fountain.

The juice jug does come with a lid that prevents splatter while the juice is being poured. If you so wish, you can include froth in your juice simply by removing the juice jug lid while you are pouring The jug lifts easily out of the juice extractor and can be placed in the refrigerator to enjoy later.

Built in Froth Separator in Lid

The extraction process of fruits and vegetables can produce juice froth that not all users prefer. The lid of the juice jug has a built in froth separator that effectively separates the froth from juice while pouring it in a glass or cup container.

Integrated Pulp Container

The Compact Juice Fountain has a dishwasher safe integrated pulp container that collects fruit pulps equivalent to 1.5 liters of extracted apple juice.

Cord wrap

If you don’t like to keep your appliances plugged in all the time, you will be happy to find that there is a nice cord wrap on the base of the unit to facilitate cord storage, and keep it untangled and out of sight.

Easy Cleaning with Nylon Brush and Spatula

If you are new to juicing you may find that the process of cleaning a juicer can be a bit of a pain, but compared to many other juicers, the Breville BJE200XL is relatively easy to clean, especially since all the removable parts can be put in the dishwasher.

The included nylon brush has a flat end piece that looks like a spatula. The nylon brush assists in cleaning fibers and other fruit and vegetable debris present on the mesh basket. Other parts of the machine can be cleaned using its flat spatula end.

What Customers Say

With a 4.5 star user rating out of over 1000 reviews on Amazon, the BJE200XL should be a definite contender for anyone looking for a top-notch juicer.

A lot of customers were satisfied with the powerful juice extraction ability of the Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain.

Producing large amounts of juice in just a few minutes is the feature of this product that most customers loved.

It’s fair to say that not all reviews are positive. Some people complained about wet pulp, defective parts, spatter, leakage or disappointing performance. However most owners seemed to be very pleased with the performance of this extractor model, and the majority of reviews are either 4 or 5 stars.  The positive reviews outnumber the negative reviews approximately 10-to-1.

Our Recommendation

With a feature laden, compact design that doesn’t skimp on performance,  we give the Breville BJE200XL juice extractor a big  “thumbs up” and heartily recommend it as a good buy.  If you’re looking for an affordable machine that produces extraordinary results, you won’t go wrong with this model.

Where to Buy It

The Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain is available online starting at about $150. Many retailers offer discounts however, often as low as $100 for this model, so it pays to shop around for a good deal. currently has this model at a terrific discounted price, and they also offer free shipping. We highly recommend Amazon as the place to go in your search for the best deal.

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