Best Juicer for Wheatgrass: Manual vs Electric

If you’re trying to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet in order to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are a lot of options available to you. Wheatgrass is one such option. Wheatgrass juice is a potent liquid, filled with amino acids, chlorophyll and loads of vitamins and minerals. Investing in a wheatgrass juicer can give you just what you need to unlock the benefits of this incredible substance.

Wheatgrass can be grown indoors or outdoors. There are wheatgrass kits available. These kits come complete with the seeds, a special tray and growing instructions.

Indoor wheatgrass grows into maturity very quickly, so even if you’re starting from scratch, once you plant the wheatgrass it will very quickly grow and be ready for juicing.

Wheatgrass is an all natural substance that can increase energy levels. It can also help maintain colon health. Wheatgrass juicing is much different than citrus juicing or other types of fruit and vegetable juicing. That being the case, you are going to have to get a specific juicer if you want to enrich your body with this “miracle juice.”

Manual vs Electric Wheatgrass Juicers

Best wheatgrass juicerThere are manual wheatgrass juicers and electric wheatgrass juicers. A good manual juicer should probably be stainless steel so rust doesn’t interfere with its juicing ability. It also should be able to be mounted or clamped to a countertop or table top for stability.

A Miracle Wheatgrass Juicer is a perfect example. The MJ 440 is a manual wheatgrass juicer. It is one of the best values for the money when it comes to juicing wheatgrass.

Its output is around one ounce per minute. It is lightweight, and cleans and stores easily. An added bonus is that it can juice soft berries and leafy greens. It is actually one of the few machines that can serve a dual purpose.

Another product from the Miracle line is the Miracle Pro Green Machine MJ 575. It is an electric wheatgrass juicer. With its ability to produce 183 lbs. worth of torque and 53 rpms, it is an efficient wheatgrass juicing machine. It can produce around 2 ounces a minute. It is composed of mostly stainless steel, including the augur and the screen. This is great for people that are daily wheatgrass drinkers.

The taste of wheatgrass can vary from bitter to extraordinarily sweet. Do not eat it while it is still in grass form, it is only meant to be juiced. Some people that grow it do so in organic mulch or dirt, claiming that it can affect the taste in a positive way. Luckily, wheatgrass juice can be easily mixed into smoothies. Getting the benefits while not really tasting it is the only way some people can drink it.

However, it isn’t like that for everyone.

A wheatgrass juicer is a valid addition to any kitchen. Wheatgrass juice is especially good for people that are on vegetarian, vegan or all organic diets. You can easily find the juicers online if you take a moment to look around.

What to Look for in a Wheatgrass Juicer

People have been growing and juicing their own wheatgrass for decades. Recently, it has become more popular as people are beginning to take an interest in their health. Wheatgrass is a plant that has naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients, as well as having the ability to improve metabolism and detoxify the body. The wheatgrass taken in small doses can have a large impact on the health. The health benefits of using wheatgrass have been studied since the 1930s. Ever since, it has been a staple in many people’s health regimens for years.

Wheatgrass juicers come in many shapes and styles.  There are electric juicers that can be plugged into a traditional  electrical outlet and manual juicers that are cranked by hand in order to liquefy the wheatgrass.  There are small versions of wheatgrass juicers as well as heavy-duty commercial versions.   Once a person has decided what kind of wheatgrass juicer they are looking for, they should start looking for a company that specializes in making wheatgrass juice machines.

When looking for companies who sell wheatgrass juicers, make sure that there products are not overpriced and under quality.  There are juicers that are designed specifically for wheatgrass and these type of juicers should be used over others.  Make sure that the juicer is of high-quality and is at a reasonable price.  Once the wheatgrass juicer is obtained, a person can make their own wheatgrass shots and other wheatgrass based  products.  Somebody would be able to grow the wheatgrass in their home and then  juice  it into a healthy drink.  Wheatgrass can also be ground into a powder that can be added into any beverage.

There are many health benefits to using wheatgrass.  People have been enjoying these benefits for decades.  Wheatgrass is unique in that it can be grown in the home and juiced in the kitchen.  This is what sets apart from other health based products, which are not entirely natural and are manufactured and processed in factories.  Wheatgrass is completely natural and safe to use.  Once people begin  using wheatgrass, they immediately notice the healthful benefits that they receive.  It is something that has revolutionized health products for it’s  potency and it’s wide range of health benefits.  Wheatgrass is easy to grow in the home and just as easy to juice into a healthy drink.

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