Best Eyelash Curler Reviews for Straight Lashes- 2016

Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler

The super curl is one of those newer generation curlers that try to eliminate the pinching of traditional curlers with a horizontal crimper design.  Although I’m not a fan of plastic eyelash curlers, I do like how the silicone crimper pad is rounded as this helps get a nice curl.  Also, unlike other curlers that only come with one replacement pad or force you to get a new curler when the pad cracks, this one comes with three refill pads.  Also, even though it is made of plastic, the Tweezerman Super Curl can be heated with your blow dryer.

The Super Curl is also a wide curler which is great for women with large or wide eyes.  I have smaller eyes and like using smaller curlers, but this wasn’t a problem with the Super Curl.  There were just areas at the edges that my lashes didn’t fit into, no big deal.  In the interest of thoroughness, I asked my friend Abby who does have large eyes to give the Super Curl a try.  She liked how it got all her lashes in one go without too much fuss and fiddling around.  She did add that the plastic in front of the crimper kind of blocked her view and she couldn’t see if her lashes were all in the curler.  Besides this, the Super Curl did a great job and the curls were nice and rounded and lasted the rest of the day.

Is the Tweezerman Super Curl a good buy?  Yes.  Is it spectacular?  Not unless you have large eyes and need an extra large curler.

Sephora brand products are budget versions of expensive name brands. Sometimes they get it just right and outperform the big names. Other times, they crash and sink. I find this to be true with their beauty tools more than their makeup. This mini heated lash curler is no exception.

Similar to the Panasonic heated eyelash curler and the Japonesque heated mini eyelash curler, this Sephora lash curler looks like a mascara wand and works by winding your lashes around a heated iron.

Unfortunately, the Sephora curler failed to heat enough to have any effect on my lashes.  Even after a minute, my curler was barely warm.  Not only that, it’s made with extremely cheap plastic with a hollow body that feels like it could fall apart at any moment.

Even though Sephora’s heated curler failed to curl my lashes, that’s not to say all heated wand lash curlers are a failure. The Japonesque heated mini lash curler heats up fast and curls my lashes very well.

 I found the Ardell heated lash curler at my grocery store and since it was just $5 I figured why not try it.  The Ardell curler uses 2 AAA batteries to power it’s heater which means it’s larger and heavier than most heated lash curlers.

However, I guess 2 batteries is better than 1 since this curler heats up faster and gets hotter than most heated eyelash curlers.

While the crimper doesn’t press down too hard, the heat is enough to get my lashes to stay curled.  To get a tighter curl I had to use my fingers to push my lashes up against the top crimper.

While I like using heat to get my lashes to hold their curl, it means I have to curl my lashes longer for about 20 seconds instead of the 5-10 it takes with a normal metal curler.  The one complaint I have about this lash curler from Ardell is the size and weight of it, certainly not something I want to carry in my purse.

 After my last double pad lash curler experience with Artemis Woman Double Curl Heat Lash Curler I was reluctant to try this double pad curler by Japonesque.

Yet I was pleasantly surprised as once again Japonesque delivers quality and lives up to it’s reputation of making excellent eyelash curlers.

Instead of just having a pad on the top and bottom of the crimper, the Japonesque double pad curler actually curls your lashes at two places so you’re able to curl your lashes in just one step instead of two like with normal lash curlers.

Positioning the double pad curler takes some practice to get it close to your lash line.  I figured out that you have to slip your lashes in at a downward angle and then wiggle it close to your eyes to get it close enough to the root of your lashes.  Once I got that part down it was a breeze and I got consistently curled lashes.

Miraculously I’ve also never gotten pinched by this curler even when I didn’t know how to position it.  I’m starting to think that I may be a Japonesque convert.

It’s not the most attractive of curlers or the most slim, but this means it won’t break easily unlike scissor type plastic curlers.  The lever handle also locks into place so you won’t accidentally snap it off when you toss it in your purse.

shu umura mini eyelash curler Shu Uemura’s classic eyelash curler now comes in a smaller version so curling your lashes in sections is easier than ever.  This mini curler is similar to the Zhen detail lash curler but even better.

Unlike the Zhen, this is completely made of metal which means it’s going to last longer and will be less likely to bend out of shape and shift out of alignment.

While these types of mini eyelash curlers won’t crimp all your lashes at once, it’s great for targeting problem areas that need to be crimped more than other lash areas.

For me, it’s my center lashes that need to be curled 3 or 4 times while my corner lashes are always curled.  Using a large curler would mean that while my center lashes are curled just right, my corner lashes get bent into odd angles.  The Shu Uemura mini lash curler eliminates this problem.

The Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler is good for difficult to curl lashes, Asian eyes, and short straight lashes.

We’ve been looking at more expensive brand name curlers such as Japonesque Go Curl, Shiseido The Makeup, and Shu Uemura Lash Curler, but I think it’s time we reviewed a regular brand lash curler you can buy at your local drugstore.

That’s why we are going to review the Revlon series of eyelash curlers.  This includes the professional, expert effect, cushion grip, and beauty shapers lash curlers.  First off, there’s a stigma that regular brand curlers are flimsy and bend easily.

While the Revlons are not as smooth, there are a few rough spots and rough corners, or nicely finished as the more expensive brands, they are sturdy and can withstand the pressure of squeezing hard to curl your lashes.

There are two replacement pads included with each curler and at first it looked like you had to buy a new curler once you ran out of the two included.  However, through further research, I found out that you just have to call Revlon customer service and they’ll send out refill pads for free!  Here’s their customer service number 1-800-473-8566. Their hours are M-F, 8AM – 6PM EST.

So far, Revlon gets 5 stars based on customer service and value, but how well do they curl your lashes?

My biggest complaint with these curlers is that they are designed more for Caucasian eyes with a deeply curved crimper.  If you have deeper set round eyes, then these will fit well and let you curl  close to your lash line.

For Asian girls like me, they’re much too curved to catch my center lashes and end up pinching my eyes at the edges. Not only is the crimper deeply curved, it is also very large, almost double the size of my eyes!  Again, this will be a good curler for those of you who have trouble with smaller curlers because these are made to fit large or wide round eyes.

I did manage to curl my outer lashes with these curlers and didn’t really like the way they curled.  It may be because the curlers didn’t fit my eyes very well or because the curler pad is harder than those on the more expensive brands, but it seemed like they bent my lashes more than curled them.

So I would say that Revlon curlers are a good value if you take them for what they are.  A value brand that’s a good work horse curler for most women.  If you fit into their customer demographics, then they are definitely a good buy especially with the free refill pads.  However, if you have small eyes, or flat eyes like most Asian girls, I’d say you should skip this and take a look at specially designed curlers like Shiseido The Makeup Lash Curler or Shu Uemura curler.

 Trish McEvoy mascara’s are really great and based on this I expected great results from her eyelash curler.  The first thing I noticed is the extreme curve of the curler.

While I’m sure this is a deliberate design to get those hard to curl lashes at the corners of your eyes, it makes this curler unusable for girls with flatter eyes like me.

Unable to complete this review, I once again grabbed my friend Abby who has the large round eyes that this lash curler was designed for.

The Trish McEvoy did a great job of getting all of Abby’s lashes evenly and close to the lash line.  She curled her lashes before applying Diorshow mascara.  Her lashes stayed curled all day and according to Abby, this is the greatest f*ing curler she’s ever used.  She then proceeded to snatch it out of my hands and take it home with her.  I guess that’s a glowing endorsement from her.

So if you have deep set eyes that require large lash curlers, you might think the Trish McEvoy lash curler is the greatest f*ing curler you’ve ever used too.

I really like precision lash curlers because they allow you to curl your lashes in sections rather than all at once.  This lets me curl just the sections that really need it and it eliminates pinching due to ill fitting curlers.

I really like how the precision lash curler can give different amounts of curl to each area of your lashes.  I can do my center eyelashes in three or four sections because they’re the straightest and hardest to curl.  While my outer lashes are naturally curled and just need a quick squeeze.  I didn’t experience any pinching and the curler was easy to position and move along my lash line.

There’s two versions of the Japonesque precision lash curler.  A plastic one and a more traditional metal one.  While there’s not much difference between the two, the metal precision curler is of course the more sturdy and better built of the two.  I really don’t know why anybody would prefer the plastic version since it costs more than the metal version and tends to warp and bend over time. If you want a long lasting curler that will last for years, go for the metal version.

I was going to skip this curler as it looked like every other heated lash curler out there.  That was until I saw that it changes colors to tell you when the pads have heated up and are ready to use.  Neat!  I’m a sucker for cool color changing things.

Besides being a pretty pink color, this is actually an important feature that should be included in all heated curlers.  One of the biggest complaints that heated curlers don’t work are because people don’t wait long enough for the pads to heat up.  Since heated curlers don’t crimp your lashes as hard as normal eyelash curlers, you absolutely must let them get hot enough for the curl to stick.

In theory, this curler is a great idea.  However, I really didn’t like how the crimper was designed.  There’s a pad on both the top and bottom parts which means you apply less pressure to your lashes.

It also means that you don’t get a good curl no matter how long you wait or how hard you press.  Also, this feels flimsy and cheap.  Unlike the Panasonic heated curlers, this one feels light and hollow, like it could break at the slightest drop or pressure.  Other users seem to agree and say their Artemis curlers died after several months.

For this price, you could get a curler that’s built to last like this Japonesque heated mini curler, or one of the Panasonic heated eyelash curlers.

Laura Mercier’s eyelash curler is another matchbook sized curler like the Go-Curl mini curler by Japonesque.  Unlike other plastic curlers, which I hate, these square curlers get my seal of approval.  they’re small enough that there’s no long flimsy parts sticking out which can get snapped or crack easily.  I find mini curlers like the Laura Mercier curler to be a great compact curler that you can stick in your purse and have with you at all times.

The one disadvantage about these types of curlers is that you can’t really see if all your lashes are in the crimper.  This may be problematic if you have unruly lashes that tend to stick out in all directions.

Otherwise, I find this lash curler to be great for curling your lashes just right.  It doesn’t bend  or pull your lashes out and doesn’t pinch your skin.  Unfortunately, the body of the curler sticks out a bit so it is hard to get it flush with your eyelid and curl close to your lash line.  A minor complaint all things considered.

While this lash curler by Laura Mercier is excellent, I still prefer the Japonesque Go-Curl because it’s actually $ cheaper than Laura Mercier and it lets you see if your lashes are all in the right place before you curl them.

There are many ideas that look great on paper but are disastrous when executed in the real world. This combo lash curler and comb is one of them.

While I think Sephora is one of the great shrines of cosmetics, it’s products can be a bit hit and miss. Personally I find the quality and construction of their tools to be shoddy and cheap and this curler comb duo fails to change my mind.

First of all, this is a plastic curler and unless well put together, this spells disaster. Not only are you putting tons of pressure on the handles when you squeeze, but one drop on the bathroom floor will crack and ruin your curlers.

Also, the crimper of the curler is badly designed. The actual crimper is too far from the edge of the curler to curl all but the longest lashes. I suppose this is because the plastic has to be thick to be durable, but it also renders this curler useless for most women.

At the other end, the comb is not much better.  The part that extends out is so flimsy that it bends at the slightest pressure from my fingers.  I can just imagine this snapping if I forget to fully retract it before throwing it in my bag.

Verdict?  Fail on all points.  I definitely do not recommend this lash curler.  If you’re looking at this because it’s portable, then I’d recommend the Japonesque mini curler and a portable lash comb.

The Makeup Eyelash Curler from Shiseido is one of the most popular curlers mentioned by many Asian bloggers next to the Shu Uemura curler.  As both Shiseido and Shu Uemura are Japanese companies, it makes sense that their lash curlers would be made to fit flatter almond shaped eyes, a common feature in Asians.  I find The Makeup Curler to be even flatter than my Shu curler which makes it great for getting those corner lashes.

Even better, the Shiseido curler can be refilled with replacement pads.  Unlike the Shu Uemura curler which forces you to buy a new curler when you silicone pad breaks down.  I also noticed that the little rubber pad is a bit thicker and rounder than the on on the Shu Uemura which means you get a wider curl and are less likely to pinch yourself when trying to crimp close to your lash line.

Given a choice between the two, I would personally go with Shiseido.  Both because of the refill pads (you can get 2 for $6 USD), and because of the flatter shape which fits Asian eyes even better than Shu Uemura.

Panasonic has two models of their heated eyelash curler.  One of them is like a mascara wand, much like the one featured here in my review of the Japonesque heated eyelash curler.

The other model is more like the traditional heated eyelash curler with a square top and bottom crimper.

What I really like about these curlers is that they are a very nice quality for a plastic curler.

Usually, the plastic lash curlers you buy tend to be fragile and crack easily if dropped or squished in your purse.  However, these are quite sturdy and feel solid in my hand.  On the other hand, they both run on AA batteries, not AAA batteries which mean they are bigger and weigh more.

These curlers do a great job of making heat set curls that stay throughout the day.  Of course, the packaging says you can use it before and after applying mascara, but I’d recommend that you curl your lashes before applying your mascara.

Otherwise, the heat will just melt it off and then you’ll end up with a bunch of gunk on your curlers.  You can’t use water to wash them either since it’s electronic.  You see the problem here?  😉  Just let your curl set for 15 seconds or so before applying your mascara and the curl should stay.

Of all the heated eyelash curlers out there, would I recommend the Panasonic brand?  Yes, both for the quality of their products and for the reasonable price of these curlers.

Looking for a dramatic glamorous look?

Then Anna Sui is your gal.  Like the rest of the Anna Sui line of cosmetics, the Anna Sui eyelash curler comes in an eye catching black metal with purple accents.  I thought this curler did a good job of catching all my lashes close to the lash line.  My lashes stayed curled for over 8 hours and I could easily get my lashes without pinching my skin.

This curler is more curved than Shiseido “The Makeup” lash curler and usually this would be a problem for my short stick straight Asian lashes and flat eyes, but luckily it worked just fine on my eyes.  I would guess that this lash curler is a nice compromise between curlers that are too flat for Caucasian eyes but still flat enough for flatter Asian eyes.

A+ in my books and just sooo cool looking!

Tweezerman Pro Curl Eyelash Curler Tweezerman is a reliable brand for quality beauty products. I really like their tweezers and based on this had high expectations for their ProCurl Eyelash Curler.

I’m usually a fan of eyelash curlers with a less curved crimping area since I almond shaped eyes and don’t have deep set eyes.  The problem with curved eyelash curlers is that the edges pinch my skin while the middle part can only reach the tips of my eyelashes.

So after seeing the Procurl at Sephora I was really excited about trying this curler.

My first impressions were that it is a quality lash curler.  The rose gold model is very attractive and stands out beautifully against all my boring silver tweezers and curlers however the silver version is very nice too.

Just as expected, the typical Tweezerman craftsmanship is evident and the ProCurl is built very strongly and the entire curler is very smooth and well put together.  There’s no jagged edges or loose screws unlike cheaper eyelash curlers.  The silicone pad feels solid and like it should last a long time.

I also noticed that there isn’t a refill included in the box.  Does anybody know if refills are available or if you need to buy a new curler when it breaks?  Please leave a comment if you know.

Anyways, The fit of the crimper fit my almond shaped eyes perfectly.  This is one of the few curlers that fit my almond shaped eyes and get almost all of my eyelashes in one go.  Even my beloved Shu Uemura can’t boast this incredibly rare feat.

I tried the ProCurl on my lashes once before putting on mascara and once after.  Both times it worked great and gave me a great curl without pinching or breaking my eyelashes.  Looking at what other people have to say about the Tweezerman ProCurl, it seems that although the flatter shape is great for flatter Asian eyes or almond shaped eyes, the shape can be problematic for women who have rounder deep set eyes with a large curvature.

This curler would be too flat and would tend to pull out lashes so I do not recommend it for those of you who don’t have a flatter eye area.

For us Asian girls though, this is one heck of a lash curler and it’s not too expensive either!  I got mine at Amazon super cheap and with free shipping too!  It might have changed so you’ll want to check out the latest discount prices on the ProCurl before you buy.

Here’s an eyelash curler that shows you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to offer something different.  The Seki Edge Metal eyelash curler is like most traditional curlers.  This part it does very well.  It curls and crimps without pinching or tugging on my lashes.  There’s a silicone pad that can be replaced or changed when it gets dirty.

And here’s where the Seki Edge curler stands out.  You can place a second replacement pad in the handle of the curler.  Who here hasn’t lost one of those lash curler silicone pads somewhere in our makeup drawers?

Plus, unlike other lash curlers, even some high end and high priced brands that should know better, you can actually buy replacement crimper pads separately from the curler!


  • Quality construction: check.
  • User friendly design: check.
  • Gives a great curl: check.
  • Affordable price: check.
  • A recommendation from me: check.

Have you ever wanted to do something better for the earth and yourself without sacrificing your beauty routine?

Well here’s a cool company that makes cosmetics and beauty tools with organic and earth friendly methods.

The Earth Therapeutics Curvaceous eyelash curler is a standard stainless steel lash curler.  It’s a bit on the smaller side and the crimper is flat enough to fit my almond shaped eyes but still somewhat curved so it should fit rounder eyes too.  It also does a decent job curling my lashes.  Nothing too spectacular but perfectly good for everyday use.  And at that low price, it’s better than most drugstore brands, both for your wallet and for the planet.

 Here’s a new concept: why don’t we curl our lashes like we curl our hair? It makes sense that we would get a much more natural longer lasting curl this way compared to using something that bends our lashes by squishing them at an angle.

The Japonesque heated mini eyelash curler does just that.

The curler looks like a mascara wand and the heated tip has tiny grooves to catch your lashes.  It’s like a mini roller brush and hair dryer all rolled into one!  Since it’s not like traditional lash curlers, getting the hang of how to use this heated curler does take practice.

First, you have to let it heat up just like a curling iron.  A good rule is to let it warm up for 30 seconds before using it.  Then you have to wiggle it onto your lashes from the top and then twirl the wand while dragging it to the tips of your lashes and wait 20 seconds for the curl to set.

It’s almost like applying mascara.  Since it is heated, I really wouldn’t use this curler after applying mascara.  It would just make your mascara melt all over the place and clog up the little grooves in the curler.  I suspect that people having trouble with this curler are either:

  1. Not waiting long enough for it to get hot
  2. Not catching their lashes in the little grooves
  3. Trying to curl their lashes from the bottom instead of from the top
  4. Not twirling the wand as they pull it away or not waiting for the curl to set before applying mascara

Either way, I think this is a really cool way to curl your eyelashes.  The Japonesque heated mini also has the advantages of other mini curlers that curl your eyelashes in sections but it’s even easier to use since it’s just like a mascara spooly.  Plus, for those of us with unruly eyelashes, this type of curler eliminates stray eyelashes that get bent into weired angles like with crimp type eyelash curlers.

This heated spot lash curler runs on a AAA battery and is very small light and portable.  It’s about as thick as a lipstick tube and as long as a tube of mascara.  Highly recommended for those who have trouble getting their eyelashes to stay curled with crimpers and want to try something new.  Plus, at $15 it’s cheaper than most traditional lash curlers! Awesome!

As I mentioned in my Zhen detail lash curler review, I’m a big fan of spot or detail curlers.  Not only are they easier to use, but there’s less chance of pinching your eyes or pulling out your lashes.

These lash curlers let you crimp your lashes in sections for more control in the final result.  I like to do my center eyelashes in more sections since they’re the hardest to curl.   The lashes at the corners of my eyes are almost permanently curled naturally so I don’t really have to use a curler on them.

This spot eyelash curler by Seki Edge is similar to the Zhen curler except the handles where you hold onto the curler is a bit different.  They’re both  plastic curlers which are great for putting in your purse and getting through airport security especially if you travel a lot.  However, these types of curlers won’t survive a fall from your bathroom counter.

Another complaint is to the engineers who designed this curler.  The trigger digs into my face no matter how I angle it.  The only way I can get this thing to work is if I hold it at an awkward angle and this results in really messed up looking eyelashes.  Crimping my lashes this way also tends to pull them out, defeating one of the main benefits of using a detail curler.

Due to poor design and poor construction, the Seki Edge spot eyelash curler gets a negative don’t buy review from me.

Who better to make an eyelash curler that actually gets lashes to stay curled than a professional makeup artist?

Kevyn Aucoin is best known for his makeup looks on celebs such as Cher, Vanessa Williams, Julia Roberts, among others.

He has numerous books on how you can transform your look at home like a professional.   He has created this professional quality curer with a much sturdier frame and handle than curlers you normally find.

There is a rubber pad that cushions and bends to keep your lashes from breaking.  It’s unique shape makes it possible to curl your bottom lashes too!  Just turn it around and you’ll instantly know how Hollywood stars always look so bright and awake.  A very good traditional eyelash curler that’s built to last.

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