How to Bench Press the Proper Way (Without Hurting Your Shoulders)

The bench press is undoubtedly the most popular strength training exercise in the gym. Weight trainers who can bench press the most weight are adorned by all weight lifters. A lot of weight training beginners want to bench press as much as the next guy as soon as they are lying on a weight bench. Let it just suffice to say that there is no other exercise that equates to bench pressing.

So What is a Bench Press?

This is how you perform a bench press. Lie flat on an upright support weight bench or on a weight bench inside a Power Rack. Remove the weight from the rack and lower it up to your chest. Lift it back until your arms lock. You have just performed a bench press.

Simple, isn’t it?

So why is the bench press so popular?

  1. It builds massive muscle– If you have ever dreamed of getting an expanded chest and biceps and triceps that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, the bench press is the way to go.
  2. Increase body strength- Your upper body muscles are responsible for your ability to lift heavy weights. The bench press conditions these muscles and gives them strength and the resilience required to lift heavier weights.

 How to Bench Press Safely

A lot of injuries in the gym are caused by bench presses. There are two reasons that explain this.

  1. The bench press is the most common exercise in the gym
  2. Bench pressing the wrong way

This section addresses the later.

If you want to avoid injuries when bench pressing, make sure you follow the following tips”

  • Use your thumbs to grip the weight set properly

A lot of injuries occur as a result of the weights slipping from a feeble grip. Make sure your grip on the weights is sturdy by making use of your thumbs.

  • Start light

Do not bite more than you can swallow. Add weights progressively. As you bench press, your body will tell you what your weight limit is.

  • Use a spotter- It is of extreme importance that you only bench press when you have a spotter. Spotters will save you when you become stuck with the weights on your chest.

How to Deal With Bench Press Shoulder Pains

Shoulder pain problems are quite common when you are doing the bench press. The right way to deal with shoulder pains is not to ditch the bench press for dumbbells. In order to avoid shoulder pains, you need to use the proper bench pressing technique. Start by doing the following:

  1. Fix your posture. There is now way you will ever avoid bench press shoulder pains if you bench press with your slouched shoulders. You need to first learn how to get your chest forward and squeeze your shoulder blades
  2. Avoid muscle workout imbalances- If you rely solely on the bench press for your workouts, there is a very high likelihood that your front muscles will be more developed than the back muscles. This leads to muscle imbalances leading to poor posture. Learn to balance your muscles by doing barbell rows and overhead press.
  3. Make Use of Shoulder and Neck Balm- To relieve pain from your shoulders, consider buying the Tiger Neck and Shoulder Balm and use it whenever the shoulder pains are unbearable.



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