Best Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall

Thanks for taking the time to visit my review post about energy pills that work like adderall .  I think you’ll agree that when we decide to purchase any type of product these days, it’s nice to be able to read a review from someone who has actually used the product.

Adderall is prescribed to patients who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or sleepiness (narcolepsy). This condition causes suffers to uncontrollably fall asleep during different time periods of the day. This can cause severe social problems, issues at work as well as problems in the love life of the sufferer. With Adderall can be taken orally and will should be taken an hour before you head off to work.

Adderall can become habit forming and may also decrease sleepiness, but will not cure narcolepsy. With this prescription drug, you should not discontinue use until your doctor recommends you to stop (even if you begin feeling better).

Side Effects of Adderall

energy pills that work like adderall

In some cases, there may be Adderall side effects ranging from mild to severe. Individuals may experience a loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, nausea, dry mouth, headache, trouble sleeping, and general anxiety. If these side effects do occur, consulting with a doctor promptly is the recommended course of action. In most cases, individuals on Adderall will experience at least one side effect. Keep in mind that the doctor prescribing the medication has determined that the benefits of the ADHD medication are better than the potential side effects.

In addition to these side effects, some serious ones have also been observed. These include drastic behavior changes, uncontrolled movements, teeth grinding, outbursts of words, and changes in sexual ability or desire. While these are extremely rare, once again, seeing a doctor is important.

Long Term Adderall Side Effects

Individuals who take Adderall for a long period of time run the risk of more serious side effects and it can be damaging to the cardiovascular system over time. If experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat, weakness on one side of the body, or confusion, this can be an Adderall side effect and is usually an indicator of a secondary condition.


There have been some documented cases in which patients experienced an allergic reaction to Adderall. This may include a rash, itching, dizziness, and trouble breathing. In this case, seek medical attention immediately without hesitating.

Due to these effects people have been deciding to go for Adderall Alternative since they are better with less effects and seems to perform the same job as Adderall.

Here is a comparison table for the most effective energy pills that work like adderall that you may be glad to use with less or no effects.

Our Reviews

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[su_box title=”#1 PROFIDERALL ” style=”glass” box_color=”#20b34e” radius=”6″] PROFIDERALL is the #1 Cognitive Energy Enhancer, and for good reason. It is the only product that gave me the combination of focus and energy I needed to keep me alert and on track. PROFIDERALL’s Cognitive Energy Complex is just good as expected to be. I felt the effects within a few minutes after taking them and like Adderall I had lasting energy, focus, and total control over my day.

energy pills that work like adderall

You can purchase PROFIDERALL directly on Amazon for a 74-capsule bottle, a little over a month’s worth if you take two pills a day, the recommended dosage. PROFIDERALL’s Cognitive Energy complex is based on the science of nootropics. And unlike most of the other products it actually contains nootropics – enough nootropics to make a difference. Together with a solid energy component, PROFIDERALL gave me almost instant focus and drive, very close to how I felt on Adderall. And since I need mental focus at work and not just as a one-time shot,

PROFIDERALL’s cumulative effects are nice… even on ‘off’ days I had better mental performance (unlike a couple of products that caused what can only be described as a mental crash on the days I didn’t use them). PROFIDERALL does contains some caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins to provide the effective energy. And I can say that the energy lasts as long as the so-called energy drinks. But unlike drinks, there is no sugar or sugar substitute in PROFIDERALL, so the energy you feel is clean – no jitters, no crash.

For those of us who have taken Adderall in the past, I would describe the feeling of PROFIDERALL as a great mix between a long term slow-release capsule and a short term quick-release tablet. Meaning it has a relatively instant affect but isn’t a quick up followed by a quick (& miserable) crash. And it won’t keep you tossing and turning all night if you take it in the evening for a late night at the office followed by a meeting the next morning.


  • Enhanced mental function
  • Lots of energy Mood stability – move past the stress and anxiety and just get the work done
  • Long-term cognitive benefits
  • Real nootropics used at clinical levels


  • Only available online
  • Might be a little expensive, but it’s worth the money Conclusion:
Final Verdict

After trying all of the top products on the market, PROFIDERALL is by far the best smart drug available. Based on the science of nootropics, the strength of the active ingredients in PROFIDERALL’s Cognitive Energy Complex makes it the only product that truly provides both the focus and energy needed to be called an Adderall Alternative. [su_button url=”″ target=”blank” style=”bubbles” background=”#1876c6″ size=”10″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”round” icon=”icon: arrow-circle-right” rel=”nofollow”]Click To Buy From Amazon [/su_button][/su_box]

[su_box title=”#2 Alpha Brain” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#60da86″ radius=”6″]Alpha Brain is one of the few products on the market that did its required nootropic homework. Since Alpha Brain is produced by Onnit Labs, a supplement company with numerous other products, it isn’t surprising that their product is well researched and properly formulated they have the resources and the budget to put out a decent product that truly supports neurological enhancement.

Best Energy Pills That Work Like AdderallThe product is available through Amazon and other online retailers, as well as sporadically across several states the website has a search option for more exact locations, but they are not extensive. There is a definite clarity that comes with taking Alpha Brain as well as mood stability that allows for total concentration. But there is also what feels like a “waiting” period for full product effectiveness – the longer you take the product the more you notice the difference it makes in concentration and productivity; the instant effects exist but not as strong as one desires. With full effectiveness comes a downfall – once you stop taking the supplement, a day or two breaks, productivity becomes almost nonexistent.

Alpha Brain claims to increase acetylcholine which supports learning and memory as well as, oddly enough, lucid dreaming. But for me, and for other users of smart drugs, energy is more important than vibrant dreams. Alpha Brain doesn’t provide the energy needed to push through the day. No matter how mentally clear I am, if I’m not energized I’m not getting the work done. I’d rather skip the dreams and have a deep restful night’s sleep after a productive day.


  • Mental clarity
  • Attention and detail oriented
  • Mental and emotional stability – stress becomes a non-factor


  • No energy element – you can take it before bed specifically to have vivid dreams.
  • Not a standard ‘smart drug’ Build up to full effectiveness
  • A single day without the product and productivity is worse than normal

If you are looking for enhanced focus and mental clarity, then Alpha Brain can work for you. But if you are like most and not only need the mental drive but also the physical push to last through the day focused and productive, then this supplement alone is not enough. Adderall is the “Holy Grail” of cognitive enhancement because it provides both mental and physical energy, so for those looking for a legitimate alternative Alpha Brain doesn’t fit the entire bill.

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[su_box title=”5 Hour Energy Shot” style=”noise” box_color=”#11a53f” radius=”6″]The 5 Hour Energy cannot be exactly considered as an alternative to Adderall, but that has never really been 5 Hour Energy’s game. It is produced as an energy enriched with B vitamins and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, offering the user alertness and energy in a matter of minutes without a sugar crash or the constant consumption of coffee. Straight forward enough. But with the recent interest in nootropics and “brain enhancers” the curious public is trying anything and everything to feel the benefits of the hard to find, prescription drug, Adderall.

energy pills that work like adderall

Well, 5 Hour Energy has the energy, but none of the concentration, focus or mental clarity you expect from Adderall and its alternatives. There are a few issues with the product however. While 5 Hour Energy touts its “sugar free” this claim is not entirely true. It does not contain any sucrose, or common table sugar, but it does contain the chemical sucralose, a common artificial, chemically created sweetener (Splenda). The funky aftertaste of 5 Hour Energy can be attributed to the artificial sweetener.

Now, I’m all for sugar-free but that doesn’t mean natural sugar needs to be replaced with artificial ingredients, or at the expense of taste. And there are no cognitive benefits, like other energy and Adderall alternatives. If I want energy, I also want mental focus and concentration – what’s the point of energy if I can’t focus long enough to get work done? I’ll grab five-hour energy when I need the push to get to the gym, but not when I have a presentation to prepare for.


  • Fast energy – You’ll feel the kick within 10 minutes
  • Portable – Keep a few in the car and one by your bedside and you’ll be ready for just about anything
  • Availability
  • Size Small but effective
  • B Vitamin energy doesn’t lead to a caffeine crash or headaches


  • No mental benefits – Energy without concentration
  • Taste – A distinctly vitamin, artificial sweetener taste
  • Cost For around $10 you can purchase a pound of decent coffee, have it last almost a month, set the coffee maker on a timer, and enjoy a hot and delicious beverage with similar side effects
  • Only lasts a few hours, definitely not 5

5 Hour Energy is a mainstream product for the times you need a cheap energy boost, and with its small and portable size, you don’t have to glug away at cans of soda, large energy drinks, or cups of coffee to feel more energized. But as far as a product to help high achievers perform better, there’s not much to offer. Most of the time, I want energy pills that work like adderall to accomplish more and that means more mental drive and focus instead of purely physical energy.

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[su_box title=”  #4 OptiMind ” style=”glass” box_color=”#188d3d” radius=”6″]OptiMind is a top competitor in the nootropics field, and thanks to a couple of news articles have been able to generate a lot of buzz. So, I was excited to try this one! But looking back, I see that the news articles are about the nootropic niche not really about the product Because the product itself is a VERY basic nootropic-stack.

energy pills that work like adderall

The key nootropic in OptiMind is GABA. GABA is OK, but not nearly as effective as Picamilon. In fact, GABA is unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, so there is a strong debate that supplementing with GABA is ineffective. It is much more efficient to take a precursor like Glutamine and allow your body to produce GABA naturally or better yet Picamilon which acts as a carrier for GABA and is able to cross the blood-brain carrier. Phosphatidyl L-Serine is great, and probably their strongest ingredient, but it is known for relaxation and anti-anxiety not focus, motivation, or energy.

The rest of the stack simple and contains the building blocks of a good nootropic-stack: Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, Caffeine, etc. They really do have a solid foundation for a great stack here. I just wish they would have finished it off with a powerful key ingredient! It is missing the Picamilon or Piracetam is needs to really be an A-list smart drug. Felt a sort of a nice warm buzz from the product. More soothing than focused or motivated.


  • Great Website
  • Basic Nootropic-Stack
  • Easy Checkout Process


  • 32 CT Bottles
  • Monthly Subscription Service!
  • Free Samples leads to Monthly Billing
  • If you don’t cancel you will continue to be billed!

An overly simple nootropic formula disguised as something more with its flashy website. The company behind the product has done a really nice job with the marketing, but I wish they would have focused more on the actual product. And the automatic enrollment in monthly billing is a deal breaker for me!

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Other Reviews for Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall

     Brain Alert Review

energy pills that work like adderall

Brain Alert is yet another competitor in the booming ‘brain enhancement’ market; developed in 2005 the product claims to help with both long term cognitive health and emotional distress – reducing stress and anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, irritability, etc. With all the claims, it’s easy to question the effectiveness of the supplement.

Brain Alert also prides itself on their 24 effective ingredients, not a mere 12 like their competitors, who remain nameless. Now that’s all well and good but the cliché “quality over quantity” springs to mind; I don’t need an elaborate supplement, just an effective one.

Unlike traditional supplements, Brain Alert recommends using the product every day for five days with a two-day break, presumably the weekend, as to not build up a tolerance to the product. A tolerance to what is basically a vitamin makes no sense – seems like a marketing tool to attempt to link Brain Alert to more powerful drugs than anything else.

What the product lacks is a true mental and physical boost. Unlike other smart drugs there is no noticeable difference in focus, drive, and energy. With all the claims, this should be wunderkind supplement gave me no significant improvement in my concentration or cognitive function.

And unlike some other products, Brain Alert contains no caffeine or stimulants. Of course, that means to crashing or jitters, but also none of the necessary energy I want and need when I’m using a nootropic supplement.

The only true difference I noticed while taking Brain Alert was with my mood. I did seem more grounded, less irritable throughout regularly stressful situations, but I find similar effects with real energy pills that work like adderall – products that offer both stress and cognitive control.


  •  No stimulants
  • Good overall mental health supplement
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Mood improvement
  • Possible health benefits – neuron growth, better nutrient absorption, raised antioxidant levels, nerve regeneration


  •  No stimulants, low energy
  • Limited cognitive improvement
  • No enhanced focus if you want the benefits of Adderall without the prescription, there are better options


With all the vitamins and minerals in Brain Alert, the supplement is a good choice for a consumer looking for daily brain support but not for a consumer looking for significant, and fast, improvement in their concentration and cognitive function. Brain Alert acts more like a multi-vitamin than an alternative too hard to obtain Adderall.

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Ginkgo Smart

Ginkgo Smart is basically a nootropic – it isn’t simply a Ginkgo Biloba extract. This might lead people to question the type of branding they’ve used on their product, but we think we know why: Ginkgo Biloba is actually one of the most bought supplements in America, and therefore, it might have been advantageous putting such a well-known name as that on the cover of their bottle. Good going, guys.

Despite that, a large majority (in terms of ingredient proportions) of Ginkgo Smart’s ingredients actually compose of Ginkgo Biloba. Ginkgo BIloba, a vasodilator, actually works by increasing blood flow throughout the body, and thereby, the brain. This actually aids and makes efficient the cognitive processes in the brain. One such process is focus. However, this is an indirect effect, and arguably, less effective than other ingredients that specifically target parts of the brain that have to deal with focus.

Is Ginkgo Smart Good for focus?

In consideration of all the above, nootropics are actually less effective than Adderall. Whereas Adderall sorts of “kicks” your body into focus, nootropics phase the feeling in. However, this is all overshadowed by the fact that Adderall and similar medication is highly dangerous to the body, especially when taken for long periods of time. In comparison, nootropics offer little to no side effects, which give them quite the upper hand in this respect.

When the ingredients of Ginkgo Smart are taken into consideration, it actually shows that the formula seemingly works quite well. With only 11 ingredients in its base formula, it seems as if Ginkgo Smart is quite the potent supplement. Not to discount the fact that around a third of the overall dosage is taken up by Ginkgo Biloba, which we’ve discussed as being potentially beneficial as a focus booster.

Is Ginkgo Smart Better than Adderall?

We were quite surprised of how well Ginkgo Smart worked, though, in comparison to the industry giant, Adderall. Good to say, there were extremely positive results. Our tests ran for 2 months, in which we had ADD-suffering people separate into 2 groups, one on Ginkgo Smart, and the other on Adderall.

Contrary to what our initial predictions forecasted, though, the group on Ginkgo Smart actually performed and reported better results, claiming much increases in their focus. It was really quite surprising as there were no signs pointing us to evidence to support such results.

We really had to give it to Ginkgo Smart, basically due to it not only being a great aid to focus, but also the added, insurmountable fact that it’s a nootropic – and offers no side effects. Yes, although we say “little to no”, in this case, none of those who participated in our study reported anything.

Although nootropics and ADD medication overlap in that they provide focus, we have to admit that sometimes, our readers’ reviews and emails get a bit out of topic.

Despite this, though, in consideration of those that did rate Ginkgo Smart on the basis of ADD, we found that it was split 2-to-1 for those who did like it and those who didn’t. Obviously, a majority still appreciated Ginkgo Smart’s effects, but we just felt that it deserved more than that.

Nevertheless, Ginkgo Smart is an amazing ADD solution, with other amazing qualities as well.

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Neuroprime best for Memory, Focus, Alertness, Clarity & Concentration

Energy pills that work like adderall

Just judging from the name, Neuroprime has to deal with brain function, which is exactly what we’re looking for. Coming from Mind Nutrition, Neuroprime has been tackling the nootropic industry with force, claiming that their product is the solution for the most fundamental combination of vitiamins and nootropics to promote health and performance.

To this, they actually do quite a good job at keeping transparency – their website is clean, clear, detailed, and does not make outrageous claims like many of the other nootropics available out there on the market. Most times, many companies will make out their product bigger than it really is. However, this is not the case for Neuroprime, which clearly details what their products does and what it doesn’t.

Coupled with that, and the amount of our readers asking us to review Neuroprime, we’ve finally taken the time to do so.

What is Neuroprime?

As mentioned before, Neuroprime, unlike Adderall, is a nootropic, whereas Adderall is a methamphetamine. It most probably isn’t as effective in terms of the focus it brings, however, it does present an advantage that most nootropics have over methamphetamines: it has a much cleaner formula, meaning that it causes little to no side effects. In contrast, Adderall has been proven to not only be addictive, but also cause some negative side effects through extended usage.

We won’t go into too much detail either, but our study showed that the ingredients that they use in their formula is also much better in terms of quality compared to other nootropics in the similar price range. The ingredients that they incorporate seem right, and rightly so: a mark of a true nootropic. Although we did notice that they have quite a few filler ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, the weight it poses in the formula is only a fraction that it’s negligible.

Is Neuroprime Good for Treating ADD?

We’ve already established that nootropics aren’t as potent as methamphetamines, however, we took a look at one of the ingredients that they’ve used in their formula: Alpha Lipoic Acid. It’s actually quite reputably one of the most natural solutions to ADD.

It’s been theorized that what causes ADD is either exposure to heavy metals or an inefficient detoxification system in the brain. Well, Alpha Lipoic Acid is actually an antioxidant, which eliminates toxins from the body, whilst increasing glutathione levels in the body, which allows the body to also strengthen its defenses. Some studies have actually showed that it actually diminishes the symptoms in ADD, and at the right potencies, completely takes it away.

Aside from this, the combination of its formula leads us to believe that Neuroprime is quite the ADD solution. It’s formula proportions and overall potency makes it an extremely viable option.

Is Neuroprime Better than Adderall?

In our 2 month study, we’ve pit Neuroprime against Adderall in a test that measures focus in ADD sufferers, and how the use of each respective supplement or medication can help aid the cause symptoms.

Amazingly Neuroprime was fast to act, and the effects were quite evident. At first, though, it was just a mental clarity, but after around the 10-day mark, it was evident that Neuroprime was also increasing focus in its users. Meanwhile, Adderall has kept its users buzzing as well, but surprisingly, was only better by a small margin.

At two months, some were already experiencing side effects with Adderall, but Neuroprime failed to demonstrate any such effects.


To this, we can say that our readers actually quite love nootropics, basically due to the fact that it was possible to use it over extended periods of time, while not incurring any side effects. What’s even better is that they wouldn’t need a prescription from the doctor to get it, since most, if not all nootropics are purchasable online. Add the fact that they haven’t been making too outrageous claims, and that they have been fulfilling what they have been claiming, and you can see why our readers loved it so.

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Ortho-Mind, coming from a company that does Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) – which is also apparently, the name of the company – seems to be hitting the nootropics industry today with force. What are nootropics? They’ve been the latest little discovery in the field of neuroscience. A pill that, although not limitless, aids the brain in its cognitive processes, including focus, memory, and learning abilities. Sounds familiar? Well this one does it without the side effects associated with other similar products.

While it isn’t exactly the same as Adderall – which is not a nootropic, but a methamphetamine – Ortho-Mind should work similarly in that it helps focus, as one of the many boosts it gives to overall brain function. However, which one is better overall? Let’s see.

What is Ortho-Mind?

Ortho-Mind is quite really something special that we’ve found here in the nootropics industry. In the truest sense, it seems as if Ortho-Mind is an extremely potent nootropic, offering only a few ingredients in their formula. What makes them different, though? Well, actually, this isn’t their first formula. They’ve recently swapped out Ginkgo Biloba for Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which they believe makes their formula that much better.

However, the thing is, it isn’t really original. Many companies today already use ALCAR, and many of them even use in combination with Ginkgo. However, it does make sense. Ginkgo Biloba is a vasodilator, helping the brain indirectly by increasing blood flow throughout the body, and thereby the brain. This ultimately increases cognitive processes, one of which is focus. ALCAR, on the other hand, increases focus, alertness, and mental energy, specifically targeting brain processes.

Is Ortho-Mind Good for Treating ADD?

Essentially, yes. With their decision to swap out an overall-aid ingredient for an ingredient that specifically targets the part of the brain that aids with focus, this might have just been what they needed to extremely specialize their product. To this, thanks them. They’ve now altered their product in a way that completely benefits ADD sufferers.

So yes, Ortho-Mind is quite effective on an ADD solution, especially with that fact in mind. However, it actually goes beyond that. It’s as said, extremely potent, and ALCAR is actually not the only ingredient in its formula that aids in focus – almost all of them actually do. In fact, it just seems as if Ortho-Mind might just be the most underrated nootropic and ADD solution out there.

Is Ortho-Mind Better than Adderall?

We measured Ortho-Mind against one of the industry giants, Adderall. This is what is essentially about – finding the absolute best supplement/ medication that could do what Adderall does, but better, and without all the baggage that comes with it.

In our 2-month study, we were able to find out that one of the drawbacks was the fact that we had to take 6 capsules a day – something that we believe is a bit too excessive, with all of us busy at work and whatnot. However, aside from that fact, at only 4 capsules a day, we found that Ortho-Mind was actually quite the focus enabler. It was extremely potent, as we expected, but we also found out that it was working quite better than Adderall. One thing to note, though, was that some of us actually reported feeling fatigued and lethargic with the intake of Ortho-Mind. There were side effects. However, they weren’t as bad as Adderall’s.

Despite this, we had to rate Ortho-Mind overall better than Adderall. It was clearly a winner, although it suffers from a few side effects, is actually one of the better ADD solutions that we’ve discovered.

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Pomology Mind Formula

Pomology Mind Formula is quite an interesting product that we’ve been requested to review here at It doesn’t really classify as ADD medication, nor does it classify as a nootropic either. However, under close observation, it’s actually a little bit of both. That’s why we’ve been receiving emails and reviews about this product for a few months now, and have finally decided to review it. That might be why its branding leads customers to believe it’s superior – due to the fact that it actually covers a lot of bases. However, this remains to be seen, and keep on reading if you want some insight on our trials with Pomology Mind Formula, as well as what our readers had to say.

What is Mind Formula?

Mind Formula comes from Pomology, which actually offers quite a large range of products that you can find on their website. However, what makes them so different – which is actually quite evident – is their “fruity” take on all the products that they offer. That’s right – in many of their products, they’ve substituted fruit and other natural extracts over synthesized ingredients offered by other companies. In a very real way, this Is their niche, as their branding leads us to believe that they’re targeting their products to more health-oriented people. This isn’t really a bad thing.

In the purest sense, though, Mind Formula is basically a nootropic that as mentioned, drops some of the more typical ingredients found in other nootropics for fruit extracts that perform similarly. A few of the notable ingredients being Ginkgo Biloba extract, Pomegranate extract, and Ashwaganda extract – all of which aren’t exactly typically found in other market offerings.

Despite this, Mind Formula seems to be creating quite a large following in its targeted market, allowing them to make substantial amounts of profit – a testament that their formula works.

Is Mind Formula Good for Treating ADD?

Just because it’s been proven that their formula works doesn’t mean that it’s good at treating ADD, though. However, some of the ingredients that they have included that Mind Formula might just be.

For example, Ginkgo Biloba is actually a vasodilator, meaning that it allows easier blood flow throughout the body, in turn meaning that more blood is readily available for the brain, increasing efficiency in many cognitive processes – one of which, is focus. Although it hasn’t been completely proven yet, there have been studies claiming that Ginkgo Biloba works this way to actually enhance focus. However, this is just a byproduct of the overall effects that Ginkgo delivers, which works differently, as some other products actually specifically target parts of the brain related to focus. Obviously, this means that it isn’t quite as effective as some of the other products out there that do so.

Is Mind Formula Better than Adderall?

In our 2-month trials, we had 2 groups of people involved here. One group took Pomology’s Mind Formula, while the other Adderall. Sad to say, Mind Formula wasn’t nearly as effective as Adderall was. It did, however, allow more possibilities for extended usage, due to the fact that it did not exhibit any side effects. On the contrary, it actually genuinely felt natural, or clean. It seemingly cleansed the body in similar ways that a juice cleanse or a detox drink would. This was completely unexpected, but it was good.

However, in terms of focus, Pomology did not impress. There were only slight boosts that it was almost negligible. Moreover, it wasn’t all too noticeable. Yes, don’t get us wrong! It works! It just wasn’t as good as most of our readers made it out to be.


Lucidal uses the Dr. Cleary’s formula, which has been vastly promoted throughout the brain enhancing industry, as well as on their website. We’ve been receiving quite a lot of emails lately asking us why we haven’t included Lucidal in our lineup of reviewed ADD medication. We were able to get our hands on an order of Lucidal for the whole office, and today is the day we’ve finally finished reviewing it.

We are still constantly surprised by the number of our readers who ask us to review nootropics. For those unaware, nootropics are essentially brain enhancers that improve the brain’s cognitive abilities. They offer no side effects, and have been proven to promote better cognitive abilities over continued use. On the other hand, Adderall, which contains methamphetamine, does not promote any long-term results, and has shown side effects with continued use.

It seems to be a recent trend that nootropics have started taking prevalence, in line with the use of Adderall declining.

What is Lucidal?

Lucidal is the critically acclaimed brain enhancing supplement, developed by Dr. Larry Cleary. It’s marketed as a memory loss pill – meaning that it directly counteracts the memory problems associated with aging.

What’s worrying, though, is that Lucidal’s ingredients are put under a proprietary mixture, containing quite a lot of ingredients. One has to beg the question of whether the large amount of ingredients could be considered safe for daily dosage. Despite that fact, Lucidal has seen quite some success in the past few years. They have garnered quite a large following, and our readers love Lucidal.

We still ask our users to take caution with Lucidal, though, due to the incredible amount of ingredients included in its formula – you wouldn’t want to overdose.

Is Lucidal Good for Treating ADD?

It is nowhere stated on Lucidal’s website that it will alleviate symptoms related to ADD/ADHD. However, that being said, some of the ingredients included in Lucidal’s formula actually do allow an increase in focus and concentration to its users, which theoretically mean that it would help.

Lucidal is a memory enhancing supplement, though, which makes it quite a unique case. While there might be some ingredients that would contribute to focus and clarity, the formula’s ingredient proportions suggest that it is geared less towards that feat. Not all nootropics are created equally, and that means while another nootropic be effective at treating ADD, another one might not.

Unfortunately for Lucidal – and those who’ve suggested it to us – our preliminary research leads us to believe that it will not be effective for treating ADD.

Is Lucidal Better than Adderall?

This is where we were going with our previous statement. Nootropics main advantage is that you’re able to use it for extended periods of time, without any negative side effects. However, this comes at a price – there are only few that can rival Adderall in terms of focus. It takes the best nootropic supplements to even come close to Adderall in terms of effectiveness, and sadly, Lucidal isn’t one of the best in that matter.

This was further proven in our 2 month trials. In our cognitive performance tests, Lucidal brought on an increased score in terms of memory and learning capabilities, but was unfortunately lacking on substantial effects to focus, whose increase was only marginal.

From our trials, the bottom line is this: Lucidal isn’t as good as Adderall.

Focus Excel


This is another nootropic supplement that we’ve had to add to our list of reviewed Adderall Alternatives. If you haven’t been following news regarding neuroscience lately, nootropic supplements have been growing in popularity as ADD medication, as well as a brain enhancers, supplementing cognitive abilities. The possibilities are endless, really, and the industry of nootropics is just on its way up at the moment. Meanwhile, Adderall has been here for a while already, and although it boasts quite a following, its followers aren’t as big as they were once were, basically due to the vast number of side effects associated with its prolonged use.

What is Focus Excel?

Focus Excel makes quite some large claims as being the answer to all your problems brain related. However, after some observation in their formula, we felt that it was lacking a bit of potency, on the already lower potency that nootropics have. Nootropics, compared to Adderall and Ritalin, sacrifice a small amount of potency for the ability to be able to use them regularly for extended periods of time. In their formula, we’ve found that there were quite a lot of ingredients in there, ranging from multivitamins to stimulants, possibly reducing the overall potency of the active ingredient that actually allows focus.

What we have to be wary about, especially when dealing with nootropics as Adderall alternatives, though, is that some of them aren’t really all what they claim to be. At the moment, the industry is still growing, which means that quite a few products are still being made to contest the industry giants. The perfect formula still hasn’t been formulated yet. However, there are some that come really close.

Is Focus Excel Good for Treating ADD?

In short, not really. In our 2 months of trying Focus Excel, we’ve found that it doesn’t really treat ADD as well as some of the other alternatives that we’ve tried before, which we mainly attribute to the amount of filler ingredients that are also included in its base formula.

Another thing we’ve noticed was the fact that the caffeine present in its formula gives you a “fake focus,” as we call it. Caffeine keeps you focused for a short while, but it doesn’t really help in the ADD sense. Although some of us did experience better degrees of focus while taking Focus Excel, it wasn’t really notably all that good.

Is Focus Excel Better than Adderall?

This was a tough one, due to the fact that Adderall is around 300% more effective than Focus Excel, yet you won’t be able to continually take it over long periods of time. In contrast, Focus Excel, while less effective, offers the ability for continuous usage.

In the end, though, we had to say that it does not match up with Adderall, simply due to the fact that Adderall is just that much more effective, despite the fact that you’ll be able to take Focus Excel longer. This should not represent all nootropic supplements, though, as we’ve actually reviewed some nootropic supplements that are better than Adderall. Often times, it’s the dosage and the type of ingredients that they include in their formula that can really affect how the effects of the supplement will play out. In the case of Focus Excel, it didn’t do so well.

Focus Boost

Focus Boost, claimed to increase focus, as is apparent with its very name, isn’t actually similar to Adderall. It’s a nootropic, like some of the other products that we’ve reviewed here. If you haven’t heard of a nootropic before, let us fill you in. It’s one of neuroscience’s most interesting discoveries lately. If you’ve once heard of pills that enhance your brain functions in science fiction, you will be pleased to find that it is now science fact. On top of that, nootropics offer little to no side effects, unlike methamphetamines, such as Adderall.

However, it comes at a small price – nootropics are marginally less effective than methamphetamines. However, the fact that there are no side effects more than make up for that small tidbit.

What is Focus Boost?

Essentially, Focus Boost is a nootropic. It’s supposed to increase brain function and aid in cognitive processes – some of which are focus, mental clarity, alertness, learning abilities, and memory. To that, it can be said that Focus Boost uses quite an interesting thing in its formula – a proprietary blend. We aren’t usually too fond of these, as it hides the weights of all the ingredients added into its base formula, basically not allowing us to see what’s effective and what isn’t.

However, we do know some of their ingredients, one of them being Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which actually does really aid in focus. ALCAR needs to be distributed in high amounts to really get an insanely amazing dose of focus, though.

We did find caffeine in their ingredients list, though. Although not necessarily bad in a nootropic, people suffering from ADHD with extreme hyperactivity might not enjoy caffeine.

Is Focus Boost Effective for Treating ADD?

As mentioned, one of the main things that could greatly affect its user, is whether he is suffering from ADD or ADHD. If one also suffers from hyperactivity, Focus Boost might not be the best option. It will just end up increasing leaps on an ADHD sufferer’s already hyperactive state. Meaning, they might just get too hyperactive, that they get the jitters, overall counteracting the focus provided in the first place.

Aside from the two aforementioned ingredients, though – ALCAR and caffeine – there seem to be no conflict in ingredient uses. Meaning, that Focus Boost might just be effective – however, only as an ADD solution, not one for ADHD.

Of course, it might just be a great nootropic as well, however, we have not tested Focus Boost in this aspect.

Is Focus Boost Better than Adderall?

One thing to think about, though, is whether Focus Boost is better than the industry giant: Adderall. Therefore, we pit the two against each other in our 2-month test.

Surprisingly, despite all of the ingredients mentioned above, Focus Boost wasn’t as effective to our participants as initially thought. There was a small kick of focus due to the caffeine, but aside from that, there were apparently no increases to overall focus, and it was claimed that there were no increases to productivity either.

Our cognitive mental tests also showed us similar claims as we found that there were really no noticeable effects to focus as a result of taking Focus Boost.

Sharp Mind


Sharp Mind, as the name suggests, makes the mind sharp by increasing focus, as claimed by their company, Solaray. Solaray has actually taken the industry with quite an interesting niche by including some ingredients in their formula that isn’t included in some other nootropics available in the market.

Yes – Sharp Mind is a nootropic, another one. Apparently, a lot of our readers quite enjoy our review on nootropics. This isn’t too surprising as nootropics are hitting the brain enhancing industry extremely hard, taking away large market shares from industry giant, Adderall. Nootropics offer similar effects that methamphetamines, such as Adderall, has. Both of them demonstrate focus, although nootropics at a slightly lesser extent. What makes nootropics so revolutionary is the fact that in their purest forms, they offer no side effects, which shows great promise to the field of neuroscience.

What is Sharp Mind?

Sharp Mind is not the simple run-of-the-mill nootropic, though. It includes quite a few ingredients in its formula that aren’t exactly the industry’s standards. Some of them are Cat’s Claws and Huperzine A.

These are actually quite expensive ingredients, though, which tell us that Solaray has done quite some research, putting in a lot of attention to detail and care into the creation of their product.

What makes some of these ingredients so interesting, though, is that they actually work directly in countering some of the most deadly immune system and brain related disorders. This works differently to how most other companies do this by simply enhancing cognitive function in the brain. Sharp Mind covers that area too, though – in case you were wondering.

Is Sharp Mind Good for Treating ADD?

All of that is moot, though, if Sharp Mind isn’t effective in treating ADD. However, some close observation leads us to believe that although Sharp Mind is an extremely good nootropic, it does not serve well as an ADD solution. This is basically due to the fact that the only ingredient that it contains that might aid in focus is Ginkgo Biloba. Even then, it is only distributed in a relatively conservative dose of 60mg.

We believe that Sharp Mind, although a possibly exceptional nootropic, just does not aid the brain too well in terms of the focus and clarity as some nootropics do. Nootropics normally need to be exceptional just to be better than some of the more famous ADD solutions, but apparently, Sharp Mind doesn’t make the cut.

Is Sharp Mind Better than Adderall?

This is where that last statement leads to. There aren’t many nootropic products out there that are on par with Adderall. Meaning, most mediocre nootropics do not even stand a chance. That said, Sharp Mind was just a bit too lacking in terms of focus. It simply isn’t able to reproduce the amazing effects that Adderall is able to.

This was proven and self-evident in our 2 month trials. Our cognitive mental tests showed that not only did those taking Adderall scored better, but they also completed the test faster – a good indicator of focus.

Of course, you can argue that Sharp Mind might do better in the long run due to it not causing any side effects. But even then, it was impossible to put it higher than Adderall, due to the substantially better effects Adderall demonstrated.

Biohack Pure

There’s been a noticeable name that’s come under our radar recently – Biohack Pure. Biohack Pure is one of the names making big advancements in the movement to allow brain enhancers to be used in professional competitive sports. It was just a few months ago when its CEO Jonathan Weisman came out on a press release, announcing the movement to allow Biohack Pure and similar other nootropics or brain enhancers to be allowed in sports.

He argued that in sports where the slightest mistake might mean your life, it’s important that the athletes are able to play in peak mental condition, which is made possible by Biohack Pure, or so he claims.

However, under some of our examination, we found out that Biohack Pure actually does have a few ingredients that support additional focus, leading us to believe it might plausibly be effective for ADD.

What is Biohack Pure?

Similar to what’s becoming the standard in terms of what we review here in, Biohack Pure is a nootropic supplement. Nootropics, also known as brain enhancers, are reputably taking great media coverage lately, as they’ve been shown to prove more effective for treating ADD/ADHD and overall, enhancing the brain. Let’s get it straight, nootropics are not more effective. There’s really no more effective solution to methamphetamines in providing a boost of focus. However, methamphetamines are deadly when taken over long durations. Nootropics aim to counter that problem. Although their effectiveness is slightly lower than methamphetamines, they pose no side effects – meaning they can treat ADD symptoms for longer periods without causing any complications, which means that it could prove a long-term solution to ADD sufferers.

Is Biohack Pure Good for Treating ADD?

What makes Biohack Pure so interesting is the fact that out of all the brain enhancers/nootropics available out there on the market, Biohack Pure is presumably the most potent. With only 8 ingredients in its formula, it is arguably the most effective nootropic that can limit ADD symptoms. In comparison, Alpha Brain, one of the most highly reputable brain enhancers, have 12 ingredients – 50% more than Biohack Pure. We believe that if that if there’s any nootropic out there that can really take care of someone’s ADD symptoms, it’s this one.

In the ingredients department, one such ingredient that we’ve taken notice of was Huperzine, which affects the brain’s neurotransmitters, bringing along a massive increase in memory and focus. One other nootropic that we’ve examined also had this – NITROvit – which scored extremely high in our tests.

Is Biohack Pure Better Than Adderall?

If NITROvit was able to have Adderall on the run for their money, surely, we believe that Biohack Pure can as well. We had a few volunteers who helped us test Biohack Pure against Adderall over the duration of two months.

What was most noticeable regarding Biohack was that it was incredibly potent – the effects were immediate and overpowering. It was almost like Adderall – but to a slightly lesser, less overwhelming extent. Those of us suffering from ADD noted that in as little as 2 weeks, their symptoms were very minimal. This was similar to the results from Adderall, but notably, even towards the end of 2 months, those with ADD were still able to normally function with Biohack Pure, while those on Adderall were reporting heart palpitations, hypertension, and other side effects.

There were some minor side effects with Biohack Pure, though. Some reported diarrhea, while a small number complained about headaches. Nevertheless, there were no major side effects.


It seems that AddieUp is a lot like Adderex or AdderRX, or basically many of the other brain enhancers available out there – it copies its name from the mighty King Kong of ADD meds, Adderall. Does this mean that AddieUp is like Adderall in how it helps people focus and concentrate? We wanted to find out, so we did our standard 2 month order of the supplement over the internet. Before ordering, we checked out several review sites similar to this one in search of what we could expect from AddieUp. Some people had positive experiences, while others did not. It was basically a toss-up, so you could say we found that very intriguing.

What is AddieUp?

Similar to the other examples we have mentioned before, AddieUp is a nootropic and not a methamphetamine. This means that AddieUp is possibly very, very far chemically speaking from Adderall. Adderall is a methamphetamine with potent effects that boost focus, however, AddieUp, while less potent also has some advantages over Addderall.

The first and foremost of which is that while AddieUp has a lower potency, it possesses one of the key things that makes nootropics special: this is the nature of nootropic ingredients to having minimal to no side effects. In comparison, Adderall can lead to toxicity, addiction, and more serious ailments. This is where nootropics really excel.

Is AddieUp Good for Treating ADD?

AddieUp claims to be a good alternative for people, like some of us, who have ADD / ADHD. Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse all sort of run the show for pharmaceutical drugs for ADD, but there are some exciting all-natural solutions out there too like Nitrovit.

In AddieUp’s case, though, we immediately noticed what some previous reviewers were talking about when they said AddieUp is a stimulant. WHOA! It was almost an instant kick to the brain after popping AddieUp for the first time. Some of us reported a rise in blood pressure, while some of us reported temperatures rising as well. It wasn’t evident what AddieUp was doing to aid ADD. Even without ADD, you’re already fighting the lack of focus and concentration due to ADD. The last thing you need is something else to distract you while you are trying to study or work. It seems as if AddieUp does not really give any long term benefits, unless you want to call a caffeine rush a benefit.

Is AddieUp Better than Adderall?

Sadly, no. The only thing that nootropics had a hand up against Adderall was where they possessed no side effects. While this holds true for most nootropics, it does not for AddieUp, and this is due to the large caffeine content included in its formula. Really, it felt a lot more like coffee than an actual nootropic, and additionally, we experienced the side effects that came with normal caffeine use.

At 2-3 capsules a day, AddieUp was not only a lot more expensive than Adderall, but also terribly ineffective. There are a lot of other better solutions out there that do possess the defining factor of nootropics, but in purer, potent, yet side effect free forms.


Ritalin is one of the most popular drugs for ADD on the market. Heck, some of us took it for years. Many of you out there probably did too. How do we, as people diagnosed with ADD/ADHD cope with this disorder? We take pills. Taking meds has become as much a part of life as eating lunch. You just do it. However, since Ritalin, there have been many advances in the nootropic industry offering products that will suit different lifestyles, and more importantly, a lack of side effects. That didn’t happen immediately, though. There were a few steps along the way before nootropics were fully realized.

After Ritalin, came Adderall. Everyone must have been on it for a few years. Bad news is, taking a pharmaceutical drug like Adderall long term is not too good for the body. It poses a number of side effects, as well as the fact that it contains addictive substances. It’ll degrade your health, but keep you on it at the same time. That’s why we’re here today: to look at natural nootropic alternatives that produce the absolutely best results with minimal side effects.

Is Ritalin Good for Treating ADD?

Without a doubt, Ritalin is effective in treating ADD. There are countless living people who can attest to this. However, not to be the bearer of bad news, but a recent report came out about Ritalin that quite surely made a few people feel uneasy. Ritalin, made by Novartis AG, was reportedly involved in a case of causing permanent damage in the penis. Yes, you heard it. Google it – just make sure you aren’t on the “Images” tab unless you have a pretty strong stomach.

All of the above considered, Ritalin is definitely effective in treating ADD, but the danger of taking it long term might not be worth it. However, there’s potential money for the pharmaceutical companies repressing information about the penis damage as well.

Is Ritalin Better than Adderall?

Ritalin does work for treating ADD symptoms. However, perhaps the golden question would be whether or not it is actually better than Adderall. Well, Ritalin and Adderall really do have a lot of commonalities between them that makes this question quite difficult to answer. While they are different, they really produce the same effects.

When we ran with both Ritalin and Adderall side-by-side across a two week time period, there really wasn’t any noticeable difference between the two’s effects. Both of them were quite potent, however, both of them also produced some mild side effects in some of those testing. Perhaps it would have been worse were we to continue further and take one or the other every day for a few months, but we are glad we stopped when we did.


If you haven’t heard of Excelerol, then you must have been living under a rock all this time – it’s one of the most powerful forces in the nootropic market, and it’s taken the industry by force! It has been doing quite well and many people have actually subscribed to their products. To this, it’s quite interesting to see what the industry leader does in terms of their product and how it works, so we’ve decided to review Excelerol.

Keep in mind, though, that Excelerol is a nootropic, and not really quite the same to Adderall, a metamphetamine. However, what is similar, though, is the fact that both – nootropics and methamphetamines – have been known to increase focus in their users. In which, ADD sufferers benefit from. Many people have been taking Adderall, and it seems like in the recent years, Excelerol has taken a large chunk out of Adderall’s hold of the market. Is it better? Let’s see.

What is Excelerol?

So what is Excelerol? As mentioned, it’s a nootropic. Claiming to improve your memory, concentration, and alertness, its ingredients are purportedly the cogs that ultimately work together and help each other to aid in brain function. It does so in the brain by utilizing quite a long list of ingredients – but apparently, doesn’t use any filler ingredients that so many others out there are quite fond of using.

Some companies want the best possible pill, and they think the way to do that is by making your nootropic the best possible, and one-and-only drug out there. Meaning, they include vitamins, minerals, stimulants, etc. to make it “the only drug you need.” Problem here, is that they either cause a lowered potency in the ingredients or they require a ridiculous amount of dosages per day. Excelerol, thankfully, notices this trend, and has stayed true to brain enhancement.

Is Excelerol Good for Treating ADD?

We keep talking about Excelerol’s ingredients. However, that doesn’t really mean anything unless we state an ingredient that is actually quite useful in terms of focus. To this, Excelorol actually has quite a lot.

One such ingredient is Ginkgo Biloba. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know how much we love Ginkgo for exactly what it does. Ginkgo works as a vasodilator, meaning that it helps blood flow throughout the body. This in turn means that the brain is constantly being supplied by fresh, clean, blood, allowing it to function more efficiently. With increased efficiency, a few cognitive functions also benefit. One of which is focus. Although not directly targeted, focus is increased in users, along with other benefits to associated brain processes.

This isn’t just the only one, though. Check out their ingredients found on their website for an informative read.

Is Excelerol Better Than Adderall?

It’s hard to compare two products that don’t actually work the same. On one hand, Adderall is a very effective product. It’s been claimed to work the best for ADD, but the problem is that it produces some side effects over long periods of usage. However, Excelerol, a nootropic, is less effective than Adderall. However, it does produce a better outcome due to the fact you can be using it for potentially, a very long time.

In this aspect, after the 2 months of trials between Excelerol and Adderall, we had to absolutely give it to Excelerol. First of all, it was only a little bit less effective than Adderall. But despite this fact, there were no presentable long-term side effects to Excelerol. Do note, though, that Excelerol contains Guarana, which contains twice as much stiumulant as Caffeine. Meaning, you might just experience some caffeine withdrawal.

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Neural Fusion (Updated)

energy pills that work like adderall

If you’ve been struggling due to constant forgetfulness or memory loss on your daily chores or routine, then the neural fusion is the best for you!

Neural Fusion is a powerful nootropic that  boost the brain and helps in overcoming frequent memory loss in a more natural way. It also ensures better thinking and focusing on our daily tasks,

It contains some known powerful ingredients that incredibly helps with memory focus in both men and women of any age, Many users who’ve tried this product noticed great difference within a short period of time, 

Its ingredients include :

Caffeine which is a compound well known for stimulating brain 

Fish oil always known for brain boosting due to the omega 3 fatty acids that maintains the brain functioning

Resveratrol known  as an antioxidant that helps with memory and recalling things 

Creatine which is a natural substance that improves memory and better thinking skills 

The Advantages

Made in the USA and is approved by DMP and FDA hence safe to use

Ensures better memory throughout the day without getting tired

Provides higher energy levels due to the natural ingredients

Helps you solve both short term and long term memory problems

Made of natural ingredients hence less negative effects

Helps in promoting the growth of brain nerves


Boosting the brain will help us in many ways of memory and focus. With thee help of Neural Fusion we’ll be able to achieve the goal in solving memory issues and provide better concentration

Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula

Energy Pills that work like adderall

When it comes time to focus on a particularly stressful project, it can be tempting to procrastinate. Procrastinating gives us temporary relief, but then it comes back in full force to slap you in the face. What if there was a way to eliminate procrastination? A way to enhance your focus so you can finish the task at hand? Well, there is. With the Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula, you can increase your cognitive function. This helps you think clearer, focus for longer periods of time, improve your energy levels, and increases your memory recall. With the Genbrain pills, you’ll be able to get everything that needs to get done, done. Click the image for your risk-free trial.

If you’ve been having trouble with concentration, or even remembering little things like where you left your keys, then you could benefit from Genbrain. This cognitive enhancement formula will help restore your sense of awareness by clearing mental fog. The powerful nootropic blend gives you enough energy and motivation to help you perform well all throughout the day, which is great for completing tasks.  If you are interested in an alternative made from all-natural ingredients and have minimal to no side effects, Genbrain may be right for you.

The ingredients include:

Ginkgo Biloba ; used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase brain functioning, improve memory recall and enhance memory and brain energy.

Natural Vinpocetine; protects brain cells from damage caused by free radicals, improves blood circulation, which increases the balance and harmony between the right and left hemisphere of the brain and enhances key neurotransmitters. It increases the body’s ability to deliver nutrients quickly and more effectively, which leads to higher IQ skills, memory recall, memory retention, attention span and capacity for learning.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine; improves the overall health of the brain. It increases and accelerates your capacity to learn new information and helps you recall it better and faster. It also contains anti-aging properties and protects from damage caused by free radicals.

Bacopa Monnieri;  derived from a plant and has been used for centuries to boost cognitive functioning, increase memory and augment overall brain health. It reduces anxiety, encourages a better mood and mindset and advances memory formation.

How Does It Work?

Genbrain is a powerful nootropic, meaning it contains a special formula that helps improve brain function. When you take this supplement daily, with a healthy diet, you can increase your memory recall, improve your energy, restore your focus, and improve your confidence. With more energy comes more motivation, which you can use to conquer your goals and avoid procrastination. The formula is also 100% natural, so it’s safe to use and has no negative side effects!

In addition to improving your mental clarity and focus, the Genbrain Focus Enhancer can also improve your mood. The ingredients stimulate the neurotransmitter in your brain known as serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for sending out ‘feel-good’ signals that can reduce stress and increase confidence. When this neurotransmitter is stimulated, you’ll feel more confident with yourself, and you’ll be less stressed throughout the day. Both of which help you concentrate even more!

Genbrain Formula Benefits:

  • Improves Overall Well-Being
  • Enhances Memory Recall
  • Increases Mood
  • Provides Better Overall Health
  • Helps Prevent Procrastination
  • Amplifies Energy Levels
How To Use The Genbrain Pills

Gen Brain is a dietary supplement, meaning you should take it alongside a healthy diet. Once you’ve created a diet regime that is right for your body, simply take one pill every morning with a full glass of water. That’s all you have to do on your end, because once you ingest the pill the active ingredients will do the rest of the work.

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energy pills that work like adderall

AddTabz is a quintessential quick profit product in the growing nootropics market.  The maker of AddTabz is a company called Gentech, which makes several other opportunistic products, like a phen-phen alternative. There is AddTabz and AddTabz RX, rx of course implying prescription – which it isn’t. (I thought it was illegal to use RX in this way?) This marketing ploy, along with the use of the Z in Tabz is a typical direct response, Billy Mays’ trick to catch a few unsuspecting consumers who might think they are actually getting phen-phen or some type of powerful prescription pill.

That’s just so old school. I wish they’d just be upfront. The company markets AddTabz in a way that makes the product sound almost ‘illegal’, claiming it is banned in a few countries or requires a prescription. Really? This snake oil idea is meant to specifically target young adults who, routinely, take substances thinking that because if they’re ‘illegal’ they must be good.

The main ingredient in AddTabz is something called Ampheta-CDP, a made-up herbal supplement that they claim is a synthetic amphetamine. Again, do you think such a miracle discovery would be legal these days? In fact, there is a debate about what Ampheta-CDP really is.  What I’m sure about is that this product contains no real nootropics and is about as effective for focus and cognitive function as a very, very expensive cup of coffee.


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t seem legitimate
  • Uses every online marketing trick in the book

Conclusion: If you want real energy pills that work like adderall, a product like AddTabz that contains a concoction of traditional supplements, is not the answer. AddTabz is the typical product from a hit-and-run internet retailer.

Adderall compared vs Addtabz

Many people are confused by the promises and hype of the product as an over the counter Adderall alternative for a long time. This probably started in the education system and workplace where many people have been abusing and using performance enhancing psychostimulant medications and narcotic grade drugs such as Adderall, Adderall XR, Ritalin and Vyvanse. These medications are incredibly potent and potential dangerous and as such is why they are illegal and controlled substances.

Addtabz compares to Adderall in the fact that it improves various mental and physical functions that Adderall and ADHD medications also do. Focus, concentration, memory, mental energy, mood and other physical effects are noted, yet in a much cleaner and safer way then the narcotics with Gentech’s Ampheta CDP formula.

Where To Purchase it Online?

The company conveniently offers an online store available to the general public where the sell addtabz at manufacturers pricing. You would be hard pressed to find a cheaper price tag than from buying addtabz online at the official store and I have yet to come across a retailer beating their prices. We will include a link below to the official shop of Gentech Pharmaceuticals for your convenience if you are looking to order some today. Buying direct like this also ensures the highest quality product and service, while getting the very freshest (ingredients deteriorate over time and local and retail stores may carry stock for a longer time) bottles out of production to ensure the best possible product.

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Caffeine Compared to Energy Pills That Work Like Adderall

Caffeine as energy pills that work like adderall

Students studying for an examination are familiar with caffeine in many forms most notably coffee, but energy drinks have become popular as well. The problem with energy drinks is that they often contain both caffeine and sugar.

These beverages will tap into your body’s reserve energy, but you will crash later. No bueno! You can only hope this does not happen when it’s time for the examination. Drinking coffee avoids this, but only when the coffee is prepared without sugar.

Strong coffee has the side effect of making you jittery. Many students have found the way to get around the jitters is to drink green tea. When it is made strong, you can get the same dose of caffeine as coffee, but few people experience the jitters from green tea. It also has many health benefits as well.

Herbal ingredients can be safe and sane

There are many nootropic stack that exist on the market claiming to boost brain function and memory; these are the products that can be healthy alternatives to Adderall. However, the ones that will be most effective are those that contain certain ingredients. One such ingredient is vinpocetine. This comes from the periwinkle plant and has been shown to increase mental focus by increasing blood flow in the brain.

Then there’s Citicoline – also known as Choline-CDP or cytidine diphosphate. This has been shown in tests to increase certain key neurotransmitters in the brain directly responsible for cognitive functions and mood. So it helps you retain things in your memory.

Methylhexanamine, commonly known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine or DMAA, and sounding like something from the script of Breaking Bad is a popular ingredient in supplements that has been shown to provide a host of positive effects to brain function and aids in staying alert and helping students maintain focus.

There are many nootropics touting to help with study, and one of these that contains caffeine, citicoline and DMAA are ADDTabz.
Another alternative is Ginkgo biloba. This is an herb that has been successfully used for centuries to enhance memory. Memory, of course, is essential when taking an examination. It takes time for this herb to begin affecting your memory. Many students add it to their tea or energy drinks on a daily basis.

About me

I was prescribed Adderall during my second year in College. No, I don’t think I have ADD, but like a lot of people I liked the improved attention span and the ability to concentrate. So, I kept taking it, no problem.

After graduating college and finally started a new job, I realized I needed to work 90 days before my insurance would kick in and I could refill my prescription. (I should have known this but let’s be honest, planning isn’t a big part of our college years.) So, I began looking for the energy pills that work like adderall.

I’m not a coffee drinker and I can’t stand the jittery effects from energy drinks. Plus, I was looking for more than just energy – I needed something to help me focus.

After a bit of research, I discovered nootropics and smart drugs, and I began exploring my best options for energy pills that work like adderall – something with the same level of concentration but without the need for a prescription, the cost, the possible side-effects, etc.

Anyway, after trying most of the top products out there, I thought I’d save everyone else the time (and some money) and share my experiences… and maybe get you interested in the newest ways to improve your thinking/concentration skills.

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Prediet Plan Editorial

Prediet Plan Editorial

Patrick Kihara is a weight loss enthusiast and fitness blogger. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and several health and fitness certifications.

  1. I would also add to keep in mind that any medication you take is going to responed to receptors and individual chemistry differently in everyone’s body. Also those who have heart arrythmias should prob not take any ‘uppers’ as these can make it worse. If you have arrythmias in your family, request to get an EKG first — just my own thoughts from being a Physician Assistant

  2. […] If you are looking for a nootropic or smart drug to help you concentrate on your studies, there are better alternatives to Adderall. […]

  3. All these things could become habit…

  4. I didn’t know for the half of these to be honest, it’s nice to learn something new 🙂

  5. Amazing article – I love the fact that you’re able to propose alternatives for those who require adderall, as I actually have a friend with narcolepsy who does take adderall and is always feeling dizzy. x I’ll definitely recommend profiderall because, although it’s pricy, it’s always better to go with the safer option! Thanks!
    Marina Rosie x

  6. Great article on all the energy boosters/alternatives available out there.Makes it so much easier to choose and decide.

  7. […] the best thing to do would be to ask help from their doctors. They would be able to come up with adderall substitute, if there is a need. If the people find it hard to deal with alopecia (the medical term for […]

  8. […] above Adderall side effects may be controlled or prevented by using the drugs appropriately or energy pills that work like adderall. Some indeed cannot be changed in any way and people should know […]

  9. […] effects that the patients might experience while taking the medication or advice them to use an adderall substitute. They have to be very careful, especially when there are other existing conditions. If there are […]

  10. Very good post for understanding mental health side effects and choosing medication and ingesting chemicals.

  11. This is very useful information but one must remember to consult with his doctor first.

  12. I dont mess with any meds I’m to scared.

  13. My brother used to take Adderall when he was younger when they didn’t know what kind of meds to give him when he was diagnosed with ADHD (and it was a misdiagnosis too). He has gone onto taking no drugs and just doing a different type of therapy.

  14. Thanks for sharing these prescriptions. This is very useful information.

  15. Thanks for sharing these alternatives. Ive always been more interested in homeopathic remedies or treatments, but I think finding alternatives to prescription meds are always a helpful tool.

  16. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information online and I really hope you write more like this one. I bought two, I hope they work

  17. I like dhow you laid out the pros and more of a natural meds with less side effects kind of person

  18. Ive been trying to quit drinking so much caffeine, these are some great alternative! Thanks for such informative and useful article.

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  20. Wow, I had no clue that there is such a large market for products like Adderall. Thank you for this exhaustive roundup and for your analysis.

  21. Thank you for the info! This will be useful!

  22. Thankyou! This info will be useful!

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