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About Juicers was established to deliver timely juicer reviews and information to help consumers, specially first time juicer buyers make wise and well informed buying decisions.

The reviews you’ll read on our pages are honest, based on our actual experience of the juicer model and from our research and investigations to reveal other people’s experiences as well.

None of these reviews are influenced or sponsored by any of the juicer manufacturers so we can guarantee we aren’t biased and when we say that a certain juicer is good, then that’s probably because we had a great experience with the product and our research proves it as well.

We figured that the best way to deliver unbiased juicer reviews is to have them come from real juicer users, so aside from our independent juicer reviews, we have a portion where consumers can submit their own juicers consumer reports to detail their own experiences with the juicer that they’ve used or are currently using.

The Juicers Consumer Reports is our way of empowering real consumers so that they too can express their real experiences with these juicers which shows the real score, thus revealing if a juicer really lives up to the hype.

Reading actual consumer experiences helps our visitors make more well-informed decisions when buying juicers so we highly encourage experienced visitors to make their own contributions to help About Juicers help more by sharing their stories.

The information that we publish, including your own juicer reviews will save others time and money by not settling with a substandard quality juicer.

Giving people the information they need on products before actually handing over their hard-earned money is the best way that we can possibly help as this makes a huge difference in their buying decision.

Hence, we strive hard to deliver independent and objective juicer reviews to help our visitors make the right choice.

If you’re sharing your review, we thank you in advance as it will help many of our visitors select the best juicer for their need.

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