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We’re here to provide you with expert juicer reviews and juicer ratings including juicers consumer reports to help guide you in making the final choice on the best juicer for your need.

You may not be aware of it but buying a juicer is a serious and long term health investment and we know that you deserve only the best to get the most vital nutrients out of every fruit and vegetable you juice.

Selecting the best juicers for your need is a tricky task and inexperienced juicer buyers can easily be lost in a maze of countless names and brands out there. As they say, “it’s a jungle out there!”.

First, there’s a whole bunch of manufacturers; you have Breville, Champion, Norwalk, Jack Lalanne, Omega, Panasonic, Samson, and oh so many others.

Then, you have to deal with the different juicer types. There’s a manual, centrifugal, single-gear, twin-gear juicers, etc.

Each manufacturer and type have various models, so as you can see, it’s a huge and confusing juicing mystery! But not to worry…

About Juicers was created to provide you with easy-to-understand down to earth (and honest) juicer reviews to help you get the juicer that’s right for you and your family and to help you avoid throwing away your hard-earned cash on highly-hyped yet substandard products.

We make it a point to deliver whatever juicer information that people like you are looking for on the internet so expect to find juicer reviews on all major juicer brands, types, and makes. You’ll be surprised to discover juicer brands and models that you never thought existed!

Just like any homewares, juicers comes in many colors, size, and features; some great, some good and some ugly! Of course, we don’t want you to end up with the last one!

Review sites like this, helps you find out whether or not a product is worth your time and money before even buying it.

The About Juicers team is focused on testing and researching juicers to help you decide on your next juicer purchase.


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