6 Smartwatch Features to Look for Before You Buy

In today’s fast-paced and hi-tech world, a smartphone has become an essential gadget for many people. Gone are the days when a mobile phone’s primary function was to receive and send calls and text messages.

With today’s smartphones, you can do practically anything that you can think of doing with an electronic gadget. Aside from the regular cellphone’s functions, a smartphone also lets you manage your email, check and manage your social network accounts, play video games, listen to music, capture and share photos and videos, keep track of your budget and diet, chat with friends and even view movies.

Although the technology of all smartphones is largely similar, not all smartphones are the same. There are now countless models to choose from when it comes to purchasing best cheap smartwatch. If you’re having trouble making up your mind, then this guide to important smartphone features should be able to help you out.

Screen Resolution and Display Quality

The very first thing that you are most likely to notice when switching on a smartphone is the quality of the display on the screen. Higher resolutions and display qualities lead to more impressive phones, which is why smartphone manufacturers are always competing in this aspect.

Screen resolution basically refers to the number of pixels on the screen. The more pixels there are, the smoother and crisper the image will be. Therefore, make sure you don’t go below 720p display.

Long-lasting Battery

Even the most technologically advanced smartphone in the market will not be a good buy if its battery dies after a couple of hours’ use. When shopping for a smartphone, make sure that it has a reasonably long battery life.

The best smartphone batteries in the market today can operate fully for 48 hours without needing to be recharged. Generally, a battery that can run a whole day would be a reasonable choice.

Top-Notch Camera

If you will be expecting your smartphone to double as a point-and-shoot camera then it goes without saying that you need to pay extra attention to the quality of the camera that a smartphone has. Although pixel count should give you a good idea as to the kind of resolution you can expect, it’s not the only factor that you need to consider.

Browse the internet for sample photos and videos taken by the smartphone to familiarize yourself with the phone’s image capability. According to experts, it’s also important to that the camera features a Backside Illuminated Sensor or BSI, which will greatly affect the image quality of the phone.

Decent Memory and Storage

A smartphone that is packed with features and capabilities should also be accompanied by good processing and memory. This will prevent lagging and errors when you are operating your smartphone. A minimum of 2GB RAM is recommended for regular smartphone users. If you use your phone to download and play a lot of high-resolution apps or other apps that require faster processing, then a higher RAM is obviously a must.

Thanks to cloud storage technology, most smartphone users do not need a whole lot of storage in order to keep their content. However, this doesn’t mean that you can do without good storage either. After all, you will still want to keep some apps, games, pictures and videos in your smartphone.

An average smartphone user can get by with 16GB of storage. Users who don’t really store data on their phones can go for 8GB storage, which is obviously more affordable.

Useful Software Features

Smartphones have become so popular right now that a consumer has barely broken in his brand-new smartphone before a newer and more advanced model shows up in the market. In an industry where new is always seen as better, it becomes easy to get tempted by glossy features that you might not actually need.

More features cost more so you don’t want to end up paying extra bucks for completely unnecessary software features. Before making a purchase, compare smartphones by researching their features and what these features can do. Then evaluate whether you really have a need for these features or they are just extra frills.

Smartphone Size

Smartphone size is obviously an important factor to consider, and is in fact one of the first things that consumers take note of. Bigger smartphones mean bigger screens, which is great since you will get better display and be able to use your phone for playing games, reading eBooks or viewing movies.

However, the obvious drawback of bigger phones (now being called “phablets” since they are more of a cross between smartphones and tablets) is that they are less comfortable to hold and more difficult to store in your pocket.

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